"The Departed" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Usually to such films, I never reach the hands. Just genre crime film is usually beyond the scope of my favorite fighters and comedies. Besides, I really hard to believe that all that is shown in the film - and there are in terrible shape in reality ... However, if you play in the film of my favorite actors and shoot titled directors - that sooner or later I want to see something like that. The Departed - movie that I lay for a long time, but due to the length I could see it only recently. Impressions - incredible
The main characters of the film - the graduates of the Police Academy, which have never been friends, never vstrealis, did not even know about each other - Billy Costigan and Colin Sullivan. They are both the best FBI agents, but they are working on different battlefields. Colin - is a secret agent of crime boss Frank Costello, who tells about all the covert operations and raids to their godfather . And Billy - a secret agent in the ranks of the mafia, whose task is to find out who merges all the information from the FBI. Colin is trying to figure out the identity of a secret agent in the group ... And Colin and Billy try in vain to get on the trail each other, which certainly lead to incredible consequences
... Back in 2007, I opened a new issue of the magazine 7 Days. Title dedicated to the Oscars, I will never forget: Bouquet of Oscars for the loser . Then I did not understand the meaning of the title, and now - I am in genuine amazement: how such a brilliant director like Martin Scorsese was able to get the coveted statuette until now. I watched some of his work, and I know what I'm talking about - and I think Scorsese, one of the best directors of our time. Despite the fact that his tapes are not full of action and generally have a long timing, each of these films has always attracts the viewer to the screen. Because the director focuses on the actions of the main characters, which lead to the most unexpected and incredible consequences. Also - what are they people really focus on their experiences and what goals they pursue: some can see through immediately, and some - are unpredictable in every sense of the word! The effect of unpredictability developed to such an extent that after every such moment, just sit with your mouth open and you can not believe what just happened
I did not expect that I so love this movie -. It's a typical male movie with pure masculine problems with Rififi. Even the cast of all-male (with the only exception). But what the actors - they can crack up to infinity. To begin with Leonardo DiCaprio - a permanent actor Scorsese, whose acting and directing collaboration began in Gangs of New York . Leo plays a way I've never not seen him - promising cop, but due to very horrible criminal history of his family, he is unlikely to shine a good place for the FBI. In return, he offered much more risky job - to stay in prison, and then - push drugs, and finally, to infiltrate Costello's gang. And in order to infiltrate the mafia, to behave like a criminal, but Billy after all, and man a good and fair. This role. where it is necessary to play on the verge of a nervous breakdown - very difficult, but Leo did, and brilliantly
Matt Damon -! I first action hero, always positive, I see as very negative. In general, I feel not the best attitude to a double agent, and if in the case of Kostiganom - here you can see in these groupings are trust does not exist, and it is a big risk. But Sullivan - it can be called a real traitor. Such as he is often called by rats - are sitting under the floor and shaking of his own skin. Plus, Colin incredibly ambitious: in vain that if he chose an apartment with a view of the Capitol? Very negative character, because - one thing when the villain acts in the open, and when - this villain is one who trusted - even more terrible
Jack Nicholson -. He seems set to play similar roles. This criminal mafia, which holds all in their hands. All the dirty work is done by his assistants, and he only with a malicious smile watching beatings and occasionally take part in them. Such is clearly the boss owns all criminal groups, and that he vozglyavlyaet them all. Moreover, such a character as Frank Costello is almost impossible to press against the wall - thanks to their eyes and ears to the FBI, he will always be one step ahead of the cops
Mark Wahlberg -. To this role, I have seen several of his movies, where I did not perceive it as a good actor. However, after starring Sean Dignam - deputy head of the FBI, which is responsible for the agents working under cover - my opinion immediately changed (I'm sure that after the soldiers - will increase even more). Quite rude and short-tempered, however, whatever feelings he experienced agents to the past, he would stand solidly for their safety
Among other FBRovtsev -. Martin Sheen and Alec Baldwin - starring Charles Kwinana and George Ellerby, respectively. Both impressed by experienced police officers who are struggling to find a mole, just in different ways
And finally, we must mention the only girl in the team -. It is Vera Farmiga, which played Dr. Medolin Meydden. Of course, she does not play such an important role as the above-mentioned actors, but its participation is important to determine the actions of the two main characters. After all, it plays an important role in everyone's life ...
Very good soundtrack Howard Shore is very melodious accompanies the action - especially like the theme Billy's Theme, Madolyn, Beacon Hill and very bright The Departed Tango . Also there is a lot of energetic songs, of which the most memorable I'm Shipping Up To Boston - Dropkick Murphys, which is forever for me to be associated with the state of Boston
The Departed ! - I completely agree with kinoakademikov opinion and believe that Scorsese has deservedly received the coveted and long-awaited statue. I look forward to exit the Wolf of Wall Street, where there will also shine DiCaprio, and a lot of other pictures from one of the best directors of our time!
10 of 10
Enjoy! And Happy Birthday Leo! (Just learned and still have time to congratulate!)

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