"The Departed" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

This film came to my eyes just this year. Although I heard about it a long time. I do not remember why I ignored the view of the tape. Perhaps the reason was that being a fan of films about Jason Bourne is Matt Damon played well, I just did not want to watch a movie where Damon took a negative role.
Just before watching the Defiant, I found that the director of the tape there is none other Mr. Scorsese himself. Relationship to my present Maitre directing art, can be termed as ambiguous. Most of his films, I tell you straight into the soul is not sunk, and I have many years thanks to the Almighty, that he was not allowed Scorsese to the formulation of the sequel Godfather . How does Martin films about gangsters, it gives me some idea, that of itself would represent the creation of Puzo, picturized in style Goodfellas . Despite the fact that a nice guy as a single film I have no complaints at all. But such a statistical fact: of the ten films conditional Martin, my best, like three. And since watching The Departed, I was not sure that he will fall into the lucky three.
My attitude to the film changed as view it. Chronologically, it looked something like this. After the first thirty minutes, I realized that Scorsese finally managed to do something sensible for many years. When is the last one and a half hours, I was ready to chew on your elbows on that such a great movie to end in less than an hour. And she swallows every second of the film like never see it ... And then there was something ungodly medical benefits. When the timing is counted for about two hours, the screen suddenly began to happen something strange. If I had not had all the attention is sealed to the monitor, you might think that someone behind me while I was distracted by using just changed the channel on a completely different film. But no, it was the same movie, but for some reason is not the same! I just watched two o'clock magnificent intellectual duel in the style of a chess game, seasoned with the right tempo dynamics with spices spy action, when suddenly began cocoa the party in the "Chapayev" where all the existing figures decided to simply and without unnecessary syusyukany smash against each other.
first I was wildly indignant, and had already sent to the director a couple of some kind words, to convince himself that this is Scorsese at his best traditions could not do without the bloody scenes "murder for murder," damaging the standing of such great epny film I was ready to put on the best police drama decade, placing it even above my favorite « training day ». Understanding what happened came to me only after I had (the same day), is familiar with the Chinese original Defiant, tape « Infernal Affairs ». It turned out that Scorsese did not invent myself in the plot climax, and stupidly licked all the Chinese tape. Here already and I wanted to have on the paternal, strong language to scold Martin for his dis .. sluggishness.
Scorsese because in fact succeeded in the main part of the tape to bring the film to a higher level than its Chinese prototype. With all the advantages of the Chinese movie, I can not agree that the criminal melodrama Andrew Lau, which is good overall story but not its detailed portrayal surpasses mere formality remake, but a mosaic of scenes as a whole completely different picture Scorsese. In Scorsese has turned out to make a film in the detective / thriller / drama format. While Chinese film places all looks very naive, especially in the episodes, which shows just unthinkable in the real China daring felon behavior in relation to the chief of police or member of its staff. A statement of even the best Chinese prototype episodes are not much higher than the general level and style of ordinary Hong Kong militants. Although with all this Chinese band just more smooth and taking a certain level holds it until the end. A wide dramatic finale even displays the artistic curve of the film, even in the very end of it, to an even higher level.
But Scorsese's The Departed, taking the bar as a whole order of magnitude higher than the original, in the climax to lose it all and go down to the level of almost It does not have the usual American militants. This isolation in the Chinese analogue looked normal, as consistent with the overall level of the tape. And Scorsese just had to see what led his "remake" on a completely different level, and the form in which was to come the climax and denouement, should be appropriate. Well, if you give us an interesting show, tense game of chess, then please make the appropriate and endgame. Scorsese just had to rewrite the ending of the story and make the last 20 minutes of the film in the same rhythm and the style of the narrative, which is the whole tape. He just picked up and rolled stupidly all the Chinese as Losers. Well, what kind of people?
Cons Defiant in detail, it is a direct derivative of the film is still in the way Scorsese filmed. Martin may not show on other bandits. Here gang boss and a corresponding vocabulary, foppish and foolish manner, the same boss impress others. Of course completely baffled why Scorsese decided to make a powerful mafia organization in the usual gang of thugs that are structurally, demeanor and scope of work more like a district gopotu than a serious crime syndicate. But all this did not spoil my impression from watching the confrontation absentee good clever DiCaprio and his good-bad, at least the clever rival Damon. Matt Damon I particularly liked here. And I'm sick of it. I looked and saw in it all the same DB even use their special skills not against those who should be. Good luck and your own ability to help the hero Matt get away with it but .. Hollywood is a diagnosis. Poor guy must be punished. We could make it even smoothly and beautifully. And stupidly took and shot. The hero is Leonardo DiCaprio was a pity not so much at the time of his murder, but from observation of his life. Pina even their own bosses, in a heightened state of nervousness, unhappy in general that man. He has none of the police risked their lives. The impression that even the survivors, he would have lived a long time with the post-traumatic syndrome.
Departed generally a good movie, and despite not being the place chaotic manner decoupling story, I think this film is one of the best in Scorsese. A strong, well-made police drama about the fate of double agents, which are usually long life does not happen, and the death of their inglorious.
8 out of 10

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