"The Departed" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

«You're a good cop, a good coffin will suffer ..»
old adage zekovskaya
«Where is my country, man?»
Michael Moore
«And you tell him tell that they have, in England no less than our stolen! A rule of law is not determined by the presence of thieves in the country, and the ability of law enforcement agencies to neutralize them! »
Gleb burned

Finally! Long time since I got such pleasure from watching the movie! A cast that stoit- Nicholson, Shin-senior, Damon, and of course the man and the ship (in the sense of "Titanic") dream of all girls - Leonardo, you are our sweet, DiCaprio. Good guys and the second plana- Baldwin (cine my liking) and Wahlberg. Even Ukraine (which is especially nice) and had at least an indirect but related to filmu- main female role is played by actress Vera Farmiga- family of Ukrainian immigrants.
Although, I confess, I had to view the skepticism about the master. Recent works of Martin Scorsese, no matter what the press and roared Academy, I was not pleased. But from the very first minutes of viewing from the position "lying on the couch in the posture of the eastern handsome" I moved into the rack "the taxi driver at the wheel," and so watched the whole movie until the end. Until the very last minute.
Unlike blunt police action games, "The Departed" hit the first minutes of its drama. Many critics and viewers accuse American cinema in the schematism and to program a happy End. So. No schematics are not - "good- bad" is not here, and happy end
But everything in order and only one more digression
read criticism of the network, I noticed that many Knockers accused Scorsese.. perversion "magnificent Hong Kong thriller" Infernal Affairs "with some -That Chinese actors. From myself I will say. I'm not a fan of Hong Kong films. Probably because in the face only I know Jet Li and Jackie Chan. And the others all look the same. And what about the remakes I can say that I put above "The Talented Mr. Ripley" with Matt Damon in the lead role, than that the French film "In the sun" in 1960 with Alain Delon (with all great respect to the actor). "The Departed" is necessary to look at, is carried away by an external circuit, and listening and peering
At the very beginning of the film the local criminal authority -. Nicholson (leader of organized crime groups with ethnic Irish somehow typical Italian surname Costello), who visited his wont vzdryuknut overdue tribute to the host grocery shops, and quite openly taking racketeering cache spotted a little boy-orphan. Not in rags, and ironed and combed with a bright look in his eyes. Generously stuffed grocery bags Colin Sullivan (orphaned boy) - a local "Hunchback" subtly suggests the boy in his spare time to come to his Garage- typical of our semi-underground stations - for the true lessons of life in this shitty world
If someone. thinks that Costello awakened a feeling of pity or charity, he is deeply mistaken. Frank Costello - killer and leading sentences psihopat- personally executed and frightening for his cruelty even accomplices. But, as arranged in nature, insanity and genius go together. I purposely called Kostello- Harbaty. Because he is cunning and counted ten steps forward, and not what some "Blotter».
His plan is simple. He takes care of the boy and "creates" his biography. Externally Colin sings and served in the Catholic Church, studying for Pyaterochka and simultaneously receives lessons from Costello in the spirit of anti-Christianity and criminal philosophy. And it wants to implement Costello is not anywhere, but in Massachusetts police department. And not just as a corrupt cop, and as a highly secret-agent mole (according to American concepts of "rats" - although ours domestic "concepts" krysa- something else). In order to monitor the activities of the police and to prevent its action in respect of its Irish organized crime group. This- saying.
way. Why Scorsese chose the scene of the film is Boston, not a traditional New York or Los Angeles? Because Boston is traditionally strong and cruel guards his territory Irish organized crime
Subject ethnic communities -. A separate topic for discussion. Community helps with employment at a good job, organizes festivals, participating in weddings and funerals. And most importantly, it protects its members. This function is performed by an armed vanguard of any komyuniti- ethnic OPG.
If New York is traditionally Italian mafia runs the affairs and contracting for garbage collection, construction and loading operations at the port. In Boston it competes Irish mafia - because Boston is a traditional haven of Irish immigrants. And although immigration passed since a hundred years, the descendants of immigrants hold sacred tradition and clearly remember who they are and where. This is evident in Boston.
powerful film. Actors play powerfully. Although Costello Randal McMurphy I learned from 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' and Daryl Van Horne of the 'Witches of Eastwick'. But it does not change anything. Talent does not spend on drink. This kontekste- not sniff. Costello is not just a bastard. This ingenious fiend. Looking at the old man play the fool you feel easy thrill in anticipation of a subsequent short stroke victim lulling
By becoming his right-hand man, and -. The Frenchman - Ray Winstone (marked me in a similar role in the scoundrel "Cold Mountain"), who strangled his own wife of suspicion infidelity.
Matt Damon for me was "The talented Mr. Ripley." Also I played very well, but I learned it with a decent view, but cunning and cruel Ripley.
That's who respect and uvazhuha, it's Leonardo DiCaprio. Before watching the film for me was sweetly bomzhem- artist Jack Dawson and the romantic Romeo. The role of Billy Costigan has completely changed my opinion of him as an actor. Di Caprio perfectly played police agent while depicting range of emotions. Is not slid in the "Die Hard" and "Lethal Weapon" and tipped with a dramatization in the style of "dying, but do not give up," hitting in Susalny pathos.
all in their places. Bandits kill and looking for "a rat." Cops arrested and are also looking for "a rat." Casual dirty work. Moreover cops shown masterski- matyukatsya, teasing each other, hitting each other face. Scorsese is able to show the cruelty. Normal. Without trash in the style of Tarantino and with cranberry juice flows police militants and horror. This reality and frightens.
I believe that not only Movie: The police drama. The film shows the crisis of contemporary American society. A society in which everything is steeped in falsehood, and get on and Costello and Catholic svyaschenniki- sodomites, cocaine traffickers and inspirational speech at the release of the police academy and the funeral of dead cops.
"The Departed" will take pride of place in my film library in the category of "police drama" next with "internal investigations Division" and "LA Confidential."

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