"The Departed" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

We have the opportunity to see a well-trained opposition Boston police with the Irish mafia, which controls much of the city, led by the cruel and hardened Frank Costello (Nicholson) . 'Cross Irish father' in advance of introducing into the ranks of his cops 'godson' young and over-ambitious Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon) . Thus it is not hooked, and flesh fused with colleagues, Sullivan is an invaluable agent, allowing Costello repeatedly evade his pursuers on the move. In parallel with Sullivan Police Academy graduated another Irish descent, William Costigan (DiCaprio) . He who does not have perfect according to the head of the police department Captain Kwinana (Martin Sheen), the origin proposes the introduction in the mafia clan Costello. Work under strict cover course fees for the spectacular, which has the purpose of gathering evidence and subsequent landing the elusive leader of the Irish. Thus, much of the film takes place in front of us conspiratorial activities of the two 'moles' are not familiar with each other. Their collision is predetermined, as well as the answer to the question: will the this time, Frank Costello stand against overwhelming odds ...
Impressions from the movie:
Beautifully staged and sustained in the best traditions of skorsezevskih picture. Solid timing is not felt. Non-stop action will not allow the viewer to get bored. We immerse ourselves in the waterfall of complex human relationships, where each character has their own truth, and he is ready to fight for it. Primitive formula militants 'good - bad' here does not work. The name of the movie 'speaking', then each character has too many facets that it can uniquely identify one of the 'camps'. There is no doubt, is that relative to Costello, with firm nikolsonovskoy smirk 'enlightening' young clients about their 'battle' of the past. Each of the two main characters is committed to its goal, although at heart, certainly doubt 'as to whether I am the other side?'. Costello here is an absentee arbiter. Neither Sullivan nor Costigan did not suffer to the leader of warm feelings, but certainly respect that leaves its mark on their actions.
Destiny young Irish intertwine their parallel sympathy for attractive lady psychologist Medolin (Vera Farmiga) . She almost simultaneously meets two and giving one heart, constantly doubt relative to the other. Bright meteor flashed in the film Mark Wahlberg in the classic way 'zlogo'sledovatelya. His Sergeant Digna provocatively rude, abrupt and seems devoid of feelings. But it is only a mask, and the true face of this brave cop to present a sure, when it is clear will make it clear to all his work, but people are not soulless performers.
Scorsese presented to the public a huge number of images, characters that are hyping seemingly boilerplate crime movie to almost epic drama in the spirit of 'Casino'. Here everyone, even the minor characters, 'breathes' for his role. We can see just how complex our world, and how important it is passing through the following tests, the pain and humiliation, remain person . Not all the heroes succeed ...
Actors Feature:
Bill Costigan ( Leonardo DiCaprio ) - with some biased this ethnic Italians. At first I thought he was a victim of the stereotype of the pledged paintings 'Romeo + Juliet' and 'Titanic', and now it turned out that the pretty boy is not raised in a handsome man, so I thought so myself an actor, the more repeat 'Aviator' I do not I liked. But here Leo dispelled all my skepticism. Now I know that he's a great dramatic actor! His 'mole' Costigan bold, strong, emotional and extremely purposeful. Immerse yourself in your new life, he manages not to lose his soul. Until the end, he would rush forward, even when the bony claw of death seemed about to grab by the throat. In my opinion DiCaprio perfectly embodied the image of an undercover agent, it is better than that realized Johnny Depp in the film 'Donnie Brasco'
Colin Sullivan ( Matt Damon ) - and again this guy in a familiar way duplicitous bastard, primereniya them in 'The Talented Mr. Ripley'. Zealous activity of pseudo-cop causes genuine disgust, but the fact is the talent of the actor to evoke similar feelings. What to say about Damon? It is of course well demonstrated fortunate climber, on the one hand and dedicated Mafiosis agent on the other. Specific complaints game Matt did not cause, but some improbability in several of his actions was present. But rather blemishes script, Damon manages to again and again in a sticky situation get away from the water. In general, the actor consulted, its blatant hypocrisy really pushes, so he played well
Frank Costello ( Jack Nicholson ) -. Is this a great actor can play carelessly ?! Important, sinister boss of Irish in his performance of 'begging' on a par with Don Vito Corleone, and that's it! Like the true ringleader, Nicholson Costello very charismatic, and some of his sayings are ready to 'go to the people', like 'If you instruct a gun, who you are - it does not matter'. Paint the dignity of the master of the game - a thankless job, do not want to deprive future viewers the whole range of experience, which gives an unsurpassed Jack. I note in my view most importantly, Nicholson's character is available, it is so integral and at the same time 'down to earth', that everyone will find in it some its quality. At Costello, unlike Don Corleone is hardly possible to adopt a model of behavior with similar, but distinctive flavor that is present in every detail of its kind, able to outweigh a lot. Separate respect to Mr Nicholson for greeting his agent in XXX-movie theater (see - understand), and shirts with patriotic inscription - this will cause a smile
Captain Kwinana ( Martin Sheen ) and Digna ( Mark Wahlberg ) - a good name as a duo. Calm, mellow and Shin orthodox Wahlberg bring both homespun reality picture and at the same a certain amount of humor, especially Wahlberg. One by one, all the same too grotesque. The case where openly supporting characters invisibly influence the feeling of watching the tape
Medolin ( Vera Farmiga ) -. From a single high-grade female character you can expect more. The actress is not too convincingly demonstrates activity even police, but all the same psychologist. That's how it is surprisingly accessible to two very peculiar boys did not dye her chaste image. Yes, and in my subjective taste, Farmiga is still not the most vertiginous woman
great film, has already taken its place in the theater of glory, who is convinced that will be relevant and many decades later. Fine directorial work, a strong script and a great selection of actors will satisfy the most refined kinogurmana. Nevertheless, it will not call a masterpiece. All the same, so someone who, as Martin Scorsese has a top bar for their creations. In a huge barrel of honey, I still found a fly in the ointment - I really did not work for the ending. It is of course subjective, but not so had to end this crime epic. Let everyone decide this for himself, and it seemed to me that at the last moment the director if the timer is triggered and he hastily 'ripped all the nodes'.
Therefore, rate movies on
8.5 out of 10

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