"The Departed" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Understanding 'time'
Martin Scorsese. is the undoubted fact that proudly remembering the name of this, in a measure, a very talented director, self on its own, it begs loud and very famous name Leonardo DiCaprio , which has been for many years used for this great director 'calling card' displays throughout the grounds of its infinitely remarkable talent. Thinking about these people in the first place comes to mind only two words, harmony and understanding , finely honed over the years so that they understand each other, a single glance or hint . And this is true, because if there is no rapport between the director and the first main character, and the film turns out far failed. Touching upon the remarkable film called 'The Departed', a mutual understanding between the working team and the actors just fantastic. Gone already sufficiently distant 'Gangs of New York' , and at least a cult 'oskaro'noskny ' The Aviator ' skipping 'The Departed' in 2010 will break 'Shutter Island' .
However, in my opinion ... < / i>
'The Departed' film is the most colorful and interesting (from the point of view of the storyline), and the most "approximate" to real life, the work of the inimitable Martin Scorsese, which fully reflects the true relationship between criminal environment with law enforcement in the modern world.
'genius' storyline
If talk about the subject in general, it is absolutely all the films of Martin Scorsese, are characterized by a great script and a very well thought out, unpredictable and intriguing storyline, this painting is no exception. The plot is, in addition to acting talent of numerous Hollywood stars, this 'hallmark' of the film . That component of the story shows the ratio of 'good and evil', but only in the modern world.
But there is one thing ...
have a little bit of good in the world evil, and accordingly, there is evil in the world a piece of the good, and the result, both sides have to struggle and fight with each other, it is of course, if things considered in the comparison. All atmosphere and are in it, the characters behave very naturally, with it manifests in absolutely everything. Even the dialogues are conducted in a language on exactly where they were in real life (the jargon and the other component of the dark reality of life). The storyline a very rich and dynamic, from what is happening on the screen, just look at first. Here there are all the elements of the criminal environment, ranging from law enforcement officers sold, ending the murders, drugs, small elements 'dirty vulgarity', etc.
'Unreal' reality
Concluding thoughts and feedback on the story line, simply can not fail to mention how this film, with only one in the film modern, I stress, the modern cinema of the 21st century, which is as close all of its actions to the real-life . After all, if you think about it, everything that we saw in the film, absolutely everything is present and living relationship of police and criminal environment. What do the directors of other films of the genre, they are discarded and half of what we see in 'Departed', and so other crime drama produced entirely implausible. Well, of course it's just a movie, but it should also reflect the approximately 70 - 80% of the reality of what is happening in the criminal world cities. 'The Departed' in terms of approximation to reality, turned out to be extremely surprising and true, and in the film not only shows the reality of being themselves structures of law enforcement and the criminal environment, but also clearly displayed the character of 'real' relationships in between. Because really in any country and in any city in the position of the mafia is well entrenched in the security and law enforcement agencies, and that the nature of the relationship of these structures in this film clearly shows the harsh reality of gray and very good relations and angering the modern world.
< b> The cast 'elite'
from acting games and the presence of the number of Hollywood stars themselves, just eyes run, again I bow before the 'infinity' talent Martin Scorsese ...
Leonardo DiCaprio as always perfect and perfect, its role is quite heavy, to play not just the son of the leader of the gang, but even in this case, who can not control himself, a man who wants to be fair and to ensure and maintain the good in the city. As a result, the man who was to become a criminal, became a true and courageous cop, and stood on the right path of well-being of his country. Is not that amazing ?!
Matt Damon in this film looked better than in any other, with the game and he looks really, can not be assumed that the That he is a traitor, working on the criminal structures, under cover police uniforms, it looks very good, and decent. That's his role, in contrast to the role of Leonardo DiCaprio does not seem to me 'bright' ', although Matt Damon performed at the highest level.
Jack Nicholson , or, shall we say, his game just does not require any comments and ratings. Everything with him - grace, sincerity and charm. This role is added in my heart even more respect and love for this legendary actor. The role of crime boss, Jack Nicholson played not just great, it's touched souls' co his screen hero. As though it can not be a negative role, but without unnecessary doubt, it is the 'bright' in this film.
Mark Wahlberg and Martin Sheen to their roles came, wonderful. Especially Mark Wahlberg, I think this role, one of the best in his acting career. Well, Martin Sheen, it's just 'ideal' respectable law enforcement officer, to play this role, he is 'decorated' it with his great game.
The rest of the actors failed in their roles, I can not find another word, 'masterpiece'. And again, this is the main merit of the director of the film. But the most expressive in this film, in my opinion, has been and will be Vera Farmiga , a wonderful and very impressively played the role of a police psychologist. Not every actress can boast such sincerity, naturalness and expressiveness, as this actress.
final masterpiece 'genius creation'
Already much has been said about the fact that the film is very interesting, full of very dynamic but the finale is incredible and very unexpected directorial move, who knows his business, Martin Scorsese. This unpredictability and surprises , without false modesty, was not and yet, in one film. Incredibly sad, unexpected masterpiece finale, which struck his surprise the whole audience, put a fat, very beautiful, very worthy of warm words, the point in this great crime drama.
If you are watching a movie, you do not have enough entertainment, surprise, the dynamic new experience, try a very dark, bitter and delicious "coffee drink" Martin Scorsese called 'the Departed':
'Darkness' drink - the fight against' good and evil 'in today's world
' Gorky. taste '- an abundance of interesting x, but sometimes very sad, plot twists in harsh criminal 'reality'
'taste and aroma' -. the uniqueness and charm of the wonderful game of acting, as well as a rich atmosphere 'action' harsh world with its own laws, rules and principles.
10 of 10
'Retreat' is possible, but only from the side of good and justice!

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