"The Deer Hunter" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

A wedding is a great event, Steven and Angela decided to link their lives with each other, they give allegiance, friends and relatives excited for them and try to share this happiness with them. Nothing should sadden this day, however, the groom and his two friends Nick and Michael, after some time must go to Vietnam, where is the war. Maybe it's their last days, everyone knows what might happen to them there. Nick does offer Linde. which is in fact likes Mike, but agrees because he is not burning with love for her, but really just hiding their feelings, so as not to hurt your best friend. In war, these children will be killed, taken prisoner, and face to face with the harsh truth of life and death, but for now the only thing left to them to have fun and go on the hunt, killing a deer with one shot ....
- Do not leave me there. In no case do not leave me there
picture Michael Cimino is really great, there is no place for heroism, pathos and heroic deeds, because here the main characters just trying to survive and return home. Unlike most films on the military theme in 'The Deer Hunter' degree of tension rolls, and the acting is amazingly accurate, here are American soldiers in captivity, humiliated and abandoned their country they are trying to survive with dignity. The guys are making huge efforts, trample their souls, but to pull the trigger. The only thing that gives them a chance to escape the thoughts of home, which no longer exists. Human life in this war does not mean anything, and it is not surprising how was the fate of the main characters after it. The accuracy of the story can not be questioned, even if there is no evidence that Americans in Vietnam were forced to play Russian roulette. These scenes have a very different meaning, not only do they give the film an emotional outburst, but also show that during the war, like in roulette, you can rely only on the case. Survival is not only the strongest but also the most successful, cunning, clever. These words refer to Michael Vronsky, who managed to save not only themselves. Suppose that for some of them death would be a better life, but everything turned out differently, but Michael comes home, and he does not want anyone to see his house has not changed, but he was different to look at everything. The first time Mike is hiding from everyone, but eventually realizes that life away from all the way out and do not have to put up with the unrestrained word. Nick stayed in Vietnam, now it every night, pumping drugs, risking his life by playing Russian roulette for the amusement of the audience. And Stephen was prescribed in the hospital, his Angela severely ill, but it is all still can not come to it because it was disabled and poorly aware of what is happening.
'The Deer Hunter' shocking. Not so much the horrors of war, but have an impact on the lives of those who passed it. Even the title of the painting called into question, because death is death in any conditions. Mike to return home could not shoot at prey, he let her go, because I knew it. No significant difference for a person, he can put money on cockfights, and they can not seek, but for the sake of drive and new feelings by the most brutal kind of tote to admire the way he like playing with death.
For some war it is a way to live, for others a nightmare to be forgotten soon. 'The Deer Hunter' is divided into three parts, showing a man's life to it, during and after. Here in all its glory it demonstrated the essence of war and what it does to people. Someone out there, no return, someone is desperately broken and spends the rest of life, trying to understand their experiences, and someone finds the strength to continue living. If the three segments 'The Deer Hunter' to remove the one that describes the war, having studied rest, we get two different pictures. The first of them will tell about the wonderful wedding of one of the three friends. Tomorrow they will go on the hunt, and after a while the guys get there, where they will hunt them. Now, however, it does not matter, because the person you always want to go back to a time when he was happy. This is exactly the time. The second (or third) also tells about three friends, but that's not the characters that I have just described. Now we have three frightened and broken man whose hopes were extinguished. No other way out of there come any such or in coffins. The magnificence of this painting can not be overestimated, because unlike many of the masterpieces of our time, it tells the story of what was happening at all times. 'The Deer Hunter' picture is not require proof or authenticity of this story about normal people without mental disorders that have passed through hell. They looked at him with her eyes and marveled at how horrible the war reveals to man the most terrible part of his 'I'.

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