"The Deer Hunter" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

How often in the movie is wonderful, and most importantly, the original idea is poorly implemented, and then sit and sigh: Ah, what an opportunity to create something truly talented missed. Here -. Exactly the opposite
«The Deer Hunter" - a film that began with trifling ideas - unleash an interesting plot with Russian roulette. Then he had the idea to associate this idea with the American war in Vietnam - the topic non grata in the United States at that time. But in principle, nothing too special. However, six months until the script creates a director with associates on kinoremeslu, a miracle happened - not even in a picture shot penetrated the spirit of life and light. It says Cimino was inspired by Leo Tolstoy (not by chance the name of the protagonist - Vronsky) - probably, it is. Painting simply breathes epic, which is impregnated with the novels of Tolstoy. And in it a plurality of transparent metaphors. And in spite of the extended timing (the movie goes for three hours), does not let a sense of capacity, the significance, the depth of what is happening even in the domestic scenes. Either way, it is obvious the influence of Russian classics in the script creators. And, despite the touch on Vietnam, this film is completely policy - he is above it. It can not be called neither pro-war or anti-war, because the political enthusiasm was outside the picture - he is not here at all. The film is about something else - about people, about human souls and destinies, but the war is only an element that changes the soul and destiny. Throughout the film sounds a note of anxiety, which increases to the final, reaching the confusion and turmoil
What is the source of the film -. A great Russian literature, and emphasizes the fact that its protagonists - the representatives of the Russian diaspora in Pennsylvania. And it's not just a mark in the biography for the entourage, is a detailed reconstruction of ethnographic and cultural components, the use of (very good) Russian songs, music and Orthodox chants. Very vivid characters, with their character, temperament and outlook. They seem to be all together, each on its own. However, as in life. By the end destroyed the unity of the restored thanks to the integrity of the protagonist Michael (Robert De Niro), as well as the price is very expensive sacrifices. Michael - the only one who never betrayed himself. Other war unconditionally pokorozhila, but it made stronger and better. There are people who test bring the wisdom of life, Michael of them.
The film is a three-piece. First hour - a leisurely povestovanie about the life of a small industrial city of Pennsylvania in 1967. A steel mill runs a lot of people of Russian origin. All of them have strong male friendship. One of them - Pushkov Steven (John Savage) marries. The viewer becomes a witness in detail recreated the ritual sacrament Russian wedding in a church, where the priest represented the true priest, as well as follow-up for them a stormy marriage. Good peaceful glorious life before the war, where if they kill, so just deer hunting - it's the perfect time. But the three friends go on a war call
War -. This is the second hour of the film. Cruel, bloody, ruthless. The director does not spare Michael, causing him to make a disgusting act, but the camera on it is not emphasized, it quickly moves to the stage of captivity three friends Vietcong. They say that when the show "Hunter" at the Berlin Film Festival, the Soviet delegation, and others like it left the hall in protest against the image of Vietnamese beasts. Indeed, in a scene where the characters sit in cages and forced to play Russian roulette, the Viet Cong look manifestation of evil, chaos, however, the same looks and the nature of Vietnam, and later capital - Saigon. After 40 years of momentary vanished, and it does not matter whether the actual cases of torture of prisoners were Russian roulette or not, but of course, there were cases of ill-treatment of prisoners of war and, of course, the characters perceive Vietnam as hell. But this is not so important. Great, as you know, it is seen from a distance. Someone was able to see him up close, but not all. But at a distance of several tens of years we have clearly seen the landmark is reflected in the film
third part -. Return from the war. heroes disorder. Their isolation. Peace, like the same as in the first part, but it has ceased to be a comfortable, homey. In it are many nedogovoronnogo, misunderstood. Only one, Michael is trying to piece together this world of the individual fragments. Did he is, at least partly? The final scene gives hope, though "God Bless America" ​​is sung softly characters at the table, makes one wonder about the fate of the country, which has managed with his children so brutally
is well known that the role of the artist Stanley -. John Cazale was mortally ill, when I am filming this movie. I was touched, when it found out the studio, from which director hide this fact, and tried for insurance to replace the actor, the young Meryl Streep said that will go along with Casale. And De Niro paid for the entire cost of his insurance out of pocket. Once, after such manifestations of humanity, people who know only the roles are getting closer, or what? In general, they begin to truly respect.
9 out of 10

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