"The Deer Hunter" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

To Artin war and loss, life and death, love and friendship. If there are films about everything, then this is definitely 'The Deer Hunter'. Perhaps the most emotional and mental movie that I have seen, if not in life, perhaps for the last 2-3 years (the latter probably "Goodfellas"). The picture just blows good friendly relations, they loved their wives, relatives and ordinary residents of the city. They went to a bar, got drunk there before losing power, then they celebrated the wedding of his friend. God, how nice it was to listen to our great "Katyusha", a dancing hero Christopher Walken, and the smile of Robert De Niro.
On the price of the bar, where friends are nostalgic for « Can ' t take my eyes off you »I caused simply outrageous emotions like fun, but at the same time, a fragment, as well as the entire film is filled with tragedy. Dancer Christopher ( Name ), simply inimitable - thin, if not skinny, with a pale face and a strange haircut, and still arouses sympathy with their energy. Robert De Niro ( Michael ), a great actor, one of my favorite, it just shines from it emanates kindness. The other guys, too, fit into the company: two well-fed man John and Axel, which is all the time chudil. John Cazale ( Stanley ), but will rest his soul, has played well, but I did not go out of his way older brother Michael Corleone of "The Godfather." John Savage, who played Stephen, also embodies a man who wanted to enjoy life, it is the most romantic in the company, what it war? His marriage, a loving wife, mother, and fun. Generally not very aesthetically pleasing look, when the Americans play a Russian, but here everything was embodied naturally. These are friends.
D olgaya scene with the wedding, then it was already clear that the coming tragedy. Although this is probably the most joyful moments of the film, I wanted with them to sing and dance. De Niro made a face in all directions, his playful smile and chills, in general, difficult to describe, simply must see! Play Russian songs and shouting: « Bitter!», « Bottoms up!», there we see no big drunken altercation, the bride and groom too drunk. Here and there the heroine of Meryl Streep, Linda. She girl Nick, they love each other, but there is, at the wedding of her close acquaintance with Michael, and it becomes clear to him that she is pretty. In general, what all describe just have to look.
N and the next day, after they played the wedding, friends have gone, as it turned out at the last joint hunt. And again, bravo to the director and the operator! What beautiful scenery! And how is the image of Robert Hunter! Although De Niro gets used to any role, but here, in the film, I did not even think about who plays Michael. He's just Michael - hunter, who says to his friends: «Deer must be killed with a single shot. One - well, two - it is bad. " Unlike his friends who hunt mostly fooling around, he responsible approach to business. They lived in a small town, the usual hard workers, they did not have great prospects and money, but it was friendship, were family, but as long as Michael, Nick and Steven did not get to Vietnam.
T ut picture, emotionally, from the lyrical and emotional stage, goes to the heart-rending. Dramatically changing colors and color, with a dull "gray" of the town, on the Vietnamese jungle. Barely recognizable, already cropped characters trying to survive in captivity. Friendship remains, but when your temple trigger should be selected. In war, quickly reveals a person's character. Michael - the most courageous, Nick - was not a coward, but very nervous, but Steven had the hardest, its romantic nature has broken. Psychedelic scenes in the game in the «Russian roulette» - I do not forget. Michael simply is transformed, his eyes flame, he is full of hatred. In general, De Niro, laid out here and mentally and physically. His crazy and desperate look, as if he, Satan, risen from the ashes and full of revenge, can still be seen in the movie "Cape Fear».
In of the many films about the Vietnam War, can be seen what the people there are turned into murderers. Who quickly realizes that there is no place of pity, although that would be easier to die. Probably should not be so to focus "on the Russian roulette," it's just a background. At the site of this risky game, there might be another. It was important to show what the war did to people, the war destroys all emotion, turning people into cold-blooded killers . You can not get away with it, many die, someone becomes disabled or is crazy, but completely healthy to go back to his family almost impossible. And it was all over in this film, I will not say, I think that many more people have not seen this masterpiece.
E is more than a movie, it's a work of art. I will not draw parallels with other films about the Vietnam War (you know them yourself), but I think that «The Deer Hunter» is the most versatile in terms of film emotions. It affects almost every aspect of human life that does not exist in the magical and psychedelic masterpiece «Apocalypse Now», in a brutal and frank picture «Full Metal Jacket», and in the « platoon » (which, in my opinion, inferior to all of the above pictures)
P After the film" The deer Hunter, are very different emotions, and I want to sing:. «You're just too good to be true. Can not take my eyes off you ... »

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