"The Deer Hunter" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

'in blue with a scattering of stars of our flag
striped red and white fire to the barricades again appear
night flashes of missiles at him throwing light -.
This vile enemies was our proud answer
example. tell me, did, he will live always
where the land of brave men, where a free country? '
Dream ghostly far like a deer in the crosshairs of a sniper scope. Immigrants on the Rights of the bird must complete American Dream is not only the seventh and then in the steel shop, but also with blood - their own and others. And the small provincial towns, puffing into the sky factory chimneys, steady supply of recruits willing to kill for a narrow-eyed Uncle Sam. Instead only the right to life, and the dream is gone. Only unattainable fantasy under «I love you baby ...» after a beer bottle in a provincial bar. Fools! After all, they tomorrow to war. Three friends that flaunt now in a drunken stupor. But the occasional soldier at the wedding did not smile - he knows. Fuck it, Vietnam! The holiday is over, when disaster foreboding crept into the heart of a bearded hunter with a mole on his cheek. Mike understood. That race naked like a farewell to youth, carefree and happy future. In the meantime, laugh, laugh. Fools.
war cripples the top and bottom, and American and Russian. Adds biped wheel robs the mind thinking, and some ruthless fetters in zinc. From Homo sapiens remains only Homo, and even then not always - as lucky. From Hell swam two by half a person. Only a lucky hero of De Niro received the long-term loan from the top. It's not every stand the smell of roasted meat hand flamethrower. And guts scattered on the red grass, when the grenade into the pit with the civilian will do its dirty work. Only ever hungry pigs anyway ... Jungle suddenly came alive wriggling diplopods, split into separate green figures with an AK-47. Who escaped stampede, he was taken prisoner. Where a rat for a pillow and the pit with water infested with parasites. Embittered soldiers of North Vietnam decided to make up for a massive kill & amp; rape, napalm and vacuum bombs. And the actions of the Agent Orange too. Guys, now you guki, it's our turn. Play
cruel roulette - more than a spectacular attribute of the film, watering space in the frame of bloody stream from a bullet head. From the "Russian" entertainment grew scenario, which is then adjusted the then unpopular Vietnam. Dangerous game turned into a metaphor for the war, which broke its constant threat of death. How many today - one in six, or six? Survive someone who is cool, bold and prudent in any situation. Who is not afraid to look into the black maw of war while pressing the trigger. Shoot, damn Lithuanian! For the life and honor. And death! But not for the money, that only toilet paper in the nightstand. Shoot and do not tych in the face of a big gun to compensate for their worthlessness. Prefer to double up in the fetal position, shaking with fear and trembling with each shot? Well, that's your choice. But Mike is not. He needed just three rounds to stop this horror. Late. Destructive metastases have penetrated their consciousness. The war is over, but the arm will automatically reach for the temple ...
Syndrome. I want to talk, instead of words only pitiful sobs. Emptiness. And even in the photo she is not happy. There are in fact other life, where no one will understand. Nobody. It is better to stay and swim in the murky flow toward death. Do not see the joyful banner «Welcome home, Mike», that seemed to jeer bristling returnee from the war. Friends are not friends, are now in the price comrades. Children's games are over. hunting time too. In Vietnam, they were the victims, helpless deer in someone else's game. It's time to turn to God, to nature and to ask for forgiveness for everything. OK? No, Mike will not rest until Stevie "is resting at a resort," trying for bingo to forget the past life. It is time to remove the bullet from the head of Nick war, entertain in Saigon motley rabble deadly game. We need to dot all the "i". Pacifism thrust deep, deep, and the last time to return to this scorched by fire and littered the ground died. Once again, to risk their lives to find freedom from this promise. And the war that will haunt the rest of your days, if you do not pay off the debts. A revolver was already waiting. One shot. Bingo!
passed five-year period after the withdrawal of US troops from Vietnam. Rotary-wing assault under the "Ride of the Valkyries" has not yet reached the cinemas and confrontation Barnes and Elias existed only on paper. Novice director Michael Cimino, following the adage "who dared and he ate," the first serious touched the shameful war, and gathered all the credit, including placer gold statuettes from the Academy (film of the year, directing). Somewhere, too, somewhere awkwardly filling the first act of the traditions and life of naturalized Slavs, directed by carefully preparing a prelude to the main action. There is a war and imbued with the spirit of hardworking American immigrants are willing to selflessly serve his adopted country. Willing to suffer, to die and again sing «God Bless America" ​​over the coffins of friends and relatives. Cimino certainly fainthearted, removing just what was needed then to the state. Picture-justification, which even contains notes of pacifism, but it does not condemn the war machine to brew a bloody mess. All your shit delicately left-overs, but in Vietnam it climbed everywhere and then poured into the Stone tape, Kubrick, Coppola and De Palma. Bombastic finale does not doubt the promise of the film: "War is cruel, but they are doing their duty. Real heroes, which was blessed by God. " Not for this if the picture has earned awards?
On the contrary, the Viet Cong in the tape only evil bastards, punishing civilians and subtly mocked the prisoners. Saigon gaping infernal cesspool where every respectable fighter with the Communists certainly degraded. Lies devalues ​​"The best American film of 1975", puts on a par with the level ribbons "Rambo 2", and it is about half. And one of the most spectacular scenes of the film from another angle looks absolutely ridiculous and artificial. After all, the partisans were not so foolish as to place the camp in the open, next to which the enemy flying turntables. As well as the killing of American prisoners of war in a couple of bets. And the famous roulette is nothing more than the Hollywood fiction, has not found any confirmation. It remains only to charge the gun with three bullets, give it to the captives, and to leave all posts heap gather in a small hut where the bestial De Niro and Walken will suit them St Bartholomew's Day. "The Deer Hunter" - a controversial film, for which the most valuable skill to the audience to separate the wheat from the chaff, that is indisputable artistic qualities of historical fiction and patriotic husk. Need only correctly cut foulbrood and then enjoy this mature fruit cinema 70s.
Thank you Kotik Ksu for the inspiration.

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