"... The Dawns Here Are Quiet" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Surely each of the people present here will find your favorite movie dedicated to the Second World War. For some, this will be "20 days without war", for others it will be the "Officers", and still others prefer "Seventeen Moments of Spring." I, in turn, fell in love "... The Dawns Here Are Quiet", as soon as he saw and fell in love with all my heart. And that is typical, each new viewing of this film gave me a little more difficult to the previous one, because you already know all about the heroes of destiny and therefore very painful to look at how the main characters pour out each other soul, dream, fall in love, or just look with hope to the future. It hurts, but it is impossible to break away from what is happening on the screen for a minute and three hours of screen time pass like a flash, leaving a feeling of some kind of loss, but at the same time giving hope, because it is thanks to people like the protagonists of this painting, we are alive and we can enjoy the little things that life presents us. And if so, then let's get acquainted with the heroine of the film details, of course, if you, dear viewer, this is still not done.
And the first of whom is worth to tell, it's about Osyanin Margarita, a girl with a very difficult destiny although perhaps there were others during World War II it? So before the war, Rita was a loving husband, a nice home and a baby in any way she doted. But the war came and the girl's husband was killed by the Germans. In fact the situation is quite typical for the time, unfortunately, but that's just Osyanin did not feel sorry for yourself and give the black blues. She decided to go to serve, in order to avenge her husband Fritz. And looking at the tired and haggard face of Rita realizes that the only straw that keeps it alive in the world, so is the son that left a sick mother on bail. And because Margarita in that at all costs we must go home.
But we must go home, and the other girls from the squad Vaskovo. Here for example is a young provincial Elizabeth Brichkina that lived in a hunting hut with her parents. This girl, who was waiting for all my life, that now the window will pass the train called "Happiness" and take her to a different and better life. And the train arrived. After Brichkina fighter falls, literally at a glance, in his stern commander. Well she did not come back in order to live a long and happy life
Or, Eugene Komelkova nicknamed - Mermaid. It is the direct opposite of Rita, but she is - her best friend. So Jack fell in love with a married officer and that is typical - he also loved her. Well, that only happens in my life, eh? But that's only happiness Zhenya, and indeed the rest of the girls in this film did not last long - her family shot by the Germans, and she was a witness. Terrible picture, yes. And as you know from the outside world the horrors of a person seeks to escape the one who is close to him and that's Komelkova ran in part to his beloved. Unfortunately, we do not know what it has evolved, but given the fact that Jack at first tries to behave proudly and independently, laughing at everyone and everything, then comes the realization that the chosen girl told her that they can not be together. But even this could not break Komelkova fighter and it looks to the future with hope and believe that it is not lost, and this faith is transmitted viewer fully
But orphan girl -. Galina Chetvertak. Shy and insecure girl, who all his life believed that the prince will come on a white horse that would take her to his castle, away from the orphanage and his gray and inhospitable walls. But the prince was not because Galya itself decides to take the bull by the horns and lied to the selection committee about his age (girly only some seventeen years), it is sent to the front in hopes of finding a wounded prince to save him from a fire, after which he certainly also I am asked for the hand and heart in fighter Chetvertak. Romance in the middle of the war ... And actually, why not
Although it should be noted that not only the fighter Chetvertak in the shower is a rare romantic, but it is also the Sophia Gurvich - talented and well-read student who went to war in the hope of meeting with her lover, he gave the girl a book with poems and in order to pass the time before the long-awaited meeting a girl reading a poem aloud. Yes, Gurvich fighter like a bird wants to spread its wings and soar to fly away from this war where the sun shines and where waiting for her beloved. So who is it this judge? Anyway, I do not.
Well, how can you not fall in love with these girls? Girls so simple and at the same time such complex characters, which together with their commander went into the forest in order to hunt down the two Germans, transfer the bomb, and faced with sixteen enemy fighters, and most importantly - with time. After all, if they are here and now will not be able to delay the Krauts, that they achieve their goals and to derail one, and maybe even more than one train. And let it be "local battle," but he will play in that war is not the last role. And the names of the girls will stay with us forever, like the name of their commander Fedota Vaskovo - a man whose life has beaten badly and who lost first his wife and then his son. The man who in no matter what was going to return the girls home, even if you need to pay for it is your life, because he, unlike the girls, no one to come back ...
result? Yes, what the hell can there be results ?! Just look at this film all those who have not seen it yet, but those who have seen everything and I know perfectly well without. Cinema forever. Point.
10 of 10

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