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But the lightweight women's gait.
(t. «Civil Defense»)
Soviet motion picture of the famous (and became famous) director Stanislaus Rostotsky "... Dawns here are quiet» literally shaking the foundations of consciousness, the subconscious, and even world-consciousness of man and the universe of all urgent public. And a cursory glance at the starting sentence of my text, it may seem that I poured all pathos. But it may seem to those who are not familiar with this wonderful and Vsevelikogo film! Those who had the privilege of the tape to pass through itself, will not let me lie: this film is out of the category to look out for sure that if you touch the topic of the Great Patriotic War, if you - a Slav, if you finally respect real movie. And I'm sure now everyone understood what I mean.
divided into two parts, the tape has at each of a series of deep history. «In the second tier ' introduces us to the characters the novel by Boris Vasiliev, interpreted in the cinema. We are familiar with both the characters of the protagonists, and the atmosphere experienced those terrible years. But those summer yet only had to survive ... In the meantime, the railway siding (place of action - Karelia ) to the commandant of this very junction, a veteran of the Finnish War sergeant < b> Fedot Vaskovo arrived replacing soldiers who were marked with a minus sign (drunkenness, desire for the opposite sex), represented by volunteer women. Lovely charming establishment mostly just left school. And one of them, and does (this is learned in the course of the narrative) threw himself a year old, to be among the platoon anti-aircraft gunner and arrive here, in the front lines.
In principle, and passes half of our history. Persons on the screen become dearer friends. And the history of each of the girls sentimental and heartbreaking. And just realize that the war they are not romantic lead. Memories of beautiful women who had become mothers, painted in bright colors, while the events of the present time are colorless and comes immediately understanding that the creators say about us, what is this war: life today, and death tomorrow ...
and at first in the middle of the gray everyday life vividly highlighted character Irene Shvchuk and Olga Ostroumova . Truly beautiful squad Rita Osyanin (And. Shevchuk) immediately riveted my attention as the appearance and charm, inner strength that flowed and It flowed from that of the main character. At Olga Ostroumov I noticed, perhaps, after advised me to do my father. We were somewhat split in preferences. However, soon it played Jack Komelkova will attract attention already on the case. Starting from its line until the end, where you just sit with your mouth open ...
So goes our viewers' familiarity with them, and they - together. Lisa falls in love Brichkina Vaskovo. anti-aircraft gunner group at the junction inciting reconnaissance aircraft. Girls satisfied bath (Vaskov podsobil). In general, life goes on as usual. Maybe there would be more personal if Rita Osyanin not found AWOL two German saboteurs
Sergeant Vaskov -. Outside of the film, he Andrei Martynov - now becomes the center of the picture. More Boris Vasiliev came up with him to this role, he was in the past - a scout. By Vaskovo join Rita Osyanin , Jack Komelkova , in love Lisa Brichkina ( Elena Drapeko ), Sonia Gurvich ( Irina Dolganova ) and Galya Chetvertak ( Ekaterina Markova ). And, I will not confess, the last two girls become visible only when the film will exchange the second half.
And the second half is called «local Boy». but showed such a fight, just know that thanks to this here most fights, as a whole, and the whole war was won. The plot became sharper. The Germans needed the Kirov railroad. And they turned out to be no longer two, but more (do not want to reveal secrets), but since then the film becomes so smart that I readily declare:. This film should be not just a textbook, and even desktop
- the War - it's not someone who will shoot, and someone who changes his mind
as Vasco drove the Nazis in the woods, confusing them .. what is your resourcefulness.! intelligence and ingenuity had to show to come to this! But the girls are not inferior to him. And that's just the heroine Olga Ostroumova showed itself in all its glory
But Vaskov -. It is also a wise man
-. It is not cowardice, it is confusion. Cowardice is visible from the second bout , - so he said, when one of the girls (sorry, deliberately do not tell anyone) afraid to argue with Death
Vaskov. - and it's a cold-blooded fighter. I remember in my childhood, I have chills fear of being in war movies someone comes into the fight with knives
-. It should be zakostenet soul
. Until now, I terribly from perception, from an understanding of the very essence of a knife murder. This is when men more so of each other in the war deprived of life. What if:
- It was an expectant mother. This thread led to the continuation of the species. And he (German) on this thread knife ...
Yes, this film is stronger than me ... Quotes may not be quite literal. But the film is really a find! He is, look at it. And what if the shooting is not only used to get results!
«Girls, I have to show where the bullet fall. Not in man's body, and in women. » So Stanislav Rostockiy urged ladies to shoot for the scene in the bath. That's ... I'm in a big
excited about this film. He is alive! And his fame fade until the end of time !!!
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