"... The Dawns Here Are Quiet" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

And dawns are quiet here' movie strikes an excellent acting game studio camera work and excellent rezhessuroy. Its prominence in the Soviet war movies is well deserved. But ...
I never was one of those people who, to use the classic language of 'all our hayut and scold and tenderly look at foreign labels'. But in my opinion, these movies about the war can not be removed. I will try to explain my position
Sergeant Fedotov Vaskov -. A former member of the Finnish War and still young (in spite of its performance by the girls), thirty people. And now, he carries the service in the rear, commanding the anti-aircraft units of the second echelon. So he - actually a non-combatant campaigner written off at this very train. Remember this
commander it -. So-so. Can not establish discipline in the assigned unit. And it is -. In the Red Army of the Great Patriotic War, when even the most minor disobedience commander was punished most severely
not control and supervision of the soldiers, he gets them sent to the front
Stop.! They -.. Nestroeviki too, so to be in the rear. And this situation is typical, most likely, for those who could not fight on the front line of injury ...
So these anti-aircraft gunners, far from being completely healthy, go to the front. Moreover, because of their etapiruyut to report on the commander -. In the thick of their
you do not mind? How many days (namely - days) they're stretched
replaced these poor girls come and ... Vaskov again shine commander talent?. After all, if you look, the girls are doing almost whatever they want. True life of the outlaws burdened by nightmarish memories of the recent past. This combination makes them images of relief, but alive. And then ...
Finding the landing of German saboteurs as initially thought - two, Vasco takes with him the five girls and goes to intercept ... Nightmare !!!
you imagine that such a German special forces? No? Sorry ...
And these wolves Vasco himself, as you have now realized, a person with poor health, comes at the head of five girls ... And the Germans - sixteen
What should I do? That's right - an urgent retreat and make every effort to transmit an urgent message for sabotage 'where to' group. On those skilled predators will hunt the hunters experienced - the special unit of the NKVD, Army counterintelligence. None of your business, a disabled soldier headed untried girls (and in general - the girls!) Chasing through the woods for a man-eating beast
And I urge you not to put me in guilt famous saying "none of my business - I know nothing 'in the sense that I call upon the characters of the film to avoid sacred duty. After all, it is that they really would never come out of that fight victorious.
They were designed to combat aircraft and observation. And to combat saboteurs units I mentioned were in constant combat readiness. And it could not be otherwise. There can not trained tactical battle against forest commando girl beat him. Even if it commands written off in the second echelon
foreman Vaskov -. Killer. His warriors are not fired ground-based enemies, have never been in the melee, do not own rukopashku not 'played' in a single team in extreme conditions. It's one thing to hit the aircraft with ground air defense battery (also not an easy himself as antiaircraft, I know), but quite another - to meet on a narrow road to face a professional killer. Have you noticed what they are going in the summer Karelian taiga? The skirts! What a gift for mosquitoes and other blood sucking midges scourge! Yes, in a half-kilometer of their beautiful legs, and all that is above them, would turn into a bloody mess
The result is natural -. Will not return back, none. Hey, Vasco, you're a warrior, not imagined? We, of course, as a result of this fight victorious. In only this movie. In reality - no
In this context arises another question -. And with whom we were at war? What was the enemy, a dozen riot police who were able to overcome nestroevik and five girls? How could such an enemy nikchemushny four years tormented our country, put into the earth millions of our young, strong men, many of whom were very well trained in military affairs? How are these lousy fighters came to Moscow and Stalingrad? Why do we need an army, the underground guerrillas, intelligence, equipment, since our adversary was so kvolym? Yes, it was necessary to put in the way of his barriers of five - seven girls with trohlineykami headed contused elders and all - 'a little blood, as soon as possible' would have gained the upper hand
Someone will object me - were girls trohlineykami, foreman fought shell-shocked. It was. I know without you. But they made their immortal exploits in other situations - no less terrible and tragic. But in the real world. When they (of course - unconsciously to themselves). A chance for heroic actions, even post-mortem was
The woman shot in the war a lot of movies. It's about a woman warrior. Sniper, crypto, diversantke, nurses, radio operators. And many of them are realistic. Surely there 'Liberation', 'the nameless heights in' 'Burnt by the Sun 2 and 3'.
But not 'Dawns ...'. I'm sorry, but it is - a film-tale. Beautiful, patriotic and pathetic, but the tale
would seem -. Let it be! After all, fairy tales are also needed ... But then, is not perturbed about the glamorous 'Sniper 2 - Tungus', where girls in stockings on the war came, and flirting with a superior officer, in one fell swoop thousand pobivahom fascists. Or the fact that 'We are from the future' nurse in sexy mini skirt on the parapet of the trench on the first line of defense goes to his full height. In my opinion, a curvature of the image of the woman-warrior in the crucible of the Great Patriotic War originates from 'The Dawns are quiet here'.
Yes, beautiful film, well made. But very, very unreliable.
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