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The main tragedy of our country XX century usually comes to mind epic battles of Stalingrad and Kursk, the endless casualties among the civilian and military population. Hardly incalculable variety of 'small-caliber' battles, especially without the use of military equipment. The feat of the common people during the war, to a large extent, been made possible thanks to the unparalleled heroism still very young men with rifles in their hands. Soldier's share is that the death of a person is ready, first came to the front line. When as fighters for homeland not protrude strong men and young girls, which in the rear, then a truly and understand the term 'Native' . Even compared to other military drama 'The Dawns Here Are Quiet' are kept apart. Stanislav Rostockiy went to considerable risk by entrusting the role of anti-aircraft gunner girls, little-known actresses. But the result of this risk is capable of directing squeeze tears not yet have a generation of viewers. This movie will tell about the war better than any division of tanks.
There were only five of them. Five young girls, quite different nature and origin. Their commander sergeant Vaskov, disillusioned former subordinates, initially wary of fun creatures that somehow not to face a military uniform. Responsible task to capture saboteurs Germans forever binds the fate Fedota Evgrafovich and five anti-aircraft gunner. At first they were all in the eyes of the commandant only distinguished names, but look. But for every girl has its own destiny, its own tragedy and its own will. After all, they went to the front as volunteers.
Rita Osyanin
Not for nothing is the squad leader. The most serious, thoughtful and laconic of the 'magnificent five'. At Rita's face is rarely possible to read emotions, her creation is subject to the cold determination to bring death cursed the Germans, leaving her a widow with a young son in her arms. 9 of the 10 widows in her place would have devoted herself to raising the child, but Rita takes up arms. Her stoic character most fully manifested in three points: in the shelling of a downed pilot "Focke-Wulf" craven fellow member of condemnation and death-will. That war does to a woman ?! Rita 20, but its hardness is able to impress and old file. Even a very strong person often can not come to terms with the death of a loved. Insecurity, anxiety echoing around every corner somehow suppresses depression. Rita began to breathe a war without its unauthorized night shift there would be a hike elders of the Germans. She mentally apologizes little Igor, but did not turn from the path. War the country was its war, but did not deprive the soul. It is well evident that Rita, together with Zhenya emotional encounter to take the fight Vaskovo.
Jack Komelkova
have now dubbed a 'stunning'. Model looks, with a luxurious head of hair a bright, passionate eyes and sonorous voice. Zhenya more than one or unusual to see in a combat snap, with a mirror in her hand she is clearly better. Initially puzzling how such a beautiful wormed into the ranks of the anti-aircraft. Alas, a terrible tragedy and it came to her house, depriving her family. Former razluchnitsa was a born fighter. This combination of external data to the heroic spirit shocking so far. In those days, girls did not dream of the podium, but even in the bath scene clearly shows how much Jack stands out. Its just imagine a coward, but it is the last in the life of the maneuver is hardly possible to forget. Wondrous singing, punctuated with harsh remarks in fascist address characterizes Zhenya much more catchy appearance. Olga Ostroumova , unlike colleagues have been known to Soviet audiences, but it is the role of Zhenya Komelkova pulls down many stereotypes, for which she should be grateful just cute aktrisulki that somehow it is impossible to take seriously. The woman is a woman, even in the face of death, Jack does not lose a single gram of its charm. She 'face' of the group, vyaschee reminder that even a brave fighter -. Not being neuter as claimed Vaskov
Lisa Brichkina
homey, dreamy, amorous and most good-hearted of all . Its peculiar dialect remembered abruptly blond hair. She was not able to rescue comrades. Damn swamp, like evil incarnate does not allow it to perform the duty. Like a stubborn marathoner, she is literally cutting into the rotten swamps, with a childlike smile, she would say in dreams Vaskovo 'I'm just in a hurry. " What a terrible end in this pure creation! She did not sing with the sergeant to a halt, she had many plans for the future, they usually come out of the ideal hostess. The nature of her was discovered a few one-sided, we did not manage to see the grim determination in the beautiful eyes at the sight of the enemy.
Sonia Gurvich
intelligent and educated, her place in the most prominent positions in the university, but not on the battlefield. She is the embodiment of a cultural approach to business. Vaskov later say that 'it is important, someone who changes his mind. " Sony destruction serves to remind that unfeeling Germans care about the characters as they go on whose country. Her life is prominent poetry, beautiful style - the music of her soul. In the eyes of the eternal printed press, because she does not know the fate of their loved ones in Minsk. It only remains in life, attempting to punish those who are ignorant of the power of art.
Galia Chetvertak
her only 17. She is a foundling who does not know his kind. She dreams of a fairy tale, but it is trying to adapt to the harsh reality. Few take up Mosin rifle, you need to mentally be ready to kill, even for the sake of sacred duty. Galia remained a child, so now children of the orphanage inevitably grow rapidly. But it embodies the tragedy, to which end it is impossible to be prepared, the more fragile girl. She chickened out. But she was trying to do his duty. Do not endure, but it was her efforts were not allowed Vaskovo throw a stone in her garden.
Sergeant Vaskov
incomprehensible, but the brave commandant only 26! He looks like a man hardened, followed by dozens of major battles. Like a chameleon, Fedot me in the viewer's attitude in the course of the play. First-minded, with a poor imagination, he is transformed into a situation of hostilities. What's the poor! He become a loving older brother to his 'sisters'. Warmth ogranichno combine it with a healthy male prowess. Battle scenes eerily naturalistic, and his emotional monologue in the enemy camp was a kind of promo whole picture.
This movie, which is a must see each. We have to know every penny that was incorporated into the cost of the Great Victory. You can review the 'Dawn ...' dozens of times, and tears will still moisten the eyes. How did great to have such a masterpiece can not be 'different interpretation' than the so love is now engaged! One of the best panels showing the feat of the Russian people. Five anti-aircraft gunner did not return from the war, but forever immortalized their aliases. Their names all the women who have fallen in the bloody battles. And never, NEVER, we will not forget them, thanks to the brilliant work of Stanislav Rostotsky .
Drink silence ...
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