"The Dark Knight Rises" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

In the third part of his already cult trilogy Christopher Nolan did not rack their brains, as he once again jump above their heads, and made smooth and interesting spectacle for the masses. If the second part trilogy balanced between blockbuster and powerful police drama, the final part is fed exclusively as Epic-movie, where the emphasis is put on the action-composition. In comparison with the last part of this saga, this bias towards pure blockbuster perceived as a step backwards, as fans of the English director already used and loved him just for creative creativity, both in the scale of the overall plot of his films, as well as within individual episodes, and this It was punctuated « The Dark knight ». And while the third part is also not devoid of Surprise, unexpected moments, but still felt that the director pulled the sleeves precisely in the fact that it was a professional skate.
In this part of the trilogy, Nolan put out the literary (if one can call it that) the original number of characters that are brought before already before the audience in the old cycle of films about Batman. Surprising perhaps was the choice of the main antagonist of the tape. They became Beyn- character who in the comics presented himself godzilopodobnogo mutant than reasonable human being. Nolan is in its best traditions, "humanised" Bane to 'the mountain of muscles with the brain. " Already the choice of the director for the benefit of human-fighter, the role of the main opponent of Batman, spoke of his intention to play on the screen more physical than mental battle. And here is Nolan slightly disappoint. With an emphasis on melee action, he did not cope with the task to provide the viewer's eye quality dynamics of these scenes. In the previous parts of the trilogy, I somehow did not much pay attention to it, but then he directed his imposition of a fighting game, made more closely to assess their quality. And it turned out that the intellectual Nolan committed layman on the part of nat. training. Over the past decade, the level of choreography of the fight scenes in the movie rose to decent quality, and any trash is recognized immediately. Fights Batman to Bane, and not just so theatrical and abstract, it seems the director does not consider it necessary to give this process some serious attitude. This is a clear negative film, as it was in the attention to such episodes have emphasized its creators. It is surprising that Nolan could not invite a good director melee fights, so they did not look like a boring, mediocre Makhalova two blockheads?
Another, though very slight drawback is that if the work of the operator, whether the quality of installation, here is difficult to say. Some beautiful panoramic plans in the film could be extended, at least for a few seconds, and in some places for some reason they did not exist, even though they were there would be very handy. Either cut them during installation or operator found that they are not needed at all. And in vain, because the film lacks a bit of beautiful, landscaped common plans. Light blue walls at Wayne Manor somehow also cut eye and resembles a large depressive sovdepovskie institutions than the interior of the western family mansion.
But in general, the film was a success. A good script pulls the tape to the level of even just an interesting picture, and the budget can fill quite watchable action scenes, especially those which involved new vehicle Batman. Nolan has constructed the film in the classical foundation of the best bands of this genre. There's a powerful enemy that can win the battle of the good guys and bring them to a state of self-doubt. Defeat an enemy, you can just collecting all the will in a fist and strength, and to overcome some extremely complex obstacles. All this creates, albeit conditional but very necessary intrigue. And Nolan is working well at the school, in contrast to his colleague Josh Whedon, the creator of other high-profile blockbuster 2012 « The Avengers ». The Avengers director did not even worthy to create a conditional intrigue, without which all action movie loses its any depth and remains pure disco. Nolan fortunately did not show such a "creative" and directed his blockbuster according to the canons. Another standard for such films have respect for the right scale of operations. The third part of the saga was the largest band of the entire trilogy. Gotham no longer simply subjected to individual attacks, rare (such as the first film) or common (as in the latter). The enemy this time will take the city in your hands entirely, because of what the situation will be released on the national government level. This scale is clearly not enough in the same Avengers, where it was about saving the world, but was limited all brawl in the central part of the city. Nolan also showed quite clearly the occupation of Gotham, his despondency and apathy residents. And even if it looked like a knurled pattern, but the same pattern is to say, the body balance when walking fast hold. Donate similar patterns can be either creative acrobats, able to break the standard and issue a class, or those who want to jump higher than yourself and gives a bubble, as is the case with the creators of "The Avengers." So if you compare the quality of the two most high-profile blockbusters of 2012, the film nolanovsky definitely better for me.
Another expected character, Catwoman (Anne Hathaway), is quite fit into the character nolanovskogo Gotham. Her thief Selina Kyle, wishing to engage with the past, not as colorful as the otvyaznyh criminal in latex by Michelle Pfeiffer, but by and large, then the comparison is inappropriate, as well as the role of the Joker. Hathaway and Pfeiffer (as well as with Ledger Nicholson), they all played their (different) characters with his biography and character. Is Hathaway beat Pfeiffer question is incorrect, as Hathaway played a very different Ketvumen. And what better way of someone like, this is purely a matter of taste, of which the dispute is not accepted, as it were.
Overall Nolan trilogy get a smooth and dignified, with a twist in the form of the second film after making a splash in this genre. The third film even made a blockbuster as the standard, but it is high quality. At the time, I wondered what had so many Oscars trilogy « Lord of the Rings ». I believe that the saga nolanovskaya no worse than Peter Jackson's epic. However, to rely on a lot of awards in this case is not necessary, especially after modestly was marked by the award-winning "The Dark Knight." And yet, remembering how the dead was the theme of Batman in the movie after shumaherovskih cartoons, and became famous as Christopher Nolan was at the expense of the trilogy, it is difficult to deny the fact of his creative originality. He did not just revived Batman on screen, and forced the critics to talk about the history of a guy in a suit, as a serious adult movie. This is not grumbling about the good old Burton.
7.5 out of 10.

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