"The Dark Knight Rises" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Who said that comic book movies can not be removed now? Well, if anyone had said after the 'Batman Begins' has been compelled to take the words back. For the start was, though comic, but with a strong, solid and dramaturgic verified narrative. However, even the original children's stories appeared in comparison with its subsequent sequel -. Which was a film quite different level
'The Dark Knight' 2008 sample, the genre most turned out to be the closest to the criminal and psychological drama, in which intense, swirling and unpredictable scenario did not depart from the level of the main antagonist of the game. Heath Ledger deservedly earned a major Academy Award, and Nolan , like napalm, poszhigal all known stamps and laws of the genre, thus making comics Batman universe almost in ruins. The ruins in which the main character did not seem hero and villain Joker has turned into someone like a spiritual guru who was only trying to show everyone that people, for the most part, I'm sorry, shit. And to show it, you just have to put them in certain conditions, that the Joker in general, and did, putting in chaos and turmoil. Indeed, in conditions of chaos and anarchy, all the strengths of people are killed, along with ihnimi principles and ideals. That's what happened with the Harvey Dent, the main character, in which all these people, and believed. And that their faith has not lost its force, Gordon along with Batman prefer to hide the truth, to build the future for the city on a foundation of lies. The future, which, however, was justified, because the people have not lost their faith, and all the criminals were put behind bars. Until then, until the truth start to eat away at the conscience of Gordon and evil begin to try to rise from the place where they buried him Batman.
After such a revolutionary in the universe 'DC Comics' final escape participate in the regular continuing Nolan simply would not allow it. However, in the third part, he decided to go a different path. To begin with, he said that this will be the final part of his Batman epic. But lowering the degree of seriousness and soundness of the plot, it turned its creation almost comic. Realistic, exciting and still keep the viewer firmly in the screen. But, this time, with integral holes in the script logic lyapami and miscalculations in the plot, nedovedennymi until the end of secondary lines, unsolved antagonists with very vague and motivation and it remains a mystery, the main moral of the film. Thus, Nolan almost fell back to where he began his epic with 'Batman Begins' -. In fact, pure comic, with an eye to realism
However, the lack of character development was almost entirely offset by acting. Especially with regards to the Bain .
Joker was sophisticated sociopath, plunges the city into chaos and anarchy, not for some great purpose, but simply because it is so much fun. Bain in this regard - a person is completely different. The purpose of it was just the same clear, and he came to the city is not fun. And if, Joker, physically, Batman could not oppose anything, Bain was much stronger than the 'horned'. Because Bain - is a fighter, incredibly strong and trained. But most interesting is that the intellect and the possibility of a wild boar in a mask, no way inferior to his physical strength. And maybe he is not small, t. To. The whole army followed him. And not from the street thugs, and professional mercenaries. And yet, though one, but still, a nuclear bomb.
In general, the character has turned out strong and bright, but considering how he turned sideways in the final image is still not held. Turn Bane and not given. However, to the Hardy has no complaints, ie. A. Of the way he squeezed everything he could. After all, in essence, Bane - Natural monster. Powerful, dangerous and invincible. But thanks to Hardy, this monster has been generously endowed with soul and emotions that seemingly can not be transferred when a large part of his face covered with masks-respirator. But Tom did it because, agreeing with the opinion of Nolan, Tom - truly one of those rare actors who know how to use your own body and appearance for the role of disclosure. And how to put character into every gesture, or an aspect of action. Tone of voice, manner of speech and behavior, look, gait and style of warfare
Of the rest of the cast:. Suddenly transformed Anne Hathaway in the form of a predatory and quirky thief Selina Kyle. Quite frankly and convincingly portrayed an idealistic cop Joseffy Gordon-Levitt . Traditionally it has been good actor. Well, Mr Bailey at this time, contributed a little more than acting space. Only in this part it has become clear how strong was the spirit of the man is a legend. The only sad for the marvelous Frenchwoman Marion Cotillard . For open in his alter-ego, she was not allowed at all. And the fact that the image she will wear a dual character, so in general seems to be the secret was not. Because, whether her party just Bruce Wayne's girlfriend, to take on a similar role, such a powerful and expressive actress, it would be just silly.
However, Nolan, much organically actors worked well together other members of the crew. Especially noteworthy is almost outstanding work of the operator and the composer. First managed to crank out a truly inventive work on the filming, knowing when to make a close-up, and when the total, while cycling, every detail. What is particularly important, given that the first time in the trilogy, Pfaysteru failed and fighting scenes, without unnecessary flickering and shaking the camera. Because the fighting scenes with Batman Bain, looked and sounded frighteningly realistic and exciting, which is well felt and knock the breath and every beat. Well, that with regards to Hansa Zimmer , alone he is able to work much better. Since this time, he got the most powerful and deep sound, which is fine and precise accents and enhances the impression of the desired scene, at the right time.
Generally, most clearly and representative work of all these artists can be estimated at 6 five minute the prologue of the film, in which the recording level of ingenuity, frame productions, acting and musical accompaniment performance, reaching a height of just exorbitant. Fundamentally speaking, the prologue of the film - a real masterpiece of cinema. The only pity is that the rest of the film to that level does not hold.
But in the end, no matter how shoals did not have a plot, the film itself is like a mosaic, made up in large-scale and dramatic painting, acquiring the character of a truly epic feeling of grandeur and implemented Nolan Projects . And in spite of all its drawbacks and shortcomings, he is head and shoulders above all of what is now in theaters. Because although Nolan shoots film a commercial, but at least tries, and is laid out as you can. Love movies!
8 of 10

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