"The Dark Knight" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

When "The Dark Knight" was launched in the US in 2008, the audience left the hall, and immediately took the ticket to the next session. Indeed, Christopher Nolan and colleagues so richly saturated with history details, meanings, the duality that to grasp all at once was not possible. My first reaction was: what a magnificent lush "love triangle" are twisted between the Joker, Batman and Harvey Dent. Since then amended the movie countless times, I remember by heart. But always I perceived it as an independent story, but not part of the trilogy. In "The Dark Knight" on the stage of Gotham for a while out of Harvey Dent and The Joker to the third part again give way to the history of Ras al Ghul.
2008y entered the annals of history as the year of Gotham Harvey Dent, the district attorney and the White Knight. But the townspeople, he was also the year of the Great Chaos * thanks to the Joker, an anarchist-alone and crazy clown.
Joker came out of nowhere, no name, no history, no friends, no goals, no rules, no fear and no one ... I do not dare to move his way. It is beyond logic, hovers over the situation, he likes Halloween non-stop and the world on fire. Explodes, shoots, rushes through the city on school buses, heavy wagons, police cars. Introduces confusion into the everyday life of the city and settled provokes everybody gotemtsev. Why?
He put it well in a monologue at the bedside of Harvey Dent, "I like a man who has a plan? I am a dog running after the car. I would not know what to do if caught ... I have a plan mafia, the police have a plan, Gordon has a plan. They planners try to control their close Mirka. I try to show how pathetic their attempts to control everything ... Just a little anarchy and everything falls down into chaos. Do you know what is the basis of the chaos? It is the fear. »
Joker thrown into Gotham world seems deliberately to test the strength of vitality, rules, principles, codes, procedure ** of this world, which is instantly forgotten when the danger. He plays with Batman, exposing him in a bad light, making him responsible for their own follies in Gotham and prophesying his future psycho, which tomorrow will throw out the unsuitability. He plays Harvey Dent, a ray of light in the darkness of Gotham City, provoking his demons and taking away from citizens last hope for a solid decency law. And the two do not disappoint and even complement it - which is a dramatization, where Dent took the place of national avenger Batman, who does not want to show his true colors. This episode of Chaos with the same enthusiasm, "planned" without saying a word Christopher Nolan, The Joker, Jim Gordon, Harvey Dent and Batman. Joker played by Jim Gordon, always a step ahead and exposing him incompetent simpleton. It plays with the Mafia, which by his standards too small floats and deserved punishment in the face of Batman.
All characters of Gotham balance on the edge of dark and light side of the force, showing the illusory nature of the border between shadow and light, chaos and order. With two-faced Harvey Wayne and Batman, everything is quite definitely, they are nobody enliven the slogan "And the devil embarrassed and felt how awful goodness" ( "Paradise Lost" by John Milton). But duality characterizes Gordon, who supports the law and order forces policemen implicated in corruption and mad avenger. And Lucius Fox, which is far from politics and engaged in pure science, but inevitably drawn into Bruce in illegal games that violate civil liberties. Alfred of fatherly worries about Bruce Wayne, wishing him a cloudless simple happiness, therefore forced to support terrorist Batman, although not in awe of his nocturnal adventures.
The Dark Knight in comparison with the first and third movies more light color, less classics and more kind of fireworks, rodnyaschego it with Marvel movies. Home Joker rainbow - red mouth on the snow-white face, purple Crombie, a green jacket, blue shirt, on the occasion of a red wig, fancy business card. You are bathed in a role he a monster, but a monster Extremely bright. Which in fact only need to Batman unmasked. His insane anarchic fun can be countered only by the same level of chaos.
Joker Person of God Loki, and all unmanaged deceit akin to both impulsive childlike mischief, going from wanting attention and pointing to adults on their weaknesses and shortcomings. Joker wears a mask of Loki. This honor awarded two more movie character in the foreseeable future - and Eric Stanley Ipkiss Dreyven. Ipkiss comic character, but with Eric Dreyvenom Joker deep and non-random relationship. Both the "phantom" single, arrange devilish firework in a dark city, some of the shots in "The Crow" and "Dark Knight" look like the same movie. Only the story of Eric is well known, and Joker incognito, except for his crazy tales. Christopher Nolan does not consider it appropriate to allude to the drama, which is behind his follies. The fate of Heath Ledger and Brandon Lee also many mystical coincidences, like their heroes: the two went on an absurd accident on the creative takeoff at the age of 28 years without seeing their films and in complete ignorance, some iconic characters created
in the film. impeccable cast. Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman added to the history of philosophical calmness and irony. Impeccable excerpt Jim Gordon almost makes you forget about one's own gallery of madmen, that stands behind Gary Oldman. Aaron Eckhart as Harvey anywhere else radiates charisma and energy; his strong chin would look cool at least the mask of Batman than Christian Bale. Heath Ledger did his Joker as a hermit in his cell, cut themselves off from the bustle. It is also possible, and he raved about his plans Joker at some quiet cell in Gotham. "Home-made" no cost and improvisation Heath in the frame included in the final cut, including the moment where the Joker joins in the applause Jim Gordon address at the police station.
film is an example of style and taste, perfectly harmonious and flawless in every detail . Filmmakers have repeatedly noted the high professional level of the project for all positions: director, cinematographer, script, music, the best example of the genre, the best big-budget project, makeup, costumes, visual effects, sound editing, supporting actor; best stunt composition. Finally, the Oscar, Golden Globe, British Academy Award, Actors Guild Award for Best Supporting Actor Heath Ledger.
P.S. All the time remember that Joker and was left hanging upside down in Gotemskoy night
* Chaos -.. Higher-order form, a non-equilibrium system, whose parameters describe the world much more complete than the parameters of the ordered system
. ** The order - have stood for a moment the life that takes a deep breath before the plunge into another adventure
10 of 10.

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