"The Dark Knight" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Non-standard for the genre approach to the film adaptation directed by comic Christopher Nolan yielded reboot of the franchise ' Batman Begins ' positive reviews from both audiences and critics alike. Despite the fairly average box office, who were unable to pay back (thanks to the enormity of sundresses in the face of ' Batman Forever ' and ' Batman and Robin ' Joel Schumacher ) a very serious budget of $ 240 million of total expenditure invested in the picture, the studio still gave the green light a sequel, since the potential of the overloaded versions has been extremely high. The cause again took Nolan, and this time is not easy to improve all great ideas of the first part, but decided on a much bolder step: put in opponents Batman his eternal enemy Joker, which hitherto been stunningly played Jack Nicholson in the classic film ' Batman ' Tim Burton .
But everything in order. And start perhaps, it is with the local history. To say that she is gorgeous and well-fed, say nothing. Again, as in the first part, based on a fairly common for the genre scheme ' hero is tired and wants to go ', Nolan takes it as no one has done this in a comic book-film adaptations. Organically intertwined into the basic fabric of the history of additional storylines that expand the universe of the franchise perfectly and at the same time, look at the general look perfectly holistically, without feeling artificial stretching timing.
Either you die a hero or you live for as long as not become a rogue (a)
And when it comes to the dialogue with the Joker of Batman or the monologues of the latter, every single of these scenes rasstaschit want to quote, not to mention the fact that they are permanently etched in my memory . Past the Joker in the film does not reveal that only adds to the character a sense of threat and invincibility. His motives are unclear, his methods are cruel, and a sense of humor is probably the envy of most cinematic villains in the history of cinema. Heck, this film love even those viewers who basically do not watch cartoons.
Do not tell all, you're not. Although you want them to be (a)
But in any case it is impossible to dismiss the rest of the characters, but the essence of the local scene. Many viewers somehow downplay the role of other characters and aspects of the film, except for the Joker say here and not look at that. I dare not agree, since the success of this film - the merit of the whole filming team, starting with the writers, who, in fact, gave the replica Joker, and ending with the rest of the cast, who superbly played their storylines in between the main plot. Believe me, the Joker is not the only charm of the film, albeit one of the main.
They are what the world allows them to be (a)
Hunt Batman for the Joker, fighting Harvey Dent with the crime bosses of Gotham, romantic line Bruce Wayne and Rachel Daws, which logically develops after what we saw in the final of the first part, the problems of the corporation wayne Enterprises - all these branches skillfully intertwined, do not violate the integrity of the shared history and do not slow down the dynamics, rather the opposite - from the constant movement with one location to another, the viewer has no time to get bored. Yes, even here each action scene has its own backgrounds, and therefore do not create a sense of 'action for action' or 'chase for the chase. " Every action or conversation has consequences.
even create a feeling like watching some kind of crime drama (because the dialogues are really a lot), and the dynamics of the film at all reminiscent of the TV series ' 24 hours ', where literally in every episode there is something important. Add to all of this magnificent composition Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard and get just an incredible atmosphere gloomy criminal city, which is trying to be cleansed from the defilement of the past days, but which is not yet very successfully obtained.
But some scenes and dialogues rich in this film. Let the action here is not so much in the habit of some action movie Michael Bay, but each of them - a remarkable creative actions affecting its realism and competent staging. The opening scene of a bank robbery, a party Wayne, grand car chase in the middle, escape from prison and, of course, the final battle in an abandoned skyscraper - each of these scenes creatively built, full of drive and will appreciate realistic eyes and an almost complete lack of computer graphics that will later be one of the main chips directorial works Nolan in big-budget filmmaking.
By acting part tried only everything, but of course, it is necessary to start with Heath Ledger, whose appointment Mr. the role of the Joker at one time caused a lot of controversy among the audience. But after seeing all falls into place - the casting turned out brilliant, because Ledger played impeccably, bringing in his character even more eerily, improvising in some scenes very aptly. Christian Bale, of course, there is not much in the shade as the script focus moved to his character in favor of several other characters, and here it can not be called high-grade main character, because they, oddly enough, in this film Harvey Dent became a brilliant performance in the Aaron Eckhart . Suffice it to the original decision on the part of the founders, which however, has brought a sense of novelty and, I would even say, a certain seriousness of the overall atmosphere. It is thanks to this decision we can see that not everything revolves around Batman, and in addition to him, there are still good people in Gotham. About Commissioner Gordon in the face Gary Oldman, you can say the same thing, because he, too, raised himself almost in the main characters.
little embarrassed change who plays Rachel Katie Holmes, which I cope with that in the foregoing film. But in fairness, I must say that the Maggie Dzhilenholl has coped with this no worse, just had to get used to the new actress, because the old character. Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Cillian Murphy, and even himself Eric Roberts - a great addition to, and without of the incredible cast. Weak links is not observed, because all played as much as was possible in the framework of his screen time
The Dark Knight -. Shiny custom sequel and one of the best adaptations of comics in the history of cinema. Having developed a good idea of ​​the original, and adding to their beautiful new Nolan has built its own, is not similar to anything else kinovselennuyu which manages to perfectly combine the costumed characters, serious philosophical dialogues on the topic of chaos and order, spectacular action and harsh crime drama not without unexpected death of central characters. On it before anyone dared and am very pleased that a reboot of the franchise finally came to fruition and the film grossed more than 1 billion $, justifying the time spent on it all means. It seems to me, Batman deserves just such a film adaptation of a long time.
10 of 10

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