"The Dark Knight" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Judging by the last frame of the previous picture, where there was a playing card with a picture of the Joker, it became clear that continued to be. It is not surprising that such an original approach to comics automatically was continued, and the plot escaped mental hospital patients Arqam waiting to overtake justice in the face of Batman. Continuation of the struggle of the dark Gotham defender for justice I had to watch for the first time with the bunk in the barracks, glancing at her, already rather trampled on Forests boots. the battalion duty laptop-suffering tried to portray the whole palette of amazing quality pirates, the picture was eventually doomed to revision. Sequel to one of the most successful and unexpected incarnations of the comic book to the screen proved to be a box office is much better than the original, as it was much anticipated and, reputedly, even superior to the history of becoming Batman.
«Quite a bit of anarchy and everything falls down around chaos » © Continuing to adhere to the new narrative style of gotemskom defender, Christopher Nolan did not notice how lost the entourage of the new Gotham City that was in the previous picture. The city and all is nezavualirovanny Chicago, though, if you look at the label, the GPD on jackets police still remind us that we are long-suffering Gotham. Shown more often in daylight, the city shines with modern buildings, kill the evil spirit, bringing into the film some dryness and stiffness. Yes, the second part is no longer the person who has conquered fear and hope which brought here more and more politicized and detective twisted, and sometimes it seems that we could do without the bat costume and strange enemies. But the director skillfully all set, again aligning the detective line with litigation, corruption, betrayal, with inadequate incredible and dangerous game of the new enemy of Batman - The Joker ( Heath Ledger ), which is even gangs lead by the nose and laughs at them. The picture is not inferior to its predecessor, but the atmosphere in it less, and certain moments all as excite the eyes and ears, causing completely imbued with tough action unfolding on the screen.
«You only care about the money, this city deserves better criminals" © House Wayne destroyed, but Bruce ( Christian Bale ) finds refuge in a huge penthouse of one of the skyscrapers of Gotham City, under which is his secret room with a variety of designs from Lucius Fox ( Morgan Freeman ). Batman is fighting with escaped criminals, and at this time, gradually comes into play Wildcard, very complicated and inadequate offender having the form clown with seams at the mouth, stained in red, like an eternal smile. This lunatic is inadequate to the extent that he is able to easily burn a mountain of money to shoot a man is worth nothing for him, he can catch up with the fear of the one who he does it, he's smart and raschotliv he elusive media chaos, he was "one of those people that want to see the world on fire. " Along the way we see the painstaking and dangerous work of District Attorney Harvey Dent ( Aaron Eckhart ), is doing its best to expose all criminal cartels city, for which he becomes the target of obsessive cunning Joker. By joining forces with Detective Gordon ( Gary Oldman ) and Batman, Dent enters into a dangerous cycle in which involved and beloved both heroes Rachel Dawes ( Maggie Gyllenhaal ) and many surrogates which have become puppets in the hands of the Joker.
«they're just crazy as I am, now you need them, and nadoesh, they throw you like a leper» © The purpose of the psychopath to spread panic, chaos hated him society, without having a specific purpose. He plays and constantly wins because of his intelligence and diabolical luck, although it, too, in the Joker was always planned. Aggravated by the fact that society is an active intermediary between Batman and the Joker, is constantly on the verge of falling. Psycho threatened terrorist attacks, forcing the company to go against the dark defender, forcing him to surrender, and thus forcing Harvey Dent, to take extreme measures, especially when black clown gloves are drawn to Rachel. Only one person with an unknown past, whether from a family tragedy, or love, the victim mind, but not the brain, was able to deliver an ultimatum to the city and many people consider themselves superior. An interesting version of the connecting nickname and personal injury Harvey - Two-faced as his coin "case" before each shot. At the moment it may seem that it is Harvey and the Joker in the film dominated, although psycho character hardly disclosed, but it is very, very charismatic, and, as has now become evident, most truthful statements and thoughts come from opponents of Batman, be it clown or Henri Dyukart .
«no one can not be relied on, all have to do everything myself» © Turning to the actors simply can not miss the game Heath Ledger, which is not said, only the lazy. Yes, it is a first-class psychopath Joker, which can not be compared with the same character in the game Jack Nicholson, it is quite different personality. Ledger has made a huge contribution to the role and the character has become original through speech, movements and visible small nuances, even the crazies play quite difficult, especially in this format, so the gold statuette think deserved pity that posthumously. Christian Bale, moving away a bit into the background, not really caught on, but still stood tall, like Gary Oldman, which has allocated more screen time and gave open. Aaron Eckhart embodied Dent from different sides, and Harvey Two-faced in one person received credible emotionally. Upset replacement actress for the role of Rachel Dawes, Maggie Gyllenhaal has shown itself not bad, but Katie Holmes, with which the history of childhood, familiar with the character, was much more interesting. Unpleasant moment. It was nice to see again indispensable assistants Wayne represented Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman . The composition of the picture worked well, but was not able to cover the extra amerikanizirovanost film, in contrast to the first part, but on the technical data are all very well.
«want to know where these scars?» © addition Batmobile has been waiting for is not a good fate, the main character rides a betpode - motorcycle hidden in the car, it looks impressive, as well as "ordinary" machine Bruce Lamborghini Murcielago, a new model after the Roadster, which has also, unfortunately, a deplorable fate. The new suit is beautiful, good shooting, though, at some point to put the scene could be different. Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard have perfected their music, adding to her inner emotion and expressiveness, saturate the film low tones, I am sure that a great work has been done over the sound. Sounds great
«The Dark Knight." - a great movie, compatible comics and reality. Excellent sequel, converted to a new level, showing the style of the director, the ability to put catchy and unusual stories in which there is a place and drama and spectacle.
9 of 10
«A Th are you serious ? » ©

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