"The Dark Knight" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

«I - media chaos. A you know, which is characteristic of the chaos? He is just. » Joker.
Deeply stung in the best feelings after watching" Return of the Legend "has decided to undergo rehabilitation" The Dark Knight "and revise it, it seems the second or third time, with special attention. It helped. Again the same awe, admiration and unconditional recognition of the ageless masterpiece. I realized that 'The Dark Knight' is one of its kind is something unique, perfect balance, perfect harmony between the fantastic mythology and the deep philosophy of 'early' and emasculated exaggerated social realism 'Rises'. Literally everything in it to the extreme organic, plastic and calibrated. First, consider the ideological component.
Nolan back in the previous film sets the course for a critical review of modern civilized society. As is well known 'anti-hero' "Elements" was Ra'c Al Ghul, the representative of the ancient oriental type of fighters for the purity and justice. The purpose of it was quite noble - the overthrow of the rotten capitalist system, but the methods are not quite legitimate and extremely inhuman. It is easy to see in it a disguised way of modern extremist, terrorist attacks suiting and concurrently chief enemy of contemporary late capitalist society. Nolan deliberately creates its image of the sublime, soulful and strong, in order to "hook" is not quite fair an existing formation. The 'Dark Knight' author goes further and considers the inside, trying to show the inseparable unity of the day and night, white and black, honesty and corruption, justice and cruelty. The entire political-legal infrastructure Gotham plagued venality to its very foundations. Activities Batman is marketed as extra-legal. Designed to bring order to an honest, open and fair Attorney Harvey Dent. With the help of his assistant Rachel, a former girlfriend of Wayne, he manages to plant imprisoned leaders of mafia clans: 'In one and a half year, the city will be cleared. " However, such drastic measures are not welcome, because at stake is the very existence of the system, based on the vices and crimes of bribery. Such a daring step threatens the loss of the balance of power and handling of the entire social structure into chaos, which, as personified in the image of the Joker, can wait no longer.
mythological imagery of the characters worked out brilliantly. Heroes, on the one hand, there are in the metaphorical plane, and the other tied to the real social and ethical issues of our time. First of all, obvious parallels between the white knight-in-law, Dent and his dark antithesis of Batman in the face. During the film they are increasingly fused into a single image, and this is reflected in many aspects. First, the narrative - Dent plays the role of Batman, and Batman is already at the end is sent into exile, taking responsibility for the crime Dent. A sort of symbolic exchange. Second, technically, through the parallel mounting - behind the scenes with Harvey to be the same scene with Betsy. Third, personally, both in love with Rachel.
Interestingly, the film ethical modality, values ​​about what is good and what is bad have a high degree of mobility. Social rule of law in conflict with personal preferences, so Wayne, for example, have to choose between the death of ex-girlfriend and the death of hope Gotham 'in the face' Dent. But who plays a hero's fate, shuffling them like cards in a deck? None other than the father of all things, of being a grandparent - pristine and endless chaos with crazy smile on the face of death. Heath Ledger's character is maintained perfectly. On the one hand - this is the usual manic and crazy, the other figure of the mystical, mysterious and abstract and metaphorical. He has no superpowers, but hits his omnipresence (he appears in dozens of images - of police, mercenaries, guards, nurses, and robber ... even in a body bag) and non-human, illogical, an immoral spontaneity. His passion for the destruction of any system (public, criminal, economic, social, moral) is brought to the limit. Perhaps, if he was not busy with Batman, he would have to kill himself, that would constitute the ultimate expression of his nihilistic negation. Chaos and the fate of things almost family, so Joker soon finds an ally in the two-faced. Each character expresses his personality: Joker - chaos, destruction, Batman - Night, Law, Dent - and the fate of the system (now it's almost the same thing). And one complements the other.
general position all of the characters are arranged perfectly. And the relationships between them are developing in several planes. For example, communication Dent and Bruce multivariant and developed from fighting in a typical love triangle through the social relationship of mutual support in the fight against crime and the state of the oligarchy to the symbolic collision of two dialectically opposed principles "two-faced" and "Batman." Through these three planes - the existential, social and social and symbolic Nolan misses a number of other issues: the age-old identity of uncertainty, responsibility for their actions, love, justice, murder, and that some of the higher courts could you from it restrict whether the supreme law exists, categorical imperative or only omnivorous, omnipresent, invincible chaos? But, perhaps, the central conflict is unfolding between such concepts as lies and fiction, legend and fact, life-giving and deadly illusion of truth. That one is more important and more justified and useful?
According to the technical part of the film also shines with all its facets. Acting pursuant to the highest level, the Joker played by Ledger safely be recognized as the best anti-hero at least a decade. Eckhart and Roberts are great. Some questions is not the most gifted and likable Gyllenhaal, but in a multicolor flower bed it is almost imperceptible. The musical accompaniment for symphonic orchestration virtuous tension reaches almost saturation of Wagner emotional or Bruckner. It is also the one and only topic slowly acquires instrumental connotations, until it explodes all melodic riot of colors. Camera work deserves special attention - static scenes there is little, even lengthy dialogues saturated visually, all tricks and nodules hit straight to the point. Part of the angle from which the Joker was shot (close-up bottom of the interrogation, the view from the window of a moving police car, where the character's head sticking out enjoying the sun) became a legend and became paradigmatic. Stills from the film even print on mugs. The painting is rich in a variety of action scenes, each of which has its direction and extends the boundaries of the genre. Introductory episode is made in the best traditions of 'Contractions' Mann, the pursuit of the Joker for the police van on the streets of Gotham contend with as spectacular races of the' Matrix. Reloaded ', well, stealing from the Japanese mafia skyscraper in something even better than a similar trailer of' Mission:. Impossible '
In my opinion this is a great film. One of the masterpieces of modern cinema. However, the strap raised Nolan, was so high that it no one dared to dare, except, perhaps, George Miller and the director himself, whose attempt was unsuccessful. So while "The Dark Knight" is the only one of its kind.

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