"The Dark Knight" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Picture of «The Dark Knight» director Christopher Nolan was published in 2008 and immediately gained cult status tapes collected in world hire more than 1 billion. Dollars . As this ribbon is recognized as the best of the entire trilogy Nolan's Batman. Attention to the film and added that for the role of the antagonist, Heath Ledger, died under mysterious circumstances, when the process of the painting installation went.
But let's move to the direct analysis of "The Dark Knight." Batman - the alter ego of billionaire Bruce Wayne, played by Christian Bale . He fights crime and restores justice.
As noted in his review of R. Zhitnuhina, Batman has a special place in the pantheon of mythical heroes, archetypes Americans. He is the most mysterious (the image of a bat), deep and ambiguous. It is also unknown what the identity prevails in it - billionaire Wayne or Batman? Irreparable emotional trauma of childhood, the murder of their parents in front of the child, is a definite split personality: by day he is a billionaire, at night - a fighter with the underworld. But the sense of humanism does not allow him to finally cross the Rubicon and become an ordinary avenger who pursue only their own purpose. Idealistic Wayne has then only one of the enemy -.
inner fear Character Joker appears in the form trickster archetype. His behavior is determined by instincts and impulses. He knows neither good nor evil, but is responsible for the fact, and more. Joker and acts as a brilliant manipulator. Joker is trying to manipulate even a superhero in the interrogation scene. It is one of the most important and typical traits of the trickster - creative manipulation. Trickster checks his opponent or the victim to mental fortitude and moral purity, commitment to one or another moral choice. Joker kills for a whole established order of the city of Gotham, it destroys the moral foundations. It becomes a source of fear for all its inhabitants. Using human weakness, Joker skillfully manipulates this, and for a while becomes a complete master of the situation.
Joker knew that Batman would win it in a "fist fight", so his goal has always been just a spiritual struggle. He sought to sow in the hearts of the inhabitants of the city for fear seeds of which were to mature and grow darker facets of the city. In this regard, a significant episode of the barges, illustrating the dilemma of the prisoner.
Force majeure faced with a stationary object or the usual laws of the genre / reality. The fact that the Joker in the aforementioned scene tells Batman that will never kill. And, it is quite possible that he did not slukavil. In turn, Batman does not kill the Joker, although he had the opportunity. Why did this happen? The authors of this film show the interdependence and mutual exclusion of good and evil, order and chaos. These forces will never destroy each other because they are part of one whole. They like Harvey Dent coin: obverse light and reverse the dark. But this is one coin.
Joker attractive audience that goes beyond the existing order of things and gives an opportunity to holders of its imaginary simple ideology of self-assertion. Brutal and uncompromising course counterculture. Heath Ledger himself described his character as a «schizophrenic clown with a thrust to the mass killings, a psychopath without a shadow of sympathy» .
the other hand can be regarded as the Joker Gotham cleaner, because in fact he and his proxy maximize destroyed all organized crime city. In this aspect, the Joker activities may be regarded as cruel, but necessary. That is an evil which bears for a benefit. Maybe even a comparison with a hyena, which acts as a natural orderly Savannah, eating carrion. The similarity with the hyena in the Joker can be traced not only in his laughter and oskalivanii, but even in makeup. Moreover, in contrast to the character Ra's Al Ghul and «League of Shadows», the Joker even suicide, but suicide internal system. A "League of Shadows" had as its goal the total destruction of Gotham / West. And interestingly enough, the roots of this organization advocates "justice" has its origin from the East. . While the Joker dark face of the West
next key character in the film is Harvey Dent - «White Knight" of Gotham, played by Aaron Eckhart . Nolan himself noted that Harvey is the central character of the picture. Within two hours the viewer sees to Harvey converted into two-faced - «charred Themis», as noted by H. Zabalueva, blind as burnt from one side coin. Joker played a role serpent Harvey Dent, who at the end entices "white knight" to the fact that he was the one who fought against. In fact, the perfect goodie becomes the embodiment of brutal revenge that has nothing to do with justice and, especially, with the law.
Few remember another character of the trilogy Christopher Nolan on the man-bat. It is a city where things happen - Gotham City . Literal translation from English Gotham City is «City of Fools» . However, unlike other betmeniany movie, Gotham by Christopher Nolan is quite real. He is the same metropolis as, say, New York or Chicago.
One of the cornerstones of creativity Christopher Nolan is a lie. In the "Dark Knight" this topic is one of the main. The lie serves the basis for the organization and stabilization of the social and political life. The truth, which is incorporated in the Joker, brings with it the destruction and disintegration of the social order. First lying Attorney Harvey Dent, then honest cop Jim Gordon . At the end of the movie Batman himself take responsibility for the crimes committed by Dent, in order to keep the people's trust in the legal system of Gotham City. The idea is that if people know how corrupt it turned out the fundamental core of the legal system - everything begins to rapidly deteriorate. Therefore, society needs a lie to keep order.
In addition to these already subtexts, the painting "The Dark Knight" and contains a hidden political meaning. Many viewers will be able to draw direct parallels between Batman and the former at the time US President George W. Bush . Firstly, the Joker does not set itself any plans for a conventional comic book supervillain. He just terrorizes Gotham explosions and constant demands that the city should be performed, or go all the new murders and bombings. Secondly, to repel criminals superhero abducts crime boss - financier gotemskoy mafia resorting to the analog of "rendition". Third, to trace the whereabouts of the Joker, Bruce Wayne uses mobile phones as citizens sonar. It reminds listening to US citizens, approved Patriot Act.
Unlike many other Hollywood movies, "The Dark Knight" reflects the general trend of the spiritual crisis in the Western world. With comics "betmeniana" finally turned into a profound parable, which raises a number of questions to the audience without using even a raid of some fabulousness. Now, this picture has become much more relevant than at the time of its release in theaters. Now the attacks, internal wars, rending state, and general chaos are becoming an integral part of the civilized world. We all live in a transitional period. And 'The Dark Knight' turned out to be terrible omen.

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