The Current Marketing Channel Structure Essay


Discuss the current marketing channel structure.


Marketing management

Our company, Allied Wire & Cable is producing cable wires since 1988. Our mother product is copper wire coded with PVR polymer which does not catch fire. Moreover, we also produce electric switches. On the other hand, we are very concerned about our customer’s safety. So, we pay more attention to the customer values through quality products and service (Kotler, 2003).

Talking about the marketing channel of our company, first of all, our service channel is very effective. We are belief in both before sale service and after sale service. On the other hand, we take seriously the customer’s feedback and resolve all consequences. Electric is a very sensitive issue, especially for the children.

The current marketing channel structure

In business, marketing channel is the most important feature to reach its customers. The marketing channels are of three types, they are as follows:

  1. Communication channels – It involves the delivery of marketing messages to the potential customers.
  2. Distribution channels – It involves the method of delivering the products.
  3. Service channels – It aids the Allied Wire & Cable Company to carry out the transactions in business.

There is another term called term supply which is used for describing the long channel. It helps in acquiring raw materials to deliver finished products to potential customers. Companies which produce cable wires need alterations in their business on a quarter or annual basis. It is done to maintain the financial and ongoing outgoing processes (Gupta, 2008). The communications need to be technically improved for better performance. The cable wires are modified with multiple polymer layers. It acts as shock resistant. The wire is also made water resistant to prevent sudden fire.


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