The Creation Of An Effective Teamwork Essay

Be it in a corporate or school, team work a is key component for any team to excel in challengers ahead. Before any team sets their mind on a common goal, it is important for them to foster a strong connection between each member and get used to their character and behaviours. An effective teamwork makes or break a high-quality delivery and implementation of a project. There will also be a clear improvement in the project’s outcome. Be it in terms of quality, expenses, time constraint or even the safety of a workplace.

Therefore, before a team starts working on their team work, a team building, or bonding activity will first take place. The term “team bonding” is used for a variety of events or actions to improve the social relation and to identity the roles of themselves within the team. It is often done in cooperative activities.

However, team building may not always go as smoothly as it is always planned out. There are many considerations when it comes to team building. For example, getting the participation of all required members. It is not uncommon for a team mate to be overseas or members having other matters to attend to, a lower attendance might directly contribute to a lower morale.

Finding a perfect venue tends to impose as an issue for a typical physical team bonding activity as it is almost impossible to find a perfect location without spending any funds to book a venue. After compiling and researching on numerous team building activities, it is concluded that it would roughly cost an average of $20 per person to gather for a simple team building program. Hence, TeamBond is a solution addressing to the problems being stated above.

Currently, it is a common perception for any team building to be portrayed as a social activity that requires all the participant to physically be there and that is why TeamBond is introduced as an online mobile application app that allows colleagues or friends to interact and bond together with just an online connection. This means that the location does not matter when it comes to building friendship in TeamBond. The participant can be at a far end of the island or even another country overseas!

As long as there is internet connection to the device, they are able to partake in the activity with their phones. Perks of using TeamBond can also include the fact that it is cost free. Having save a decent amount on activities, the funds can be used in other welfare promotions such as a small present beneficial for everyone or even an order in pizza lunch as all these small efforts are able to contribute tremendously to a team’s morale and drive to succeed. To end off, an online team building is definitely a key step towards civilization which should include as part of an activity for acquaintances.

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