The Contribution Of Technologies In Health Care Sector Essay


The health status of women in India is influenced by the societal and cultural practices that create an environment where the self-worth of women is marginalised compared to men. Therefore, outcomes relating to healthcare decisions within households will favour the men, due to greater self-worth. In terms of women’s health in India, males’ perceived contribution to household productivity is higher than that of women, which ultimately affects the bargaining power that women have with regards to accessing healthcare. Urban Women have realized this to an extent but the amount of attention given to women-specific diseases is still stagnant.

Globally, psychological violence at work, especially bullying, violence, mobbing and harassment (including sexual harassment ) are reported to be major concerns for women. Many studies show that women are at a particular risk of physical and psychological violence both in and outside the workplace, but this is rarely considered under the banner of occupational safety and health. Women since ancient times have confided in each other for their needs and problems that arise in their daily lives regarding health, cognitive and moral issues. In the modern times, due to the busy life and routines of women, these practices are slowly vanishing.

Socioeconomic Portraits & the New Normal

High deductibles and out-of-pocket health expenses have gotten so bad that the only options most of us are poor substitutes for the real thing. Rather than going to see their physician in the hospital, where there tend to be more substantial resources available in the event of an emergency, many utilize drugstores. Because of the pervasiveness of stigma, it’s a lot easier said than done for women to discuss health in certain contexts. They’re likely to be embarrassed, believe few others have the problem, just wish it would go away — or all of the above. People want more privacy and showing off the best version of yourself through social media is becoming a trend.

Objectives:Non financial:The conversation needs to be louder.Customer satisfaction- This question reflects the overall opinion of a consumer’s satisfaction experience with a product he or she has used. The single greatest predictors of customer satisfaction are the customer experiences that result in attributions of quality.For decades, Indian women have been secretive and have shied behind the curtains not discussing the issues they face regarding their well-being. Ladybug is a Mobile Application serving all these needs by building a community of women users who have nowhere to go to when they need to ask a question regarding their personal healthcare. It has 5 verticles:

  1. Healthcare Forum( for getting solutions to Queries and doubts) catering to Gynaecological, Cardiovascular, Mental wellbeing, Deficiencies, General, Skin/Beauty. This forum would have lots of pre updated Q&A that can be searched for and a link to Ask an expert/ Ask from the community Ladybug
  2. Ask an expert vertical would provide on forum. On forum more general questions could be asked and answered to which the professionals can provide answers to in short regarding how serious is the issue and if the person should go for consultation/Booking an appointment.
  3. Book an appointment would be a platform connecting Doctors/ Practitioners and Experts from Healthcare industry, major Hospitals , Private practitioners etc to the community. Special discounts would be offered through distinctive codes for booking and discount would be:a. For online payment- redeemed at the time of online payment b. For cash payment- through unique code discounts for cash redemption at clinics.
  4. Ladybug Store- This vertical Would sell products such as Multi vitamin tablets , healthcare suppliments, medicated cosmetics, preventive healthcare accessories(water tumblers, small medicine kits, ayurvedic products , calming oils and essential oils, contraceptives and sanitary items, Thermometers, Electronic Blood pressure measure machines, books on nutrition, pregnancy and well-being.
  5. Preventive Health care test bookings in collaboration with Labs and Hospitals at subsidized rates. This would include both at-door collection of samples and booking for test centers.

Customer Satisfaction and Perceived Quality

For a Women’s healthcare portal, on mobile accessibility is better rather than an online website portal which would incline with the very purpose of serving more reserved needs and associate tangibility. The users will create Distinct profiles which would not relate back to their phone numbers, email IDs or any social media accounts, serving the reliability issues for them and build a trust factor that they would stay anonymous for any kind of activities they indulge in on the Application.

The app would show responsiveness by actively engaging with Health and nutrition bloggers, Doctors, Counsellors and Wellness experts from the Healthcare industry to answer questions of the user community. The competence of the Product lies in the fact that there is no other service providing a community based forum and service platform catering specifically to Women’s healthcare needs. The community of other women users would discuss and share issues which they otherwise would ignore or not get help for and Ladybug aims to utilize this and build empathy within the community.

Brand Loyality

Ladybug aims to provide quality services to the users by associating with verified practitioners and authentic products and offerings. To engage the community with the Brand, various discounted bookings and packages in association with Healthcare centres, Gyms, Rejuvenation centres, Spas would be provided from time to time as promotional activities. To give the members a reason to come back, stimulation activities arranged can be such as the following:

  • Refer a friend and get a 20 minutes free consultation can be provided to bring more value to the brand name.
  • After 5 Appreciated answers to questions, members can redeem a 10% additional discount on the ladybug store.

Marketing- celebrities accounts, social media promotion involvement

Situation analysis:Context analysis: market trends

The future is said to witness how technology will contribute in uplifting the healthcare sector with transparency being one of the key concerns. Start-ups are expected to bring innovation while refurbish the sector by combining technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning with traditional practices in the healthcare. The need for transparency has become the most vital component in the healthcare industry. Patients must avail their rights to the prescribed treatment, medical records and history. They can also contact doctors and physicians through video call to ensure that the correct procedures are carried out.

The other technology that has come up is wearable medical devices that collect data anytime and anywhere, designed to help people become active, eat well, sleep better, etc. It is anticipated that many healthcare providers will adopt IoT-based asset tracking and inventory management system in hospitals. This is expected to improve patient’s safety, staff satisfaction and operational efficiency. Some other concepts include building bed less hospitals & Building virtual care centres.

Market growth

According to recent data from India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF) the size of the healthcare industry in India is expected to reach over $280 billion by 2020. The Healthcare Information Technology (IT) market which is valued at US$ 1 billion currently is expected to grow 1.5 times by 2020.In India, In urbanized centers, 62% of women use their own handsets according to the fourth National Family Health Survey (NFHS) dated 2015-16.

Overall, the healthcare industry in India is now undergoing some huge positive changes across all major segments of the industry, including hospitals, pharmaceutical, diagnostics, medical equipment, medical insurance, and telemedicine. Urban female population- 18,12,98,564.Macro-economic forces- Factors such as level of employment, rate of inflation, rate of interest, demographic changes, and fiscal and monetary policies, which determine the state of competitive environment in which a firm operates.

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