The Concept Of Consumer Culture Essay

Beforehand, I previously viewed consumption as just purchasing some products that we need on a day-to-day basis. Consumption can now be defined as a worldwide marvel where individuals purchase and consume all type of products and services. I realized that in this world, we buy and consume unreasonably as the trending social patterns shows that people built up some sort of attitude where the “I need” has been replaced by the “I want”, or even “I desire”, and this might have brought this sense of “too much is never enough”.

Some of the readings, such as ‘The Body in Consumer Culture’, I understood that this marvel and these patterns were meticulously controlled by advertisers who want to expose their merchandise. Although, the consumer is now more empowered, the latter can also be portrayed as a victim, as we are everyday being unconsciously manipulated by advertisers. I likewise learnt that economic wellbeing was firmly connected to consumption as present-day attitudes support the way that costly and extravagant things is a need in being prosperous.

I personally consider that consumption has changed throughout the years. Nowadays, we purchase more and more insignificant stuffs than what we truly require. Advertisers are the one that dictates what is to be considered as a need and they want to make the consumer to clearly have this feeling of necessity for their product. We live in a society “in which we are confused about what it takes to live a worthwhile life.” and this is because individuals fail “to distinguish between what we want and what we need.” It shows how unsatisfied human nature is and how individuals constantly want more and more, and how people relentlessly compare our possessions and properties to our others. I am not a materialistic one, however I figure out that I am influenced by consumerism. As for example, when I see friends posting photos of the food they ate, new diving spots or new hemp on social platforms, I actually feel the desire to consume the same thing.

Another perception that changed throughout this module is that the way of life and the society in which we live influences the way we consume. For instance, individuals from England will consume in a different way from those in China because of the distinction in culture from the way and what they eat to the way they dress. In The ‘Meaning of Things’, there is an illustration which shows how diverse society consume foodstuff, for example, it can be seemed typical to have a meal which consists of rabbit in France however it isn’t the case in Great Britain as rabbits are mostly considered as a pet.

Moreover, religion is additionally a deciding element for consumption as Buddhists practices vegetarianism and veganism as violence is prohibited whereas in Islam, there will be specific ceremonial butchering measures for animals before consumption. Personally, I do not have any restriction on my consumption patterns, as I am a fan of travelling and the discovering of other cultures. I will consume what the country and society in which I am consumes, regardless of whether it is or is not adjusted to ethnicity or my religion.

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