The Clash Amongst Terms Spirituality & Religion Essay

Religion alongside spirituality are not solitary for Christian belief. It is a occurrence that take place in entirely existing religions, numerous writers believe that spirituality is not religious driven also religion is not fixed in spiritual spectacle .there are vast definition that are linked to this two terms however for the purpose of this essay spirituality most of the time defined as incorporated a feeling of association with an option that is superior than ourselves, and it generally includes a scan for importance throughout average life whereas religion defined as an arrangement of moral convictions that is held by a gathering of individuals so energetically with some kind of penalties, however Nino (1997) explain that religion is the connection amongst humanity and some superior human this essay the clash amongst two above mentioned term will be discussed.

Firstly there is slightly difference between above mentioned concept but at the end of the day they are governed by the same rules of consciousness and perfectionism, after numerous philosophical research be conducted it is vivid that the conflict and rivalry between two concepts do exist, my argument is based on the context of education which is where I believe is a suited setup to identify the concepts between those concepts.

Hummel and Huitt (1994) believe that roughly all schools are practising religion and spiritual type of learning they regard learners as soul possessing human being not just an ordinary object, pupils show high degree of spiritualism through meditation and prayers doing so in search of enlighten and inner peace, it focuses more on individualism rather than a group , Ordinarily, other worldliness includes feeling an association with a higher power or to a bigger reality, or finding a more profound comprehension of one’s own inclination. A learner may invest a ton of energy considering otherworldliness, however without being a piece of a specific religion.

Religion conflict spiritualism because it include group of people and governed by juristic and believe while spiritualism centred around individualism , it is entirely not practised at schools because it require vast of rituals and regulation that need to be talking into consideration however they are schools that are religious for social and cultural purpose at the same time ignoring spiritual element, learners are encouraged to obey and fear God whom he is known for his punishment (life after death) while spiritualistic approach to God is path to love.

Missionary schools are know for their best practices of religion worldwide (Weaver & Cotell, 1992), whether learner is spiritualistic or not ultimately he or she need to adhere to Christianity way of doing things. Frequently religion discusses God as being high in the sky. Now and again God can appear to be a long way from the compass of yearning mankind. Otherworldliness demonstrates to us that God is wise and certain and can be felt as a living closeness in our own individual heart.

Otherworldliness says there is no division between the Creator and His Creation.The two concepts are not easy to break or to define in booth concepts they are similarities and differences after all I can conclude that person can be spiritualistic and not religious however in many instances spirituality is guided by religion also one can’t deny the that there are clashes between two concepts.

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