The Civil Rights Movement Essay


Discuss about The Civil Rights Movement.


The Civil Rights Movement was one of the most important events that were initiated by Sir Martin Luther king. According to his view he wanted the environment to be user-friendly and he also wished that all his sons should be treated equally irrespective of the color of their skin. After the introduction of the civil right movement, it has been figured out that the racism among individuals have been reduced to a great extent (King and King, 1993). It can be also seen that people understood the entire concept of the movement and they began respecting other people on their deed and not on their skin color. The several public areas such as the parks, monuments, businesses and many others areas have became free from racism to quite an extent after the implementation of the civil right movement. For instance a presentation of a European football match can be taken under consideration where before starting the game all the players took initiative to make sure that there is no racism among them neither in the field nor in their lives and to make other people aware of this cause they wore arm band that stated “No to Racism” (Shelton and Colo?Ѓn, 2010). Every people attached to the community must follow and spread the message of “no racism” to every corner of the world so that we can abolish racism right from its grassroots. Since the era of Civil Right Movement in 1960 a lot of changes can be seen in the society and the community at present possesses a broader set of mind. Social organizations and the society are more helpful in maintaining a secure facility for the senior citizens of the community.


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