"The Children of Don Quixote (1966)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

In his repertoire I will write that the film is magnificent. Many comical and sad moments too. Conquered his game all the actors. I will write only about three memorable episodes, otherwise uninteresting
will look younger, red-haired son Yuri -. Lively, smart, clever, shrewd beyond his years. He was constantly drawn to adventure, to go to Africa and bring order, 'to give freedom to the Negroes'
once looked with a friend in a cinema short magazine, answered the friend word:.
- Yuri, let's go home - Yes, you. There oppress blacks, and you're home ...
freckled girl (Natalia Sedykh, Nastya from the fairy tale "Jack Frost") is charming, with a unique voice, like tinkling brook, so sweet and spontaneous in their judgments:
- Once, two, three ... Freckles, there is really
-.. is already 25, and spring is just beginning
Finally, the head of the family, a busy man, but finding the time to pay attention to each of his sons. I laugh this phrase:
- Children, after the unfortunate Tuesday, I seriously want to make your education. I will lead you to the zoo today ...!
A. Papanov what! Kindness, intelligence, purity, honesty, respect for people, for their children. My daughter recently wrote an essay on the topic 'What is intelligence and who is for you such an example?' We thought for a long time (it turns out these people unity!), Nothing did not happen to see this movie before. Peter Bondarenko - A. hero Papanova such. The ending is moved to tears. Seeing his eyes when he masked. Eyes 'saying' ...
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