"The Children of Don Quixote (1966)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Well when the film has a soul. When the film is filled with feelings. When poured personnel love in every frame. Wonderful to see an example of life without the deeds for all, but only with exploits for himself. For his honor and conscience.
I like movies that make you think, I like movies that make feel good to know that each of us could be better. It's nice to believe in man, to believe that we are not as they were in the Middle Ages or the Inquisition. I believe that we have a future. To believe that everything is for the better. Hope for the people the words. Believe in man is not simply a set of programmed traits, and man as a symphony of the universe, measured and quiet, exploding in his Inside fortitude and good play of colors.
perfectly that we were once such movies. Films about people, not machines whose range of functions and reactions can be counted on the fingers. I want to believe that our cinema will begin again to make films of the spirit rather than churning out a massive debris that fit only to destroy himself sitting on a chair in front of a sofa and staring blankly at the screen to chew.
It is hoped that the directors earning money, they want to take that -That for the soul, for the soul delicate and lyrical, powerful and forgiving, to the general soul, as the Black sea and the Ukrainian steppe, infinite as the Siberian taiga and beautiful as the Carpathian mountains. For the soul of the Slavs - Ukrainians and Russians, Belarusians and Poles. And now that we have to enjoy the masterpieces of the old masters, and game Papanova eyes, which can elevate the spectator to participant level and fracture the ice hearts.
Thank Soviet cinema for the fact that there are such films.

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