"The Children of Don Quixote (1966)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

At first glance, it would seem not much remarkable movie. But often only when writing reviews are discovering many new things that I saw recently. Here in this small picture by time, the length of a little more than one hour, shows too many amazing shots and events, after which you perceive this picture like a 'little fairy' flying just a moment.
And even despite the fact that film there are scenes which, roughly speaking, you can find far-fetched, the picture is still surprising in many ways, and not only play a great actor Anatoly Papanova, a peculiar role and reference shedevrialnoy acting, which is almost without equal in the performance of this role.
First of all, it is extremely atypical social cinema at that time, accompanied by a pretty bold when you view frames and confident camerawork. The scenes in the hospital and in the family obstetrician Peter Bondarenko, filmed impeccably from an ethical point of view, and do not cause rejection even if the character of the film is somewhat wrong or negative role.
Filled with emotional experiences of that time, and an extensive range of human characters film directly corresponds to step lyric Soviet cinema of the time, when the 'Khrushchev's thaw was coming to its end and reborn in a new form and the line aimed at a wider range of audience.
and unconditional but can not ignore the first really significant role in Anatolia Papanova movie, which is due to its perceived audience became more open and close as well such as Yevgeny Leonov. Simple-minded, discreet and caring character Papanova does not seem to somehow 'ideal Soviet superman', but rather speaks of his humility and the small number of such people who are ready for such serious actions.
7,5 10

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