"The Children of Don Quixote (1966)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

What should we know about the man's character? Enumerate, from which it is formed or consists perhaps useless. Not only because it is often only the stereotypes and patterns, but also because the answer is different each time, depending on the particular man. Not everyone wear a stereotype, but it does not diminish his masculinity.
In 1966, director Yevgeny Karelov told the amazing story of courage and manhood, develop a theme from an unexpected quarter. His film "Children of Don Quixote" - a lyrical story about what it means to be a father. In a brilliant script by Nina Fomina built a harmonious ensemble of characters, perfectly combines irony and lyricism, pathos and simplicity. And the director's mastery of such films author, as "There were two comrades," "Seven Old Men and a Girl," "The Two Captains" turned the story in a very hidden picture: as if the film was made just for you and only you entrusted with some very light and encouraging the truth about the world history
father relationship (Anatoly Papanov) with three sons -. this story is not only that he knows how to find an approach to each of them, to live with their problems and learn how to solve them. But, more importantly, though hidden in the subtext, this is the way of upbringing men form of masculinity. And finding love Victor, and standing on the threshold of professional self-determination Dima, and run to the struggle against imperialism pioneer Jura - each of them receives from the protagonist of some lesson he needs right now, and reconciles it with what seems to be an injustice of life. That such things are passed along the chain, which is called "from father to son." And even the youngest in the family - the newborn Alyosha learns something very important, maybe, his father reveals the secret of the universe: there is nothing stronger than kindness and nothing is more important than loving heart. Manly - is someone who is not afraid to give them, not afraid to be gentle, perhaps even weaker, but will never be mean-spirited, quirky, dishonest
When that wonderful confluence of the cast (Vladimir Koren, Leo jumper Belyaninov,. Vera Orlova, Natalia Fateev, Natalia Sedykh, Nikolai Parfenov) at some fantastic orchestra of characters and images, "Children of Don Quixote" was a benefit Anatoly Papanova - a great artist of the Soviet theater and cinema. Man challenging fate and the artist's unique talent. Only with his usual gentleness could fulfill the role of Dr. Bondarenko, so that the audience he never seemed neither pathetic nor funny. I believe it is not only words he said, but the way he says them - their recognizable timbre, a little smallish voice. I believe his view - open, as if a bit embarrassed. I believe even in his stoop. And so in every role, but here, in this film, there is an illusion that the actor and his character are merged, and it creates a kind of special attraction, all the same feeling of intimacy
«Children of Don Quixote." - picture not marked by some high-profile awards, not covered with legends and memories may be why it manages more than 50 years (February 28 anniversary of the film release in theaters) to remain fresh and important for the viewer. She manages to tell us something about the world that life is once again fall in love with himself, promising to be a great and wonderful people around you.

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