The Character Of Prufrock In The Poem “The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock” By T. S. Eliot Essay

The title of the poem “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” by T. S. Eliot suggests that the focus of the poem will be J. Alfred Prufrock’s declaration of love to somebody. However, the most titles that have phrases,” Love Song” are deceiving and likely to be the opposite of what the title advertises. The name J. Alfred Prufrock is ironic and not romantic, giving insight to the character relation to the opposite sex. The name of Prufrock Littau, a local furniture store appeared in an advertisement in St. Louis, Missouri, in the first decade of the present century.

Prufrock is very insecure young man, who hesitate in surroundings, creating issues to be with the society. His self-doubts feed into his relations –or sometimes have lack of them—like with other individuals, and especially with the females around him. For all time antagonized from the society, Prufrock may leads to an unfilled, without having any aim which had creating damages by disappointment, isolation, gloom. He endeavors to enhance his solitude by barely wandering to cope up with the society from time to time and doesn’t look forward to being in contact with the society because of feeling insecure. But each time he does as such to try to contact he encounters only to him as a feeling exhausting and disappointing.

Time to turn back and descend the stair, With a bald spot in the middle of my hair Prufrock doesn’t even look good as per his age, that’s a reason he is so obsessed about his looks. He mentions to him a thin arms and legs, the uncovered spot among his hair. He even doubts the acceptability of his clothes and begins to feel self-conscious, he will plan and then reverse it. Prufrock thinks people here are same and aren’t going to change so why bother doing different. He curiously thinks that when he shows him to others unexciting and average life what would happen. Prufrock sometimes thinks to change his lifestyle a little but then he thinks back about how much he has suffered. He started with a thought that of being subjected that he started to look sarcastically and making some wrong judgments about females who come and go. Yet if not Prufrock’s quick success not indicated in the society, then he nothing but a hopeful person. My morning coat, my collar mounting firmly to the chin, My necktie rich and modest, but asserted by a simple pin Perhaps why he wears his morning coat with his “collar mounting firmly to the chin”. Prufrock compares himself explicitly to an animal on display. He feels that he is on display, and thus, uses clothing both for warmth and privacy. The reality that Prufrock illustrates here is that is a worst kind of loneliness. He observes that he lives with those people in between but does not belong with them. For him it’s for sure that he is very much near and around the people but doesn’t match with them and only is there to serve only as a scientific, rather than as a personal, interest to them. By the means of ‘’my necktie rich and modest’’ he is wearing a necktie very good but depicts agony of indecision and sheer procrastination.

What kind of attitude towards women the poem shows- it was seen as a misogynistic poem, while Prufrock wants into relationship with a woman, but he is unable to get in the relationship with the woman because of that his feelings inspired of unpleasantness and hatred. “The muttering retreats, Of restless nights in one-night cheap hotels” His early relation with the women were so nurturing, he found it difficult later to accept females as sexual beings. He also faced difficulties with the sexuality of women. He imagines formulating some great talking while in the bed with woman, when he asked and with a response he said, “That is not what I meant, that is not what I meant”. Prufrock’s gets frustrated he feels lack of connection skills. Clearly Prufrock fears making himself vulnerable to woman because he thinks that if he does that the woman will not understand what he meant instead he will feel more alone than before. ‘’In the room the women come and go, Talking of Michelangelo’’ in this line of phrase he mentions that when the Prufrock’s sees many women talking to Michelangelo, he liked a woman but as about his fear he couldn’t go and talk to her, he felt like if he does something bad can happen and then feel bad about his loneliness. Prufrock mediates if he had acted without question, then would women still reject him regardless. He compares himself to Hamlet, both are indecisive. Prufrock lacks hamlet’s majesty. Prufrock realizes that the time will change everything after growing out older. Prufrock invites the reader to take a walk with him, however, there is no romantic feel to it. Instead the streets seem to be in the worst part of town. They are misleading him to nowhere. Prufrock spends most of the poem in the room. He is either eating, listening to other people, or fantasizing about women. Prufrock is speaking and asking his listener to not ask questions but to listen.

Is Prufrock speaking to himself, going over and over the question he wants answered and is afraid of asking. The first 6 lines (in Latin) are taken from Dante’s inferno, to show how a person is trapped in his own hell Dante’s Inferno: “if I thought my answer were to one who could return to the world, I would not reply, but as none ever did return alive from this depth, without fear of infamy I answer thee”.

If you were to write a poem like that today what would you call the character and why? If I were to write a poem like that today I would call the character Abert. I chose this name because this means in long form that a person having trouble with connecting socially. It can also explain some points about self-pity, that this is an unconsciously manifested form of self-destructive behavior. Also, can be explained forced incompetence in which one can portray him as incapable of successfully achieving something in a particular manner. It usually stems from lack of confidence in one’s abilities and can function as a coping mechanism e.g. academically. Hiding from emotions, physiological illness can be a thing for a person which will have to take care of, this is another form of unconscious behavior. Sabotaging relationships, this is a complex one and involves a variety of behavior such as jealousy, possessiveness, emotional manipulation, neediness and so on. When one doesn’t feel worthy of love, we unconsciously manifest this in our relationships thought he way we choose to behave.

This character in today’s time if published, it will get more relatable because it combines two words aboulomania and introvert which both can be expressed to describe this poem and the other thing this character will get attached to the situation happening that the loneliness of the Prufrock, unable to get in proper contact for a long time with women and depression signs, gets confused what to wear, what people will think of him and so forth which can help the poem describe more appropriately.

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