"The Butterfly Effect" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

In my, you believe me, a full-fledged understanding of the film and films in particular can not be formed with sufficient clarity the definition of the significance of this painting. All crumbles like a puzzle, or will hear and designer details, or crumbling skeleton of a building, or the blurred outline of the picture ... Yes somehow possible to judge my perception of the film product. Can be arbitrarily carpet fabric allegories from the relocation of the terms had not change the amount. To simplify to a single sentence that I wanted to express, suffice it to say that to me now will give you a swarm of thoughts related to this tape. Write (and try not to tire) a review of the most controversial film, which just touched my mind.

So ... What I find contradictory to the «Butterfly Effect» ? All! Almost all. Music just flawless.
How goes the film I have to like it. That is, everything is going well, that the boy found obvious distortions in mental development. apparent memory lapses little Evan, frightening his surreal (in a sense, paradoxical combination of shapes reality), give rise frazzled mother show son by leading experts in the field. After a while (in the first half of the film), we learn that the cause of the phenomenon occurred to become hereditary. Then I can not describe. We do not direct the film, and a continuous spoiler.
Also I was liking the idea of ​​returning screenwriters plot twists to the original. I'm not talking about the plot. (By the way, that I be not expatiate on this subject immediately I tell that story believe excellent so that all the other writers reshivshiesya profit on the idea of ​​"The Butterfly Effect" is neither more nor less, but simply parrots). I'm talking about the very idea of ​​return. So, to understand what was confusing at first, you need to look and not to ask unnecessary questions. After all, the answers will be obtained even on the missing issues. Yes exactly; the first time a film is so shocking that it is not time to "swallow" a "chip", like "feed" you different. But everything will fall into place. And understand much more than eager to understand.
I also liked the idea of ​​friends growing up. And in fact, the main characters. The film, as it were, with a single hand, is divided into three stages (take Evan Kelly and Tommy - they played three of the actor to the character), on the other hand - no one would argue that it is a holistic movie
Well, about the merits. I have said enough. I can only add that because of all of the above "ingredients" is the "dish" as «Butterfly Effect» is just the "edible". My film has shaken to the core.
But there is this "honey" was tainted at least several "fly in the ointment".
Evan we have, it appears, is so loved Callie, I left it on the long 7 years. Why was it necessary to do it? They're, for example, could call up, see ... yeah whatever ... And only then, Evan was able to ask her the same question. Or without zubodrobilny «I'll be back for you!» does not go well the work of screenwriters?
Himself Evan ... Well, just some kind of a walking disaster. Yes, here in this film, like zebra stripes "taste the" each of the options. But somehow, every next became necessarily worse than the previous. That is, even peremezhovyvalis options tract. It's time. Two: there could be no way that one option Especially do not like; the other - a little better, but still not that; third - in general disaster; fourth - say, better than the third, but worse than the first two ... I mean, you know what I mean? Each successive version promised Evan and we (the audience) utter dissonance. But this is, after all, can be attributed to both the pluses (emphasizes the depth and density of the picture), and cons to (See above.).
Here, in fact, everything that I wanted to express. It was not easy. But the movie does not have "nickels". However, if someone it is too difficult, then look
certainly easy to draw conclusions:. The picture Eric Bress and J. Mackie Gruber «Butterfly Effect» more positive than negative. She deserves to look its maximum number of viewers. The film can even be called instructive. He laced morality.
about the actor say that neither Ashton Kutcher, Amy Smart no sympathy I do not enjoy. However, I can say that whether they reacted to the filming in such a serious film in full gear, whether the film picked up their reputation, but the overall impression they are not spoiled.
As for sequels, do not even know if I'll watch them . Time will tell. It is said that these sequels painfully on remakes like ... But that's another story ...
Summarizing such volumetric review (sorry, it was impossible to speak briefly), by comparing the pros and cons, I think that currently «butterfly effect» is not being furor worthy of "sevens" on a scale. How will this film be seen with the passage of time, to answer the question time itself
7 of 10
Ps:. It would be more than a single comment the ending of the film (and this movie I saw 2 versions). But where it is still possible to "push"? Making leadership on volume of writing? I did not have such a goal ...

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