"The Butterfly Effect" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

You know, there are those films that seems very good and you have the opportunity to see them. You all friends (who have already seen the picture) says that you should see it. But you, without knowing why, you postpone the films in the "back burner." Those who have been in a similar situation, I understand. That is so, what happened to the "Butterfly Effect". First, I knew that this painting has long been in the "Top 250" ranking of the site "KinoPosk.ru". Secondly, very many friends insisted on my viewing of the film. But I kept putting it off and putting it off would be the case if I had not seen this wonderful competition. It is thanks to him and saw a long-coveted film me. We conclude, perhaps, with the entry and move on to a discussion of the film.
Let's start with an idea. It is just amazing. Firstly, I've always liked movies about time travel. I have always been attracted to the unknown of how the director of a film sees these same journey. In my favorite movie (about such movements) "Back to the Future" it looked very simple. You sit down in the car to accelerate to a certain speed and all - you're in the future or in the past. Simple - but as the original. Or give another example - "Terminator." In this case, the movement is only possible one and only in the past. Also an interesting vision of temporal displacement. The "Butterfly Effect" I saw a completely new for me, kind of time travel. The protagonist is reading his notes, written in the past, and he has a chance to change things now. Something like that I have only seen in "Jumper." But there is not a hero moved in time and in space. Besides movements I still amazed that a person can actually be a lot of lives. Only one action is able to change everything, and the same effect is able to fix it. In short the idea of ​​the film "The Butterfly Effect" just shook my imagination.
now tell a little about the story from my point of view. The way he tells us about a boy named Evan. Inherited from his father, he passed a very rare disease. It may occasionally fall in his memory. For example, there is a any event, and then he abruptly turned off and comes to life only after about five minutes. Some of the episodes are considered very important, perhaps even a turning point in his life. Seven years later, he decided to re-read my old diaries and discovers that through them he may temporarily move into the past, to see this or that event in his life. And he can change their present in just one action. He starts to do something, but each time getting worse and worse ... I do not know about you, but I plot is very impressive just from looking at him.
The main characters of the film were very vivid and memorable, so I think I, and I tell you about them. The protagonist - Evan. It seems to me, can be viewed from three sides - his childhood, his adolescence, and adulthood. As a child it pressed different stresses. Most of the one that everyone has a father and his dad sitting in a madhouse. In order to get rid of the stress of his mother carries him to a meeting with his father. He pounced on the child, and then his father's killing. Poor Evan was very difficult to deal with it. At that time, when he was a teenager, he would just try. He started smoking. With friends, he stuck a firecracker in the mailbox, and it happened irreparable. All this was very difficult for him to survive. Well, the last of his age - it's when he formed man and going to college. He's trying to save everyone in my past. But it does not work. Saves one - kills another. He is a very complex and interesting character. I'm not even going to tell you about others, because he stole the show.
character quality is not nothing he said. If the role played mediocre - that a good film can not be considered. Thank God that it is not about the "Butterfly Effect." Actors chosen simply amazing. Even though this phrase sounds very corny, but it's true. Ashton Kutcher as Evan was great. This is definitely his best role. I have not watched the movie better with this actor. After the "effect" of his career rapidly took off. This is not surprising. He showed himself very well. I especially liked the moments with him when he was changing now. He was very ill, he was bleeding from his nose and his head was spinning. Kutcher perfectly showed it all. The spectacle in general is not a pleasant one, but the acting game, I just admired. Amy Smart as a girl Evan looked quite convincing. Also, I liked the appearance of the film stars of the film "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief» Logan Lerman as a seventeen year old Evan. I played well.
And also I would like to thank the composer, who worked on the music for the film. Sound great movie is also very important. The music is very well emphasizes the essence of what is happening on the screen. I thank him for it.
9,5 from 10
I can not put a full ten only by the fact that the film is not simply deposited on the soul (like my favorite "Lord of the Rings") . But, despite this, he is simply magnificent. The idea of ​​staggering. The plot is very strong. Actor's game at a very high level. Do not take on this film a couple of hours of his life, I assure you, you will not be disappointed. Thanks for your attention. Happy viewing.

said that even such a trifle as the flutter of a butterfly wing, may eventually cause a typhoon halfway around the world (Chaos Theory).

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