"The Butterfly Effect" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

If you are crazy about modern fashion lawlessness on movies, music and visual arts, there is definitely a movie with some exceptions should like, half an hour cause a feeling of weightlessness and then a waterfall of words of delight, which he called. Advertising, evaluation - all this affects a person. Thus obtained some selected ephemeral, that there will be exactly as long as a human eye does not replace the other, and not all will follow the same path. It's called fashion, which in recent times has the strongest impact on the film industry and everything associated with it
So, from the reviews we picked up a few information about the film:. Good, beautiful, excellent, fantastic, masterpiece, movie, novelty, this was not, great actors, interesting plot, good music, atmosphere, personality, etc. etc. I do not think many will find positive reviews buddies something in the sense of the new, so from the reviews can be no extra struggles go to the very creation.
What attracted us in the first place? Of course, the poster, the cover and the name itself. 'The Butterfly Effect' - well, spectacular, with the knowledge of the main tricks of advertising. To say that the beautiful names already largely determined by the young audience - to say nothing. A brief description of the plot is intriguing idea seems at first glance, original and unique, so it is more for the potential audience, there is nothing that could prevent browsing. So we see in the film incarnation of the original story, which tells how the fifth point, somewhere met, and repeatedly. What it is possible to bring the country a cheap nostalgia cause these effects, these variations with the passage of events, so if you want that originality - another cocktail of what was, but what is to attract interest
As for the pictures. and the operator's work, the special claims for the most part I have not. Work as work, the picture as a picture. Yes, all seasoned with what is possible, but quite decent for what is created today. In general, the picture put plus and go further, soup eaten.
On the second take direction and soundtracks. two men headed the project for which this work was the directorial debut. But to work on the script for two 'destinations' there is nothing we can not mention. Yes, a penchant for black humor in such people should definitely be on this naveivaet memories 2 and 4 of the famous epic. Three. And no more. Nothing new directors, we are not presented with their work, nor the quality of any ideas that would be very handy.
soundtracks as such I have no complaints. It meets all the criteria for deciding to evaluate music for films of this genre. Pressing on the brain the sound has nothing to do with normal music, but still not terribly mediocre inserted, so commendable.
gulls take on the actors, which was devoted to the most odes and ballads from the fans of this film. I have a few people told that Ashton here is not like in their favorite silly American comedy, and come to his senses and serious cinema, revealing a talent for dramatic actor. Well, I really did not want to give up on it, honestly, as in many others, so even though I watched this film with some prejudice against him, but was not going to take everything with bayonets. Whoever says, throw mud is much heavier than mumble some formulaic words about the virtues of unconditional, but the benefits. Overall, I was disappointed, though not very hard, but disappointing. I will not say that Ashton has no chance of becoming a normal actor, because it has neither the talent drop. No, but I would say that if you like his attitude to the roles do not cease to exist, he did not shine but to laugh and my personal conviction. No, this time he was not engaged in nonsense camera and really tried to do something. However, the lack of experience has had an effect, as bad script, so to get closer to a soap opera than a masterpiece of cinema.
Amy Smart. Well, nice, so all rasprekrasno, but as for her acting, she is perfect for the word 'no'. From the very beginning, when she screamed at the diner at poor Evan, she tried to draw on your face some painful and powerful emotions, but she did not. It looks quite good and successful student schastlivenkoy because while talents are of no importance.
As gaga brother, I would have sent him to a psychiatric hospital immediately. This children's antics with a hint of cruelty, this time is not caused laughter and disgust now, although here the actor can be forgiven because of their age. The scene with the dog was the most unbearable for me, in the worst sense of the word that applies to the scene with small characters, which do not require comment. Again the same trick as in 'Irreversible', but he personally has no effect on me. So comes the idea of ​​what happens in the mind of young children who watch this.
Well, what can I say after all that is written about the script? Scenario, if you think about, it corresponds to real expectations. Directors-writers only supported the idea of ​​the first part of the destination, and the fourth failed project with a rare brilliance and clatter. As a result, we have received this undistinguished script cocktail of all that is the current fashion. Festivities on time, bad, good, living, non-living again the same powerful love, which causes poor Evan's attempt to save his girlfriend. Yeah, okay, that everything is there, but where is this great philosophical implications that we want to convey to the authors? About love? This has been discussed by all and much more successful. Think of others? Hardly Evan thought someone other than his beloved, he shows throughout tape. And if not for the so-called boundless love him, then he would not feel sorry about everything.
I can not understand only one that actually has some monstrous cult ... negative. To the contrary. Shameless. Patients with strange diseases, prostitutes, pedophiles, hooligans, drug addicts, the mentally-abnormal ... As you wish, call it all the signs of a masterpiece, and I will pass over and try to forget.

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