"The Butterfly Effect" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Anyone no secret that modern cinema begins to actively degrade. It seems to be all the technology improved, and should issue a great promise for the development of belts, but these technologies fully bend under him other content of films. Including the presence of a reasonable scenario. So, get to think it has become very hard to find now a film capable of you. So, this film once again become their weight in gold. At least for me. Since seeing this film is 4 years old ago, I was so impressed that reviewing this film once a year, as it should be and currently revised version of the movie director.
filmmakers Eric Bress and J.. Mackey Gruber with difficulty gave birth to such a powerful story and for them it was very important to remove it for the film itself. It was risky to give such a promising product directors debutants. But the film remained in what was no doubt. After all, who can make a film better themselves as authors of the history of how it should be? Despite the lack of experience of the director, the film proved to be delivered very professionally. Like a film set director who has a considerable amount of experience behind him. In many ways, it stands out in a very strong emotional background of the tape and its atmospheric filling.
Since painting beauty is that it is developed in parallel both as a thought-provoking drama, and as a very intense thriller. Where each of the genres than once found the response to the new variation of the on-screen world, which arose after the actions of the protagonist, but considering how many variations of our time, we are lucky enough to see the work done is very huge. Given that I was watching the director's version, which is issued for half an hour more material, I have personally stayed from her more excited than from the theatrical version. Largely due to the total quality of direction. Where directors tape Eric Bress and J.. Mackey Gruber made me truly believe that everything that happens on the screen is incredibly realistic. Hence, sometimes there is such a wonderful feeling that you're not watching a movie, and literally become the subject of a film exploring the inside.
very small number of films, especially thrillers boast a really strong plot, and given how painful and long, "gave birth to" the script creators tape Eric Bress and J.. Mackey Gruber, there was no doubt of its quality. Since the creators raised a very interesting topic the impact of our actions on the development of not only our lives, but also others. That more than once found flourishing in the works of the genius of Ray Bradbury. That's only if everything is limited revolved around the very subject of fiction, here at the forefront of human life and destiny. The film is attractive because traveling into the past there is not such an exciting journey in the trilogy Zemeckis' Back to the Future ", and now return to the nightmares of the protagonist, which are shown in the picture quite greedy and merciless.
would seem that the life of the main character and do not sugar. Mom raised her alone, psycho-father he had never seen, and then he was killed in front of him, there is complicity in the death of a young woman and her baby, also participated in the filming of child pornography. Some traumas of the past, which gave rise to the desire of the protagonist to change their lives. That's just we have to admit that even a person has not experienced such a horror will always find that to change. And what has happened has happened. The past can not be changed. With the present we must learn to live and learning from their mistakes to do so, what would this do not happen again in your future. We can not say that the life of the main character is an allegory on the proverb "All that is not done, is done for the better".
Rather there a deeper meaning, that is, what it represents people? Of course, his past, what he did, the experience gained from this. Do not be even a grain of what has been, the picture changes completely. Here are the creators and seized upon this straw to form the plot, so that with every change in the past of the protagonist, it now turned out many times worse for himself, and for his close.
It is one explanation for the lack of such abilities in humans. God has cheated us such a gift, that person would not try to chase perfectionism all my life and trying to appreciate what he was given. It does not matter, bad or good. If the theatrical version ends up more or less happy happy ending, the final in the director's version seemed to me more violent due to the enormous sacrifice that had to make the main character that would make the lives of their loved ones better.
It is in the director's creators constantly allude the fact that the protagonist has no place in this life. What is the source of acquisition of his abilities. That's just such no one can predict the final score. Once again, convinced that director's alternate endings always spectacularly theatrical. Taken together, the plot develops insanely hard, strong and thoughtful almost to the last detail. From which to predict the future course of the story becomes extremely difficult.
It is safe to say that this is the best role Ashton Kutcher in his career, which was a real proof of his talent after a few serious roles in various kinds of comedies priduroshnyh . The character in Ashton is not easy, but he managed to incredibly convincing and naturally pull the personal drama of the hero. Like a character was written exclusively for him. Insanely greatly impressed me Amy Smart and Elden Henson, which like many of the actor starred in the film had to play the same characters, but each time differently and cardinally different. It is encouraging that almost all epostasii same characters look incredibly convincing. That fully discloses the whole acting talent performers. Yes, and it was nice to see how such actors like mastitis E Rick Stoltz and Callum Keith Rennie, and even younger Cameron Bright and Logan Lerman .
Music composer tape Michael Sabi was a very eerie, tense and rigid. Basing its work on quite a mysterious and intriguing note, the creators of the perfect track to beat trillernogo contents of the tape. That only occasionally bursting due to incredibly beautiful and heart-breaking overtures with luxurious playing the piano, string and wind instruments. Listen to and feel real pain, which reflects all the pain of the characters.
10 of 10
Intense, sharp, vibrant, dense, original, deep and very meaningful fi thriller with elements of personal drama. This masterpiece of rare category of movies that are filmed specifically for those who know how to think, feel, and can watch movies not only because of the beautiful pictures. If you are a viewer, this film is definitely for you.

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