"The Butterfly Effect" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

As is proved by the theory and practice of scientists studying some chaotic systems, even a slight impact on a particular segment is capable of causing uncontrollable consequences elsewhere, and even time. This suggestion received the designation 'Butterfly Effect' and is widespread thanks to the famous scientist Edward Lorenz, to build the most famous canons of theory. In turn, the research and statements of Lorentz are reflected in the story of Ray Bradbury "A Sound of Thunder ', which resulted in the main narrative in action thanks to sheer detail that has disastrous consequences for all things. Many researchers have focused on everyday practice, inextricably linked with the current period of life of society, eliminating assumptions and fantasy, consider the work of Edward Lorenz is not planting attention tales, which, although they have been proven very real research, but have no direct action right here and now. However, some scientists minds obscurantism is not to say that all our deeds and actions to cause the 'butterfly effect'. Sometimes we do not even have to know that even a breeze tends to turn into something big, unpredictable, perhaps enthusiastic, or vice versa terrible. The work of Edward Lorenz in the best describe the randomness of the prerequisites and consequences of becoming one of the fundamental pillars of science fiction. Hooked creators, who are trying to bring to their work entertaining particle scientific weightings have repeatedly appealed to the heritage of Lorentz, but only in 2003 on the screens out the most memorable picture, based on the 'butterfly effect' ideas and quite naturally received a similar designation.
So, the plot The film introduces us to a student Trebornom Evan (Ashton Kutcher), making very tangible progress in the field of psychology. With charisma and good looks, Evan has no shortage of communication, zavsegda being in the company of friends and girls who do not mind to spend the night with an intelligent handsome. Evan himself is not averse to exploit the situation, believing himself a real darling of fortune, but in his past hidden too many secrets of which his mind decided to forget. In early childhood, suffering from short term memory loss, the hero tried to record in his diary all the major events that happen to them one day. The recommendation of the attending physician in the end have had a therapeutic effect, and stepped into a more mature age, Evan was able to recover from a particular illness. And despite the fact that most of his childhood memories erased from his mind as if by magic, he felt absolutely no nostalgia for the past ... until the next return to the diaries, which are so interested in his girlfriend. Opened the book at any page, Evan began to read their own memories, and suddenly realized that he was transported back in time. Namely, in the hour preceding the immediate events described on the page. Hardly realizing what happened, Evan decides to take a gift of fate and change the part of his own biography, not forgetting about the best childhood friends. But intervention in history brings unique joy or Evan or his entourage, as already a time period is in no hurry to give uninvited traveler easy path to the accomplishment of all pans.
creators 'butterfly effect' is not going to build around his film a serious scientific base directly borrowing the ideas of Edward Lorenz, and other research chaotic systems, leaving the work of science fiction writers and pseudo-scientific television broadcasters. Taking into account the basic idea of ​​the 'butterfly effect', Eric Bress and J.. Mackey Gruber built on it exciting entertainment spectacle that bears the features of a unique time travel and intense drama, forcing the heart to beat more often tempered his standards. Along with the main hero We do a whole series of jumps in the past, in order to then return to the present and see what has changed in the history of this time. However, the past, present and even the future is always in motion. One action overrides all the other leads to the previously unseen consequences, which is why Evan have to smash his head real hard, because all his actions lead to the result that it can not meet a priori. By measuring their own destiny, in parallel with this, he breaks the lives of others, if not takes it all. Of course, in the 'butterfly effect' Bresse and Gruber these assumptions served as simply and clearly, but the film can not be considered burdensome pacifier. He knows how to surprise, to keep us in constant tension and scare. And looking at how Evan again and again goes into battle with the times and his own brain, necessarily dismiss any claims to the logic as well as the screen turns serious affair that requires maximum attention. The authors offer us some very different scenarios. But the message is always the same: every detail plays a role and if miss the sight of it, then be an irreparable misfortune. In fact, this in all his works, said Lorenz, and if you want to know about the scientific aspect of the 'butterfly effect' more at your disposal are always immense contributions in this study are located on the Internet.
One of the biggest risks associated with the picture, it was an invitation to the leading role of the young Ashton Kutcher, proven among critics and thoughtful audience with not the best hand. By participating in the filming of such dubious, though funny, comedies such as "Where's My Car, Dude?" Kutcher has established himself as handsome, but stupid and primitive actor, whose only purpose is to attract the attention of a dreamy teenage audience. Very same Kutcher after a number of specific roles frankly tired of being the bad clown for everyone to see, from what in the "butterfly effect," he saw a good opportunity to change the attitude. And we have to admit that the guy had recently scoured in search of machines and destroying Alien Conspiracy, he was able to re-create a deep and multi-faceted way, that few expected from him. Examining psychological lowdown Evan Treborna with meticulous straight-A student, an actor flatly refused branded comedy smiles, managed to cover up involuntarily opens his mouth and gave a full range of emotions raging in the minds of his extraordinary character. Maybe sometimes Kutcher lacked dramatic skill to hit a demanding audience to the core, but for him to participate in the "butterfly effect" already become a serious progress, which is worth a standing ovation!
In the end I want to say that "The Butterfly Effect "despite its emphasis in the entertainment element, it proved incredibly intriguing and intelligent film. Eric Bress and J.. Mackey Gruber, previously created excellent sequel "Final Destination", able to invent and clearly show the eventful history, is trying to exclude acute logical blunders. Perhaps the "butterfly effect" could become the basis for a much more dramatic, philosophical works, but for the general public, for which the intended film finds Bresse and Gruber came in handy. And I wish you only the most fascinating viewing.
10 of 10

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