"The Bucket List" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The Bucket List
«It is difficult to understand & nbsp; value & nbsp; human life ... someone will say that it is measured by people close to someone - that the measure can be faith who will say - love, & nbsp; others did not see the & nbsp; sense of & nbsp; in & nbsp; the life ... I am? - I & nbsp; I think every judge on the & nbsp; currently on the people who look up to him »
Life and Death ... Eternal race for who will win, who will be able to take possession of the human body.. Life and death ... The eternal struggle. Both external and internal. Life and death ... Two entities of the same extremes.
easy to know the day of his death? Is it easy to obediently wait for the end, knowing that your whole life has flown by as one instant and that much you miss it? This question can be answered us heroes Morgan Freeman, did not take place history teacher mechanic, and Jack Nicholson, a multimillionaire with a cantankerous character. And meet throughout the film: there is not easy. Always hard to leave. But leave can be different. And every time you tell yourself that it does not work, there is not enough time, remember these two poor fellows. Itself can bestow seconds. And that's going to make it possible for life, and never meet. After all, happiness -. A capricious thing, but at the same time simple and
Every time I see a comparison of this film with the German «Knockin 'on Heaven», it strikes me as superficial people look at these two pictures. After all, if you tilt the plot, we get two completely different stories, with different meaning and idea. "The Bucket List" - a picture of the dramatic, life, and "Knockin 'on Heaven" a tear or something. In this regard, even the age of the characters has a greater role, as it was he who puts different problems in the report that the creators want to tell. "The Bucket List", it is undeniable, reminiscent of "Knockin 'on Heaven," but not the main thing. You know, when you happen to intimate conversations with the older generation of people, and they will tell us something, sometimes you feel like enriched some worldly wisdom. So with this film. Heroes who have lived life, somehow convey wisdom. So, the first adjective that I have been associated with this film, it is "wise". Events occurring on the screen a bit, so there is a dialogue, excellent in its depth and subtle humor. Heroes is really interesting to listen to. That only is a dispute about the reincarnation of the soul: «And that this ideal is to make the snail to move to the next level? Leave perfect slime?! »
Writers worked out well and on the main characters. Before us whole person, not just the elderly without features, character traits, and some spiritual base. For each emotion fun to watch. The interaction of these two heroes, too. Very touching and cute turns true friendship.
Talents Freeman and Nicholson is phenomenal, what can I say. Nicholson has always loved - mimicry for me is absolutely unique (not only I can not repeat, but never seen such in other actors). Unique and brilliant. As for Morgan Freeman, it was here that I realized how big of him an actor. It went to all the lyrical part, so of course he blew the long-awaited tear. Fine work.
general, when viewing is something to think about. Including and that is friendship. In the sense that the film clearly shows that to be friends, you need to invest a lot, give gratuitously. And only then will you receive. About the benefits of thinking -. Thing is detrimental to any relationship
possible and to think about whether you were in their lifetime ever happy. And if not, that can make you happy. Because if you always wait for something, it can take the whole of life. And it is something and not realized. And make yourself happy is not selfish, it's okay. It seems at first that it was not important. But this is not the case. . Dying with the thought that did not live the way always wanted to believe, bear
In general, 'The Bucket List' - the picture is heavy, but it leaves a pleasant light impression behind. Although I expected more comedy. It does not see plagiarism 'Knockin' on Heaven '. There and other mood and atmosphere. And both films I liked terribly.
8 of 10

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