"The Bucket List" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

For someone the words that I have designated as the title, are a magnet and a sign of quality. Someone on the contrary twisted his mouth and through his teeth about the loss of art, advertising and commerce. Someone is willing to sing the praises stamped on the American film studio films. Someone sprays acrid saliva only at the mention of the word Hollywood. As for me, I'm pretty cool to Hollywood, like almost everything American cinema. But even this fact does not negate the following: I am grateful to Hollywood. 'Pirates of the Caribbean', 'Lord of the Rings', 'The Dark Knight' and other high-quality entertainment and blockbuster movies are in one way or another product of American kinoproma. As for dramas and thrillers, here if we do not take into account the classics, the situation is worse. And there are many objective reasons. This film also I refer to a mediocre drama. And as to his intellectual could be considered a stretch
One of the major problems of American cinema -. Meager supply of imagination. Besschislennye remakes, sequels, prequels and other trying to compensate for a lack of imagination, but it turns out only worse. Sometimes, when it becomes very tight, filmmakers go to 'trick', namely: remove as though a completely new and self-contained movie, although a reading clearly felt plagiarism. And probably many have guessed, I allude to 'reach out to the heavens. " European cult movie with a script and an interesting idea.
script for this film was written 2 weeks. And it's alarming. And after watching, I just sighed bitterly:
fears were realized first that is worth to criticize the film, it's because of its superficial intelligence.. Morale is so obvious and straightforward, that to think about than the desire does not arise. American filmmakers often guilty of this. All chewed, everything shown, everything is told. Questions from the audience should not stay. But then I have a question, but then why make a film if the viewer does not ponder ?! Looked posochustvovat heroes reflect on the high and forgot ... At least I have personally residue remained.
second drawback is the characters and their values ​​and philosophy of life. Let us recall the already mentioned "Knockin 'on Heaven' me. Who watched the protagonists will not forget. They were iskrennmi, living, natural. They aroused sympathy and understanding. Meanwhile back to the 'box', one character - rich congressman, the other - a scholar and an exemplary family man. It's certainly not bad, but you see, in the world more than frivolous razgildyaeev than oligarchs and respectable Negroes. This mistake causes the following writers: the main characters - this is not the ordinary people, and thus the promise of the founders of the audience will not be realized. Well, do not get me at this point to travel around the world and dine at the best restaurants, stay in luxury hotels, and so on, and therefore enjoy the time I have been released in a big way will not succeed. And if not, then how can I understand the characters? If I do not identify myself with them, alas, for me they are distant and indifferent. And do not accuse me of selfishness, callousness and stupidity. The idea of ​​the film, I understand, but if you look at the writer was not inspired by it. How else to explain such a flagrant nesootvestvie: main characters reflect on the futility of money and career, and then go to travel on the same money, and thanks to the same career
third negative - it 'Americanism'!. This term probably does not exist, but the phenomenon itself rasprostrennoe. Excessive pathos, the imposition of certain values, one-sided character, a lot of cliches and platitudes. All together leads to the fact that the film becomes commonplace and impersonal
Finally, the fourth drawback -. This is plagiarism. "Knockin 'on Heaven' eskpluatiruet very successful theme, simultaneously harmonizing well with the comic drama, stamps with originality, banality with unpredictability. Here, all this is not at all. There is only an idea and morality. And the dream - to reach the top of Everest (for me, the sea is still romantic). Pozaimstovovano many details (or rather even lapped) Friends of two different people, the desire to realize a dream, an early death. But if the German film focuses attention not on the idea that there is constantly emphasized the tragedy and pathos that tirelessly Accompanying the idea of ​​the film.
Introducing the verdict, I note that the film is mediocre and unremarkable okromya idea. Pros of course also available, but colorless impression and failed intellekutalnost forced to put this film only:
6 of 10

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