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Would you like to know the date of his death? I say at once - no! Agree - it's terrible to live and count how many you left and cry of despair. But if you are ill, seriously ill, terminally ill, and then the doctors say, as you left you to do? I have long looked wonderful film Life as a House, which discloses a similar theme. Quite by accident I found out about the film The Bucket List, looked long trailer and decided to proceed with the scan. I liked it very much!
mechanic Carter Chambers, who knows about everything, lived all his life with his beloved wife, grown children, is a role model to her grandchildren, she learns that he has cancer, decides to deal with it and go to the hospital for treatment. Billionaire Edward Cole, the owner of a network of hospitals, where it saves space in each chamber accommodates two patients with the same diagnosis falls into one ward with Carter. They begin to chat and make friends, and then both report that the disease progresses and live it remains at least six months ... Edward Carter tells of an old task of philosophy - a sheet where you want to write things that you want to do before the how to play in a box . Cole likes that idea, and together they go to travel the world, to commit the madness and make each other's lives better ...
After these films you, however, think - what would you have done if you say exactly what you're soon die? I've heard many versions - read a book, listen to your favorite song, hug dear to you man ... And if there had been more time? I especially liked the fact that such a sad movie trying to shoot very lively, funny, showing in a small period of time a celebration of life and love for her ... And the list of these follies - is striking in its originality, fun and educational! Skydiving - it is a great joy for us, sitting on the ground, and we smiled at the enthusiasm and panic Cole Carter. Or how Cole offers to its neighbor in the ward gourmet cuisine, and Carter correctly rejects them ... A moment about coffee - here laughing to tears! The scene where they drive a vintage car - you and funny, and a good enviable: such luxury cars, smooth, shiny, legendary
A journey around the world - then I it really envy: to see the Himalayas, savannas of Africa, Taj Mahal, the Pyramids ... see all these wonders of the world, I did not even hope - though one ... and now, when I saw them on the screen, my desire and commitment to the dream increased many times
There! a lot of very touching and dramatic moments - Carter dances with his wife, Cole talks about his beloved daughter why he is not talking to her. Or where they both tell each other, and both admit that their acquaintance - it is one of the best experiences of their lives ...
The film played terrific acting duo - Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. Morgan - Carter Chambers, a professional mechanic who has raised wonderful children, lived all his life with his beloved wife, he knows everything. For him, it becomes a shock progressive disease, but he decides to fight it - taking all medicines. eat right, leads a healthy lifestyle, even in the hospital. Jack - Edward Cole, a billionaire, about which bank account can only speculate in whose hospitals abide by the rules - 2 beds in each ward for which treatment becomes flour and inaction. Until he begins to talk to Carter. He decides to carry out this list and do that when life is unlikely to do! And despite the class difference - these characters are very similar: each of them was a difficult life, many obstacles - and Carter and Edward overcame them. But, for various reasons, none of them did not have time to enjoy life fully. A fundamental difference - Carter, unlike Edward, he knew how to find joy in life, and sincerely wishes his friend to find this joy
The entire film rests on the charisma, humor and superb acting skills of these two actors! I have long respect for Morgan Freeman and was just beginning to discover Jack Nicholson! Like their characters, the actors have lived a long and active life, played in many films, and I'm sure I will watch and wait to hire new movies with their participation!
What would you do if you were told that you live as the left at least six months? In addition to the to-do list. The first thing I would think about the path traversed by me - that was the highlight of my life, it was very sad, I'd like to change my life, or I would be proud passed by? However, there is another, which is worth thinking about - talk about it and the characters of the film:
1) Have you found joy in life
2) And your life brought joy to others Yet these issues are central to the end of life's journey. After all, if you are not only able to find joy in life, but also able to bring joy to others - it fills every human heart with such joy and such happiness that life is many times more beautiful! And many desires heroes list - helped me to start making a list of my desires. This is a list of what I want to see or do in this life. Sometimes, just do not forget that life is beautiful always and find joy in it is not too difficult, the main thing to know where to look.
10 of 10
Happy viewing!

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