"The Bucket List" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Pahabnoe the name that was given to him, Russian distributors, sounds almost mockingly towards the light, the good, the pure, sincere, wise and heartfelt film with good English called 'The Bucket list'.
know, despite the fact that I looked movies in English, and at times we had to stop and get into the dictionary, and now I sit and I can not even formulate an impression, to put together a myriad of luminous grains of their feelings and express clearly what I feel. The film leaves a strong poslevkusie- soft as a warm blanket, a little sad, sad enlightened as frozen on his lips barely noticeable smile, tucked away in the corners of the lips and quivering like a candle flame ... After watching want to breathe deeply, then breathe in deeply, that have the power to dizziness, and look at the world through different eyes. Do not just look, but to see, notice and feel every moment of his life. After all, so much to have time, and none of us knows how much it set aside.
Despite the similarity of the plot of the film with 'Knockin' on Heaven ', The Bucket list- in any case is not a remake, but a self-contained picture, bright and warm, and in its own way unique. The main heroic older men, which brought together the fate of the House of cancer center. Edward-a spoiled, selfish tyrant, he is a billionaire, and the clinic of his own, but he is forced to be in a private room, t. To. The long campaign led agitators over the unification of the treatment conditions, and the requirement of personal Chamber may damage his image. He was used to getting what hochet- by any means, and the state of the disease it is depressing, and he does not try to put up with it until recently. But cancer is still, as you have millions of state and who you used to dispose of, the cancer does what he wants, and you, with all your millions and ambitions will be at his feet, and he will decide how you live, not you . Cancer conducts border authorities, the threshold where everything that is valued and respected in the society, ceases to mean anything, and only finds eternal value. Do you have eternal value? Among your millions there anything eternal?
Karter- poor mechanic, his bogatstvo- is a big, loving family. But who among them bogache- is a big question. Carter educated, smart, intelligent, wise, restrained - he is the complete opposite of gusty adventurer Edward, but life rendered them the same sentence, and they have the last chance to get out of life what you do not have time before the change and find themselves at the same time, become themselves. One of them gave another great during their journey together, paid the big question Edvardom-. And the words that they will say to each other in the finals - Carter, in a letter, and Ed about Carter those who gathered in his honor - and then, the former tyrant they say, it seems to me, proves that they were able to do the what you think - take everything from life. And managed to find himself, and without each other they would not have happened. Each of them was another mirror of his soul and the secret thoughts and dreams. They helped each other to see, feel and appreciate their schaste- what they had, but did not see, or were afraid to see and realize ... And stayed together navsegda- so bizarre, unusual and touching ... But do not think
friends that the whole movie sad, not at all. Moreover, despite the sad subjects, who stood at the center of the narrative, the film is very bright and veselyy- yes, it is funny, because Ed always something annealed, and most of the film it is impossible to watch without a smile. The film is a direct and naive, but it remains a vital and truthful - this story could happen in reality, and it would have been in it exactly as shown to us in The Bucket list. And, probably, everyone who lives makes such a harsh sentence, would like to see something like this happened to him. Being on the verge of death, and looking back, we can not change the mistakes of the past days, but we can change ourselves, and remain in the memory of loved ones better than we are - who we would like to be ...
the film is very thin and psychologically accurately directed by, but it turned out the way we vidim- piercing and penetrating, and at the same time bright, cheerful and kind is not so much due to directing, but rather because of the stunning acting two metrov- Jack Nicholson ( Edward) and Morgan Freeman (Carter). It is these two have created a great, subtle fabric of this film, spun him from the variety of light feelings to which man is capable. Each of them in his own genius, and unique. Who's there was an Oscar in 2007? I do not remember, but these two are both worthy of an Oscar, because the game is so strong, and their shrill, while being quiet and absolutely oraganichnoy that there are no words. Admiration and awe, that's what they call his game. Affect the deepest chord of the soul, click on all the secret notes of sensuality, embrace you with warm wave, and when it recedes, you know, that goes along with it a whole layer of your emotions, intense and quivering, and you're never be the same ...
Easy and fun in watching, piercing wise and touching on the merits, warm and bright in a sad movie in the finish, delightfully played by two great masters. definitely recommended for viewing. Everyone who has a soul-regardless of age, gender, and social status.

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