"The Bridges of Madison County" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

«Life without beginning or end. All of us lurks in case ... "(Blok)
gray routine, if it is rooted in the reality around us, like the cloudy autumn sky, without any clarification, gradually fills our life with lack of will and apathy to everything. Home, family, sun - it all plays out for us all charm, giving way to a causeless boredom. And where once it come from? Like, everything is fine: healthy, happy, living in a circle of loving us men, but somehow it all does not please - no flight, no fancy, all dull and measured, the old
At such moments, we are no longer. We need most in an unexpected twist of fate, in a bright life "surge" in the risk of finally. By all means, we need to change everything and start over - but in this case we would again be able to feel the taste and aroma of life
Clint Eastwood, -. Director and actor, starring in the movie "Bridges of Madison County" - embodies the case or, if you will, fate. Mysterious Stranger Robert Kincaid, working in National Geographic in the post photographer, in his wise and peaceful man, who is on the verge of old age, here it is - the man who came out of nowhere, which is able to dispel the dreary routine that hangs over Francesca Johnson, the heroine of Meryl Streep.
They met at the very moment when one of them needed a kindred soul. She - a housewife from Iowa, who lives in a small house, far away from civilization, with her husband, whose interests are limited to viewing the cheap comedies and children dream to break out of the cocoon of adolescence. He - taciturn stranger living in their own world, woven of photos godforsaken places, travel around the green open spaces of America on his dusty pickup nochuyuschy in cheap hotels and thirst-quenching beer bitter ... They met! But everyone behind - biography, a pile of memories that are not so easy to get rid of. Some delightful days and nights spent together, the risk of losing their continuation. Why? It is not because a jealous husband or children get in the way of pure love housewives and photographer, no. Just because you can not, it's not right, not fair in relation to the past.
Clint Eastwood brilliantly portrays the tragedy, is the impossibility of choice, in the impossibility of happiness. It would seem, here it is, the choice, here it is, happiness, but the hero is something like a self-preservation instinct, something that does not give them the right to a frenzy. In the understanding of Francesca to leave the family would be a crime, even if for the sake of a loved one, a person who understands you, but still a crime, and it is not permissible.
and they parted as two sailing, which are met by chance in the infinite expanses of the Pacific Ocean, perekliknulis, and then missed on the wind will ...
Photographer leaving immediately. He gives Frances a chance to change their mind and finally decide on a frenzy, but she can not hold back the tears of love, encased in a web of his own fear, he remains with her husband. With her husband, who loudly includes radium, but would not hear the sobs of his wife, not even bothering to ask her what happened ... Some time old pickup Kincaid standing at a traffic light, as if wondering whether to give way to the car the Johnson family. But a few seconds later, Robert, hanging pendant given to him by Francesca on the rearview mirror, as a sign of respect and eternal love, slowly pulls to the left, clearing the way vengeance Tooting husband ... However, life goes on! Francesca returns to his native village house, will, as before, to cook breakfasts, dinners and lunches, washing, cleaning, make love to the unloved husband ... The only difference is that now she will remember - to remember those magical days that gave her Robert Kincaid, a lone photographer, infinitely distant and so it has not found her, family, happiness ...
Any person who is not looked at the film, but after reading a review on it, may think that this is just another melodrama, filmed for sentimental women Balzac age. This is understandable, because, as a rule, the reviewers give the story a huge role, and the plot, and indeed, in some degree, melodramatic. However, if you look at not only the plot, but also on the whole picture, with all the dialogue and characters that are present in it, it emerges the real philosophical drama, full of subtext and deeper meaning. So do not judge the movie on the reviews, because they are far from secondary
«Bridges of Madison County." - it's a great movie with a great story, impeccable performance of the actors (and some!), A brilliant director and driver. After viewing, you can for a long time to reflect on the meaning of the picture, trying to get used to the role of Robert and Francesca, exploring every word, every action. Can long philosophizing, but did not reach a definitive understanding of the picture. For to everyone - its meaning and its moral
One of the best movies I have ever watched
10 10 ..

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