"The Bridges of Madison County" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Clint respect. And Clint seemingly subservient almost any subject matter and genre: Westerns, soc. drama, sports drama movie about the accident. And now the fishing-story. As he said himself Clint: almost all authors, sooner or later turn to the issue of cheating and so I wanted to look at this issue from the other side. What happened?
The film (like almost any movie) can be evaluated from different points of view, objectively and subjectively, and evaluation to me will range from 4 to 7 points. We have long discussed with his wife about this film, lets proceed with the story itself. Thus, the typical American family farmers in the American heartland. They have an ordinary family: a husband who is very warm treat Francesca wife, two teenage children. It is that Francesca stays at home on the farm, and the whole family goes to the fair and will stay there for 4 days. On the same day on a farm accident comes a freelance photographer Robert, who arrived from the big city to photograph local bridges for National Geographic. Robert divorced, travels a lot, interesting, intelligent and sincere man. Our same Francesca is originally from Italy, and his whole life and has not met the man of her dreams. And indeed many of her dreams have not been fulfilled in this life. Well, that's like and everything is fine in her life, but it would be different. It happens. And this is our first bored housewife helping Robert with the local geography, then have dinner, and then it pretty quickly falls in love with him. Then they slept together, and in this manner had a wonderful 3 days. But the term came to an end, has to return to her husband with the children and she has to choose from: go there with the "love of his life" or remain "faithful" family and languish on in the backwoods, "is stored in the heart of the" true love "(read: nedodavaya unsuspecting and does not offending her husband due to him the love). And I must say, thank God, Clint chose the "correct" ending another score would have been even lower.
Well? And here comes the dissonance. For, on the one hand you realize that it is absolutely vital and the real situation, of which there a dime a dozen in every second. But on the other hand, this film is not on a true story, that is, it is not a specific celebrity or story once experienced by the author of the story, although I am sure it is quite possible that most of the story - not fiction. That is a work of art. And if in a film based on real events you basically just put under the fact that art, they can send a thought in any direction. They explore the question, derive morality show slice of life, pursue specific goals, etc. And I with my present position in life it is difficult to adequately assess the film, because this is where you realize that this film is immoral. Not directly so terrible trouble, but still. After all, what is it? Treason. And I would understand if the husband was a bastard, and so no, everything is fine. But you see in her dreams did not come true, and she was bored in this life. But the question is, guys, what we all have in life is not fulfilled many dreams, but it is one thing to follow a dream and have ambitions, and more - to change the native people at the event. Especially married nobody forced her to go beyond the balding Selyuk. And if married, let alone have children, be good be happy here and now so that you have, and do not sigh about the past and not to look for the bright horizons. After all, you yourself architect of his own happiness. Yes, sometimes in life you meet the person to whom you begin to experience feelings, but you for the mind and given to prevail over the feelings and do what siyumitno want in life. Therefore, people are different from animals and do not run after the first skirt, as well as do a lot of things that I want to do at the moment. And then, well, okay, Robert free man, but it is! No, the mind, nevertheless, prevailed in the end, but too late - it's done
2) It is I did not like the movie imposed the concept of love.. For 4 days about any "clean and bright love for life" and speech can not go. And why Francesca took that in case of escape from family life then it does not become a routine like?
3) I also would like to understand if Robert specifically sought it. And he was just polite, honest, interested in it, watered it regularly gave her a beer and wild flowers on the first day of gratitude for the fact that it showed the way and just ka woman. All. Well, that is Francesca again negative for most of the "work" she had made herself.
4) Well, I do not believe that the husband did not do all the same that did the same Robert. That did not have them with her husband good intimate relationship, he did not gave her flowers, not carried on picnics and led her frank discussions of life.
5) And for some reason at the end of children Francesca reading her diary about this novel is at once revised his unhappy family life. I did not understand that their spodviglo it. And for one day. Both me were not pretty.
6) And even if you discard discard moral component and the above, the film itself Sampo simply boring.
What put the film? The separation from the family, of course, a love story turned out quite good, plus quite a real situation, but in the complex the idea and morals are unpleasant to me.
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