"The Bridges of Madison County" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Iowa. Cute little house, where you can sit in solitude on the porch, quietly reading a favorite book or just contemplating nature surrounds you in all its beauty everyday. Outside Francesca Johnson, a native of the Italian town of Bari, just resting, staying alone with my thoughts about those with whom you share this boring life - a "neat" husband, son Michael and daughter Caroline. The woman inside the house expects routine work: cooking for lunch and dinner, washing clothes, cleaning and much more, what do not pay attention to her loved ones - constantly slamming doors, unceremoniously switching station, lunch preferring to break into pieces after disparaging seconds prayers. This disappointed the woman they still appreciate and love, at the same time regretting that got stuck in a provincial town, where the "nice and good people", but unfortunately, "the same." And all around it it seemed that the family life of Francesca was no adventure, in short, the fate of another typical American wife. Suddenly, her children, themselves have to create their own family, know that the mother has found the hero of his novel in the face of the unknown Robert Kincaid - photographer-traveler. Taken by surprise revelations in her mother's diary, Michael and Caroline decide to late to understand the complicated history of relations between Francesca and Robert ...
to make a film on the controversial topic of confrontation boring but reliable family values ​​and risk circling the mind and makes the heart beat faster secret affair with stranger - a winning move in all respects, even Clint Eastwood, the director, will speak directly, medium, can provide high-end drama - a leisurely, romantic, sad and casts l etnyuyu symphony of life. This is a genre that can collect in the screen traditional audience - sentimental and dreamy, prone to love the noble and powerful heroes will (like Kincaid in tolerable execution Eastwood). We will not put up for a laugh "Bridges of Madison County" for the obvious desire to satisfy the interest of the same disillusioned as the main character, women - because it is true that often we do not choose the place, and it is - us, doomed to an early old age even with a loved one close by. In addition, the main advantage of the film is filigree, so realistic and just conquering game Meryl Streep, in which the integrity and charm can not be denied - that for the actress, that woman! Not surprisingly, almost all scenes Eastwood on its background palely, but even it, and sincerely admired her magic to captivate others, it is felt by the look Eastwood - displayed in him a genuine attention to her person, disturbing to miss at least a momentary change in her facial expressions - so alive, so close and at times outright, you do not know where to go from embarrassment.
against respectable cuisine whose rustic wallpaper, dark-colored, illuminated falls through the open windows of the setting on the horizon sunlight whose beam ki slowly run around the dining orange table, round on the wall left of the door clock, an old radio on the closet shelf, - on the general background of well-being - Meryl Streep in a simple gown and shoes, no makeup and unremarkable haircut, a damn tired, but also hard, resolute expression on his face already looks convincing nowhere
This is my favorite role Strip, in which it before the peerless that you wonder how her feet do not strike millions of men -. perhaps of American actresses, she is the most powerful in terms of being in love with himself did not imagine that it can not love. How touching it is helpless and gentle for twenty seconds, while sitting at the dining table and watching their loved ones - in this view are mixed, so lightning fast one after another tired, love, disappointment, daydreaming, and obedience to circumstances such ineffable tenderness. As she damn plausible for accidents and a half minutes in the frame, when it decides to explain to Robert Kincaid travel to the bridge Rouzmen. As naturally responds lamely, calculating the years of the fingers, the question Kincaid, "How much are you married?" - a bitter-ironic smile: "A very long time." And how exciting it puzzled, confused, vaguely intrigued act Kinkade: "You got off the train, because the sight of a beautiful ?!". But my most favorite moment in which Streep inaccessible even for Staunton, Binoche and Burstyn, is called "These flowers are poisonous' (I Saw the film perfectly understand) - it is necessary to look, it is necessary to penetrate, absorb the soul, to understand and accept. After watching the movie I want to spit on everything and drove off in Bari, Italy, to find there the Francesca ...
For someone "Bridges of Madison County" - another romance for housewives and teenage girls. Simple and even primitive film is without its share of depth, but some charm of pure crystals of feminine beauty! You're surprised to "discover America" ​​- there is nothing more beautiful than a woman, there is nothing more legitimate than its word, there is no single place and should not be
Blast off from the virtual life.. Look around you at loved ones. Perhaps it is necessary to approach them but to admit that they - your whole life, your whole world is endless. And then the fog will dissipate misunderstandings once and for all
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