"The Bridges of Madison County" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

A great movie. Different from many, many produced by the modern factory of dreams, in which the basic idea of ​​the creators can at best be formulated already 15th - 20th minute show in one sentence for borrowed from earlier geniuses and have already met somewhere, and at worst can and remain unsolved, because of their lack of for the film represents one of the chewing gum types. (emotional, psychological, intellectual) and no more
«Bridges .." has many meanings, ambiguous, disputed, with different the degree of comprehensibility. They make us think not only about the motives of behavior of heroes, but also raise questions enduring. Such as for example, "What is the meaning of life?" Or "What is the essence of divine providence?" Or "What is God?".
noteworthy that in "Shrek 4, the final chapter," likewise, is an attempt to uncover these meanings.
I think conservatism relationships, including love nothing more than to die, but God is life, and then ... ..
path to love is the path to take another through understanding or through forgiveness, oddly enough, without understanding, only based on the "Do not judge, so do not judge budish" (You are not aware of the world that was created by God in this man and his path again Vitia, so how can you judge him? Can you just give him something from his world, so that he could move his way and forgive him if his path is not like yours.)
most interesting begins after scary story ends with the words "and they lived happily ever after." Immutability of relations and their preservation is pleasing to God
What more valuable like any self-knowledge surrounding worlds and their Ways, which improves the soul, communicates the gift of God - life? On the permanence of home and the comfort of established relationships?
leave in a warm little world of everyday life in a cycle of the same events and understanding their meanings if possible path, if it has no greater goal than the preservation of the meaning of this little world? Is it possible the improvement of the soul without testing more complex than due to the prevailing laws commonplace?
I think not. The stagnation and immutability is no way, no gaining understanding and acceptance because it has already happened, integrity attained at as much as possible, their own little world I extended to the borders. So there is no Way to finding the love of what is different from the extended I have no life and there is no God in a caretaker status. Devil buys a soul for something that allows you to maintain or reach a comfortable state
So Shrek, "the rebel seeks the storm, as if in a storm there is peace," attempting to restore the old meaning of life predestined by God -. To scare people. Francesca falls in love with the first comer, holding out hope for finding more opportunities to seek and realize themselves through found, creating a new entity in this world.
So what then? Francesca could with a clear conscience, for the sake of finding its way and improving on it leave commonplace microcosm of where she was, thus destroying it? Is it possible to destroy the already created essentially for the sake of creating new?
But this exchange is a certain flaw that lies in the direction of it only on themselves, on an individual path, individual salvation. Perhaps this feared Francesca.
This exchange leads to individualization, the collapse of the soul in the absolutization of its expanded I, each time it is expanding to the borders of microcosm which attained at integrity. This eventually leads to the fall through if not identification with God, through the attempt to equate itself to him. With one of the angels Bozhih what happened ...
So going from the above to your attention is invited to the Meaning of Life unchanged in relation to the individual, to its features, the perfection level (as a manifestation of closeness to God).
meaning of life for all and all sorts.
meaning defined as the desire to understand and to achieve the greatest possible similarity Bozhego.
for, as is well known in the image and likeness created, but have lost this important trait.
similarity same will be understood as the similarity in features uniquely and the only determinants of God first and foremost in his character tick Absolute Creator.
Absolute Creator created and creates identity. Essence is what has being, or may exist as we think is his, that is. E may be inseparable from Him, again seems to us to have a certain independence from Him.
entities can be physical and tangible objects, such as the relationship, meanings, knowledge, etc.
He created such an entity as a person and gave her free will, ie, according to his ability to produce new entities. Do not guess what?
But at the same time gave man commandments harmonizing the acts of Creation.
So the meaning of life becomes a creation, or the creation of the essential harmonized. Harmony them lies in the fact that with each new entity creation opportunities for other Creators increased, or at least each new entity contributed to this.
Francesca has not left the world (Essence), which was created in conjunction with her husband for the sake of creating a new world ( a new entity) with Robert, for the reason that the harmonization of the conditions are not met in the first approximation. She does not believe that her act will give new meaning to the life of her husband. There was in her confidence and that destroying the previous essence it will create a new, more coherent and viable. Fear and doubts about the failure would undermine its strength as a new Creator, and what she said to Robert.

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