"The Bridges of Madison County" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

From the overheard in this sinful world:
«Ksenia, you would not believe what kind of movie I saw yesterday on TV! There is, in short, is the two old man got up, I just uhohatyvalsya ... Well, not quite so old, she was in her late thirties, he was under fifty, but looked their hanky-panky terribly funny. The aunt is not pretty, but something in it, of course, eat, fancy man eyny all wrinkled and some gloomy. Well, never our bunnies Robbie and Kristi ... Well, I looked at theirs-love carrots, these dinosaur passion - nothing interesting there ... This film was like about bridges and about the pictures, and was called also somehow like that. I do not recommend in general. »
« Count, my Sveta recently started a podstavon. Persuading watch some terry melodrama with Eastwood and Streep (well, it is well-known Hollywood actress, terrible as a nuclear winter, but, like, talented). Honestly, sex movie I was expecting Eastwood drew a revolver and put all those present, along with a film crew. Oblomingo. Well, it does not go all Don Juan play - though you burst. And a woman could find him poseksualney - Megan Fox there, or Johanson. The movie itself - two o'clock conventional girlish snot about lubov. Sveta, fool, roared beluga. I sat there, laughing ... I am now blowing on me »
We all know Eastwood cowboy Eastwood cop, but in recent years -. Eastwood, director of criminal gloomy and dramatic stories. Released in 95-m "Bridges of Madison County" Eastwood shows us the romantic. And it is noteworthy that in all its manifestations actor and director Clint is the quintessence of old disclosures images and topics covered. If he removes the melodrama, it does it is so heartfelt, romantic and emotionally, that can only say - "all the melodrama melodrama." But how exactly will be announced And this idea - with a deep sense of gratitude or in the context of smile-diagnosis - depends entirely on the viewer and its relation to the genre
Eastwood film about love.. About spontaneous, passionate, and in his own hopeless love. There's a broken life of a textbook on the boat drifts not happy housewife Francesca completely. Appears loner, freedom-loving photographer Robert. He asked for directions, she took to show to go with him. That's all. Talk further does not make sense. Four days spent heroes together in the 65 th year, framed by a prologue and epilogue, and interspersed with occasional flashbacks, of the 87th, where absolutely already adult children Francesca read her will, gradually starting to learn and, more importantly, to understand his deceased mother.
foundation or if you want support "Bridges ..." - is, first of all, Meryl Streep, in the second - adoring, and, most importantly, able to shoot yourself Clint Eastwood
forty-five Strip with his Italian accent and mannerisms. innate housewife in the thirtieth time proved that it can sygrat everything. The whole gamut of emotions, with a maximum possible believable and appropriate for her heroine's temperament. Boredom, interest, enthusiasm, passion, mental throwing, determination, regret - all this can be seen on the face of the Strip, in the hand gestures, body movement. Her Francesca memorable, or even nothing at all in acting smyslyaschy viewer is able to experience something akin to enlightenment, permanently settled in the habit of mind to compare one with the female roles, there in the "bridge ...", seen the benchmark.
Other peers Eastwood, in his 65 all day moving dominoes in the courtyard or charitable institutions. At best - ride through the world on cruise ships. One word - pensioners. But the timeless aging Clint plays plowing expanses Iowa Daisy and photographer, this man whose charisma and charm bottomless envy him in a mass Godyaev youths grandchildren. In the love duet with Streep Eastwood presents a real heartthrob, periodically exposing precocious muscular torso and not forgetting about the depth of the character of his hero.
In technical terms, "Bridges ..." will please the transfer to rural provinces of America sixties picture, sometimes bestowing pretty spectacular shots like the scene in the rain in the last part of the tape. And it is wonderful music there, often, as in this case, it is typical for non-untwisted composers such as Lennie Niehaus
Summing up, we can say that the "Bridges of Madison County." - this is an extremely good combination of several elements. A good novel-first principle, which gave the course of staging has peculiar perfectionism Eastwood, in which apart from himself managed to take unmatched Meryl Streep. All together - love film history, prosaic one hand and is unique - on the other. The key to the viewers' hearts - the denouement of relations the main characters. Necessary and only correct ending. In the epilogue, the example of adults who have their families Francesca's children, we see that the story of a secret love of their mother, the love of her life - a powerful catalyst to action, to take important decisions. After all, so many people are languishing in a cage of their unwanted relationship, someone lowly, and someone trepyhayas. For the first film could be just a pinch of salt into the wound, for the second - a crucial step to action. Still does not necessarily identify with the heroes of the picture, to love her. And, who knows, maybe it is out of your mouth will be born a comment like this:
«I'm surprised how little is sometimes a person needs to be happy. I am seen (a) after hundreds of romantic stories: in the TV series, in romantic comedies, in various dramas, from "Romeo and Juliet" to "Titanic." But today finally looked up (a) "Bridges of Madison County" and if born again (Xia). Like conventional cinema, but there is something in it, makes the heart beat faster and gives birth tears in the corners of his eyes. You look at Frances and Robert, their some very loving husband, and just overflows with sadness light and peace. That's feelings! Here is a story! Just perfect romance! »

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