"The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The only "thing" that prevents me to forget this movie, how embarrassing nonsense - this is a game a little boy named Jack Scanlon
a long time I did not dare look at this splint on genocide (not a template combination of themes and genre).. I could not just knowledge of the synopsis. A prisoner of the concentration camp, which is almost every day for hours sitting in their own "cottage" near the fence, admiring the forest and playing checkers with a new friend from the other side. Eight year old son of the commandant of the camp, who knows nothing about the country in which he lives, and its policies, never heard about anti-Semitism and about what the Jews are guilty before Germany. And the plot, built on the idea of ​​an impossible meeting and friendship of these characters impossible.
film soared over reality even higher than expected. It showed the commandant of the death camp with the good, silly, long-nosed face David Thewlis - very scary SS man, who even at his wife and subordinates yelling somehow clumsily, shyly, as if fighting the urge to apologize for a nervous breakdown and dissident mom does not give much to be and even tears proudly with her attitude and intelligently asks dissidentstvovat quiet - suddenly heard bad people
there in the movie the wife of the commandant, decent and honorable woman, a very long time had no idea what the work on her husband, and what he was. Posted in General is. Upon discovering that his daughter, late on, fascinated by Nazism (ECA odd choice for the German pioneers beginning of the forties) seven or eight years, this woman seriously decides that this fact should disturb and upset her husband. Especially interesting in this woman that plays her actress with a very not stupid face (Vera Farmiga), unlike any zombie fool, anxious only furs and hats, neither fanatic, doggedly keeps talking yourself through pursed lips, that "the right thing" . nor submissive victim stream of history for a long time on all mahnuvshuyu hand
there a concentration camp - is very conditional and not being involved in the life of one of their prisoners - so behind Shmul glimpsed something
there finally. child - a wonderful Asa Butterfield, it is not to blame for cocoa I got him a role here. In the story, the boy developed quite normally, and no one in the head does not come to consider him a fool - it is normal for the same eight-year boy does not know, say what war is waged by his country, or that different nations are not equal in rights in Nazi Germany. Here Bruno does not know - and wanders through life like Alice on Wonderland
In general, we have very often (well, almost all) good nice people -. Currently live near the factory of death and rejoice. There are, of course, roughness - is not it better than the enemy of good
But there is in this movie, a man who understands the story, starring, better and deeper than all the adults are the creators of the fables in the style of "Bible for children." - boy named Jack Scanlon playing Shmul.
His striking game and alone justifies all this stupid slezovyzhimatelny film. This game is on the verge of genius, because the eyes of the modern prosperous baby - a man's eyes, who was staring at the same Uninvented abyss. They have an eerie consciousness of their own destiny and blind longing doomed. Shmuel - the child, and to keep the baby, even in the camp, he plays - in the lack of understanding of their impending doom. His mind refused to believe the evidence, and the inner ache, whispers the truth, is not at odds with each other. It is as if he does not believe that he knew - but his eyes know. This man's eyes, already wasted a something terrible, szhivshegosya with this creepy, to learn from this horror, and even managed to play the "I do not see you." His eyes - it's an eight-year old man's eyes, and his cropped, always lowered head is not by chance seems gray -. All of his tiny figure like priporoshit ashes
He does not cry, do not cry, not perturbed, and trying not to think about an escape plan - it is and all for one wire, nowhere to run. Something monstrous, shackled his body, making his voice quiet, entered into it through the skin, bit into the brain, comes to him with every breath of air over the camp. The air is saturated with pain and horror, suffering and despair, it smells of death, and death is breathing barren land on which sits, hunched, this aged child playing in the "here I do not understand anything." Bruno only protected their infantile naivety can not feel this terrible, looming above him and his strange friend. And Bruno begins to support the game of "I do not see anything, do not understand, I do not know." They are being moved to each other this invisible ball like the real thing. You do not see? - and I do not see. This is a game - let's play together. And "play" draws them both into itself, like a funnel
Yet watching a movie should not because it can not be the story, but in order to look into the eyes of Jack Scanlon -. And looking to think that because there were no such eye none of the actors, for example, the famous "Schindler's List," and indeed, perhaps, anywhere. Somebody, perhaps, remember the other boy - Alexei Kravchenko in the "Come and See", but I do not agree:. In transforming Flory, in my opinion, very much has been done make-up workshop
And Jack Scanlon opinion should meet ... to ever then this view of the past is not forgotten. God willing, this will be a great actor Jack future. If it is not - it's anyone left in the history of cinema. Already left.
P.S. Justice requires to add that in addition to the Jack there are two people who understand that they are playing and what are in the frame: David Hayman (Pavel) and Rupert Friend (Lieutenant)
P.P.S.. This film is not necessary to show the children. About war and genocide will not understand, but with the face of the frame in a gas mask frightened.

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