"The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The film is based on the eponymous novel by Irish writer John Boyne. This is a story of friendship 8-year-old boy Bruno, the son of the commandant of a concentration camp and a prisoner of the camp, a Jewish boy Shmul , at the time of the second world war. It all starts when the commandant's family moved to his place of work. Unsuspecting Bruno, not knowing what to do, exploring the neighborhood of his gloomy house. At first, he says, from his window view of the farm, with pipes that continually goes smoke. When he asks about the farm from their parents, he replied that it zhzhotsya old whose shmato.'No this farm? ' - tormented question, Bruno. In defiance of his parents, he sneaks behind the forbidden door and runs to the farm. There, behind the wood he saw the boy behind barbed wire. A boy wearing a striped 'pajamas' with a number. Acquaintance, Bruno learns that a boy called Shmuel, and he was a Jew. Bruno plagued by doubts whether he can be friends with him. After all, it is taught that the Jews destroyed the German nation, that they are enemies of the people. Bruno wondered why he should hate the Jews, because the boy Shmuel harmless and yet did not harm him or his country. But, asked about whether there are not the enemy, the boy gets terrible 'no'.
Earlier acquaintance with Bruno Shmuel among the Jews met with Paul, their servants. He, too, with this farm, and also wears striped pajamas. He did not seem angry, and even helps the boy when he falls off the swing. Seeing treatment Lieutenant Kotler (often gostyaschy them) and his father is Paul, the boy feels the shock of such unjustified violence. They keep his slave, allowing yourself to beat him and forced to do everything that they want.
At this time, when Bruno is trying to figure out where the good from the evil, his 12-year-old sister Gretel vengeance turns Hitler's idea. She hangs up posters with Nazi symbols, reads mandates Furrer, perceiving the goal of the state as his personal goal. The idea of ​​the perfect new Third Reich, which is all good, but the Jews did not place, sits firmly in her head. And all this thanks to a teacher who comes to 'form' them with my brother.
Almost the most important character in the film is the mother of Bruno, Else . She did not understand who Paul, and where they are and what kind of smoke comes from the pipes ... It takes hard that her country is building a prosperous state in the other bones. Like any mother, she fears for the children. But at the same time, she realizes the senselessness and cruelty of this war. And her fear that her husband was a direct participant in this terrible system. Such a character as Elsa, and serves as proof that not every German fascist. And among the Germans there were people who were against the fascist ideas, against the dictatorship. In this story, it's Bruno's grandmother and the father of Lieutenant Kotler, who had gone to Switzerland. That in itself is a fact of obvious opposition forces within the state. Elsa - an example of humanity and of high moral character. Apparently, at some genetic level, Bruno was passed this humanity. Let is not quite consciously, but the boy was already on the side of his friend Shmul. He even prolazit under the wire and dresses in the same 'pajamas' to help Shmuel find his father. He knows that this is a labor camp for Jews, but does not know that they are there more and destroy! He, like most of the German people, looking 'documentary' about the German labor camps, naively believes that in the camp for the Jews have all the comfort. And here he is, dressed in striped pajamas gets along with other Jews to the gas chamber to be killed ...
In this film you will not see any military battle. Nevertheless, it is war. The fact that it turns into people. This view of the war a little boy who does not understand much, but in this age, knows what is evil. And that evil is clearly not Jews. Such a war you've ever seen. Perceiving the cruel reality of the death camps through the prism of childhood, when still believe in the best, when wants to play with the ball, when the thirst for adventure, twice wildly from the realization of all that happened to the Jewish people. Is invisible creators turned to the topic of childhood
sincere friendship between an 8-year-old boy Bruno and Shmuel on both sides of the barbed wire -. Protivopostostavlenie human qualities such as mercy, compassion, and kindness, cruelty and inhumanity of such phenomena as genocide. This friendship as a challenge that it represents Nazism. But to say dryly about this story very seriously. Since hopeless and shocking finale simply can not bring any pleasure to the senses. It's a very difficult film.
The film accurately reflects the totalitarian system. A and the commandant Lieutenant Kotler, we see absolutely propesochennyh under this idealogii people in Nazi Germany was much. They not only obey the orders of the weakness, but also believed in what are! That is the power of the Nazis was not only a powerful ruler, but also broad support. The fact that the idea of ​​people supported fascism in many countries around the world, has always surprised me and scared at the same time. Where the root of the very violence? Where does it come from? I'm afraid these questions no one can answer. Especially since we are talking about the system. And it is able to grind each:. And his, and others'
Superbly played by actors. Vera Farmiga in the role of Elsa the most memorable. It turned out to be very talented and children. Phenomenally played Shmul Jack Scanlon. Well David Thewlis as well as Ralph was inimitable. And of course Assa Baterfild ... His Bruno called the most genuine empathy. Due to such a strong actor's film work is impossible in something reproach.
After the film 'The Boy in the Striped Pajamas' there is so many thoughts that everyone and can not record. Mixing with emotions, impressions transofrmiruetsya in what appeared to be a couple of breaths. It's just a movie you need to watch. This moving story - a cry of six million Jews, which did not become overnight ...
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