"The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I have long hesitated to see the movie, she was afraid to be bored. But deciding - not disappointed
Film still aroused mixed feelings!. I wanted to understand why, so I decided to read the negative reviews on it
From the review in the review repeated the same thing:. Underfulfilled plot, stupid boy, inconsistent girl hamming mother, and absolutely will not Godea dad ...
The characters of ambiguous characters. But anyone is complex, can not definitively say about anybody he's good or bad. And the fact that ambiguous characters, the film is only a plus.
father . At the start of the film his character - if external portrait, template German Nazi hero. And we do not know what to expect from him. We see that he is a loving husband and father, but we all know that he was a fascist. I always could not understand how they then, 'after work', at home eating, joking, hugging their children ... It seems that our conscience is clear, the family are all good, except long-standing, but quietly experienced misunderstandings with your parents.
Further, our typical officer gets promoted, and the whole family moved to a new duty station. We do not know what he was doing to improve, but it seems that this activity was coming to him, and as a man and as an officer - perhaps developed military plans or something like that. And so it was more or less in harmony with itself.
But the new position is ... commander of the concentration camp. You never know where you zashlot fate, especially if you are a German officer during the Second World War. And now it's normal human qualities get along with the monstrous side of his 'work'? I think these people must have been serious changes of the psyche.
We see how his character changes. What he was doing in the camp, he has an impact on his home life. The house settles fear. His family life is already beginning to fall apart.
In the same house live the other officers, and now his personal life is in full view of his associates. The Nazi Party it was no less hard than we have in the communist zaiknis try you with something does not agree. And he now has to choose between the way he looks in front of their own children, and anti-human actions among their subordinates. And the party is only one way ... You can guess that the longer this goes on, the more it will lose its human features, until they finally go mad.
mother . She was proud of her husband, because she loved him. She, like any enlightened German, despised the 'non-Aryans'. But I think it is their never saw close before meeting with inmates Paul with a new 'work' of her husband.
Nazi propaganda among ordinary Germans and the Germans did not open what is really necessary to deal with someone who will devote this life. And it, like any normal person, terrified terrible discovery of what proves to be happening in the camps for the 'outcasts'. Her reaction is perfectly normal. She is hard to believe in this horror, she now has to re and very scary to discover a loved one. And she can not change anything, it is a vicious circle - any protest threatens something terrible not only to her but also to her husband and children. But to accept and agree with it, too, is impossible. The only way out -. At least go and bring the children out of this place ...
Elder sister As a teenager, still perceive acutely and maximalist. Father as a true son of his party, brings to your children 'trusted', 'his' teacher. And he only teaches children the principles and ideas of the party. A girl not only looks but also strong character went to his father. What here is now a doll when necessary to save the country from the 'enemies'. And it is with all the impetuosity of youth interested in the new ideology. All authentically. And she's younger brother, is still like a normal child, shpynyat, and at the same time, the serious moments, like a real big sister, motherly spares and protects.
Though of course, all this is more natural to at least 14 years. ..
And yet, why the teacher does not teach children anything but politics?
Bruno. Good, inquisitive, ordinary boy of 8 years. This child, open, naive, unlike adults too heart children films of recent years. (For example, even from my favorite 'Chronicles of Narnia'). What he does not understand, he explains himself as he can. Our children, after watching fighters and horror movies (do not understand parents who allow such, it's a brutal trauma of a lifetime!), Scrolling through colorful encyclopedia, and nasidevshis the Internet have in stock a wide variety of facts, but also the images of violence and cruelty. Children 40-ies brought up differently. His mother guarded him from everything bad in the world, as well as parents of the other boy, who turned on the other side of the barbed wire.
These two pure souls to understand what is happening in their own way. They take it like a child, granted as a given. Boy on the will plays in airplanes, the boy from the camp does not ask adult questions.
Bruno was very afraid of the terrible soldier, and a little lie seemed saving for himself. He did not know what can turn a small lie to his friend. And then very worried his betrayal. And how simple, and again and childish, then scared redeemed his guilt ...
striking the immediate nobility, again characteristic of children with whom his friend had forgiven him.
plot, of course, in many ways unreal. As pets do not notice the boy's long absences from home? Why is no one of the guards had not noticed the little boy behind the fence? As a boy prisoner manages to sit for hours in the corner of the fence, otlynivaya from work? Where are the guards at the barbed wire ... In these camps were happening and things are more terrifying than the hard work and hunger, - the torture experiments on human beings ... In the story there are certain discrepancies
But the movie is worth watching, maybe not. one. He leaves a strong impression. Without firing a shot, without bloody violent scenes, fully feel the pain and the horror of what was happening in the war. And on the scale of human values, and within the same family, with the country-Nazi conquerors
The only big negative film -. It again it tiresome and ringing of all the information holes theme offended Jews. The Germans exterminated not only Jews. Along with them, and the same amount in the camps and died in the occupation of other peoples too. Only they do not shout about it to the whole world. It is time to make films and how to suffer and other
For the original idea -. Look at war through the eyes of a child (and some of those very German!) For a great game of actors, for the beautiful shooting - 10 points But hackneyed theme and plot inconsistencies reduced to 7.
7 of 10

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