The Boston Massacre

published by:Morgan Patrick

5th grade project

March 29 2017

Think of yourselves getting invited to some one else’s land and when you can get there you can get taxed on almost everything you own and use on a regular basis. Wouldn’t you obtain fed up with it well that’s precisely how the americans felt like and they protested and protested plenty and wouldn’t you will get sick and tired of protesting a great deal and for quite a long time to and they did all they are able to to have their freedom. And whatever they want, which will be not to ever spend fees preventing protesting so everything would get back to the way in which it absolutely was prior to the uk aided them within the war and get back again to having normal non taxing life and till one thing occurred one thing big huge humongous perhaps one of the most important thing concerning the boston massacre. This entire thing wouldn’t of happend in the event that British could have taxed their people too, in addition they didn’t kill a seventeen yr old kid, and failed to assist united states win the war cause the americans would of won plus the americans could have said they won the war without saying that they had assistance which big event changed history forever….

Bang! One of many uk soldiers made the shot on march 5, 1770. Do you know just how that started well all of it started whenever british aided the americans winnings the war against the french plus they invited us to their land so when we got there we got taxed on almost everything the used on a daily basis and the americans were getting mad and frustrated and I also mean wouldn’t you will get the emotions the americans did whenever Uk taxed them. The americans were protesting contrary to the Uk and undoubtedly the British got actually angry and that’s exactly what began the Boston Massacre.

A seventeen year old kid came as much as an Uk soldier and ended up being mocking him and throwing snowballs and sticks together with soldier organized their weapon and fired! And killed the 17 year old child. The child wasn’t also yet an adult and just think, after all who destroy a 17 yr old child in which he was only protesting due to his opinions and only tossing snowballs and sticks I mean just how could snowballs and sticks since they had firearms as well as other actually effective weapons and additionally they call snowballs and sticks dangerous weapons and simply think just how difficult it will be to beat a british colony who's got guns and many more dangerous tools.

Many people might say the americans began the war result in the antagonized the uk and so they protested so we threw snowballs and sticks but really these were simply telling the British their beliefs and can you think that the uk taxed united states but not their particular individuals, and that’s maybe not fair. And I also would think its ok to express your opinions but that’s the alternative of just what the Uk had been thinking and that’s why i understand the British started the war reason behind all they did to the americans. Talking about the british for me well I don’t understand in the event that you agree with me personally however should,i really hope so after hearing the gap tale on american’s point of view but i'm sad of what the uk did in their mind cause again whom kills a seventeen year old boy and taxes them on every little thing they have and dont taxe their individuals.

After hearing all of this, wouldn’t you believe the british began the war, hearing the the americans standpoint and exactly what the British did to united states wouldn’t you might think the British began the Boston Massacre simply because they had been unfair, mean, cruel and ungodly nevertheless the americans weren’t actually being ungodly either but nonetheless they certainly were dozens of other activities to, simply because they taxed united states a whole lot plus they would not tax their individuals which doesn’t make a great deal feeling since they could have gotten a lot more money that they supposedly spended. Therefore I believe they would get more cash if they taxed their people and additionally they should of maybe not killed a seventeen year old boy and never have started the big mob in history and in my estimation and hopefully yours after hearing exactly what i’ve told you towards Boston massacre you should side because of the americans!

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