The Bond Between A Mother And A Child Essay

Mama or mummy is the most common word spoken by the baby first. Everyone across all languages and nations has noted that a baby’s first word will be related to their mother. But long before that, the beautiful relationship between a mother and the child begins from his/her birth.

According to the Oxford dictionary, a mother is defined as, “a woman in relation to her child or children.” But a mother is more than that, she is the person who motivates a child to push themselves and work harder. She is the sous chef in a kid’s kitchen who cooks them their favorite cuisines. She is a personal stylist who wants to see their child in their best appearances.

She is also a critic who openly comments a kid on his/her behavior. She is the first doctor whom a child runs to after a cut or a bruise to receive her care. She is the person who has the magic to make a kid stop crying with a warm and comforting hug. She is the person who suffered the pain to gift every individual the gift of life.

Many Indians say the quote, “Matha Pitha Guru Daivam”. It can be translated into “mother father teacher god.” The commonly used phrase means that everything starts with the mother. A child starts to experience their purpose in the world from their mother. The mother is the person who introduces a child to his/her father, then the parents are responsible to take the child to the teacher, and from there they all together help the child reach God. A mother goes through many hardships and tensions to bring up her child. A mother is sometimes referred to as the hardest and most wonderful job that a woman can ever experience.

A mother is a child’s first love. No matter what a person does, he/she can always go to his mother. A mother is a person from whom an individual learns compassion and experiences unconditional love. A mother is a child’s hero.

An individual is a true representation of his/her mother. A mother is a child’s first teacher. She is the first advisor to a kid and who is the base to his/her moral and ethical values. She is the person who molds the child like a clay and to bring out a child’s complete beauty.

I would like to recollect some bits of a poem written by one of my friends, “Mother is a treasure, with joy you can’t measure. To whom you bring pressure, but gives back you immense pleasure.” In today’s digital age, the bond between a mother and a child is decreasing. Mothers are being sent to orphanages and old age homes.

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